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Men In Pain

Men In Pain

Content quality: 23.0 of 25
Content quantity: 21.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 17.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 16.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Men In Pain

You'd think that with all the men out there that relish giving up control to a woman that there would be a flood of great female domination sites but in truth the list is pretty small. There are more than enough sites to fulfill your desires but you want to join only the best site, right? Men in Pain is a competitor for that crown and judging from what little I've seen at this point I'm pretty sure it's going to be near the top of the list. The fact that almost all of their scenes run more than 40 minutes is a good sign as it's obvious they're committed to producing quality porn and not just cranking out something quick and dirty every week. I also love that they let you preview (through pictures) every scene they have ever produced. That's a confident site!

Main idea:

Men in Pain is a title that needs little explanation. The guys are the submissives here and the beautiful women are the ones in control and not afraid to show it. These ladies can be aggressive and a when a man gets out of line they'll push him right back in with a forceful shove. They'll whip his ass if necessary and if he complains they'll just whip it harder. That's the beauty of the site and that's why people come back again and again for their membership. The fact that they give away so much info and media on the tour is also a good way to get people to join up. Why don't you head on over and have a look around.

Member's area:

The beautiful content is waiting for you the moment you log in as they take you right to the updates page that you saw on the tour. It looks exactly the same but now everything has been unlocked and you're free to enjoy the sensual smut at your leisure. Download a high definition movie of a girl dominating a guy or browse the high resolution picture galleries. If you want immediate release you can consult the streaming movies that should get your balls tingling and your dick raging.

The movies are true high definition at 1280x720 and they even offer two different bit rates. You can go super high quality, which also means the file will be enormous, or you can go for the regular HD. The picture sets display at 1200px (except for those that are screen captures, which is rare). All this information applies to the scenes added in the last year or so. Before that they were still very high quality just not super HD. In the end it won't matter much because they look great and that's all that is key to your experience.

They've smartly divided the scenes into themed segments so you can download only what you want to see. Since almost every scene features strapon sex you can download only the butt fucking part of the action if you want. If you prefer the bondage and CBT then you can go for that and skip everything else. You can also download the entire scene if you want, which is handy. The site doesn't really have any options for searching through the scenes other than flipping by date. That's a really minor issue though.


I love Men in Pain. The site is exceptionally well done and has been for more than five years now. They launched in 2003 and they've been updating every week since then, which means more than 350 scenes for all the submissive guys out there. The early scenes didn't feature the strapon sex but they were heavy on the bondage and pain and they've kept that going ever since. What's interesting is that back then they usually brought in older or chubby guys to get abused and now it's mostly handsome and hunky dudes. The whole site is of a way higher quality nowadays so they've continued to invest in making it excellent.

Most scenes consist of three parts, two of which are pretty consistent. The first is the bondage/pain section. The guy is tied up or put in a device and then he's usually whipped, spanked or flogged. Sometimes his dick will be subject to painful torture and sometimes that's skipped over. Strapon sex is the other thing that appears in almost all the scenes. This is an element that I know many of you will really appreciate and it's hard to deny that the femdom strapon fucking is really hot. These ladies know how to treat an asshole and they never let up. I was impressed that almost all the guys were able to take the strapon fucking; nothing is worse than a site where the chick can't thrust because the guy is too tight. They made sure to hire experienced dudes for Men in Pain.

I think it's important to talk about the dommes since they are what drive these scenes. The personality of the girl doing the domination will in all likelihood determine how much you like it. For instance, I sort of hate the girls that get overly aggressive and scream at the guy. They seem to associate dominance with fast and hard ass pumping and lots of anger. The more subtle, humiliating form of dominance interests me a whole lot more. I like to see a good spanking but if the girl is more gentle when she's in control then it's even more powerful. They have all kinds of dominant ladies here though so you can choose the ones you like best. Most of the gals come back for more than one scene so you can enjoy your favorites multiple times.

Cons and pros:


  • Great female domination content;
  • The female to male strapon sex is some of the best on the web;
  • True high definition videos;
  • Big collection and weekly updates make it bigger.


  • Navigation could have more options;
  • Price might be a little high at $29.85.

Few sites do female domination of submissive males as well as Men in Pain. They have everything it takes to blow your mind and they don't mind using it. The scenes are high definition and downloadable, the dominant women are fabulously gorgeous and comfortable in their roles and the strapon sex is easily among the best you'll ever see. Every scene features bondage/pain and almost all of them have strapon fucking. Some show the guys getting to slip inside the domme pussy but that's only when the chick is really horny and she wants to get off. The bottom line is that they have a little bit of everything for the female domination lover and it's all very well executed. There are 350 scenes too so even though the price might seem high it's a hell of a bargain.

Featured comments:

I actually thought the scenes where the guys get to fuck the girls were really stupid. At least those parts of them were stupid. The site is about female domination and it doesn't seem like the guy should be able to receive any pleasure. I understand that the ladies get off using the dick but it just doesn't seem to fit in with the general tone of what they've created here.

I was really impressed with the strapon sex at Men in Pain. I can't tell you how many strapon sex videos I've downloaded that were complete crap because the guy just couldn't take the dick. I'll never understand why they don't find that sort of thing out before filming the movie. If he can't get fucked it's worthless! The guys at Men in Pain can definitely get fucked and therefore the site is awesome.

The monthly membership fee is definitely a little too high. I understand that they produce really high quality content and that they want to get their money back but once you've been a member for a few months and you've downloaded all the old stuff you want to see you're going to be paying $7.50 for every new scene and that's a little bit much.

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