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Men Are Slaves

Men Are Slaves

Content quality: 23.0 of 25
Content quantity: 22.0 of 25
Design and usability: 6.0 of 10
Originality: 18.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 16.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Men Are Slaves

Although the girls inside Men Are Slaves are very mean to their men, the site itself is actually quite generous to its members. This is a simple site that has a particular niche and stays with it, it is also one that is celebrating its 5th anniversary and uploading more than the usual photos and videos by way of a bonus. It has a good update schedule anyway and it holds videos and images that are exclusive to the site; you won’t see them anywhere else. Once you get inside you find it looks very similar to the tour and that it’s a case of downloading the movies and browsing the galleries. That’s it.

Main Idea:

There is a variety of girls on the site and each one is a dominatrix of the highest order. The guys who volunteer to take part in these heavy ‘girls on top’ sessions really let themselves in for some punishment. Sometimes that’s humiliation with face sitting and cross dressing, and other times it is more physical with whipping and spanking, but always the girls are in charge. You are able to take the movie files in two different formats, there are HD clips available now and also versions for your mobile. Galleries can be viewed online and the images are big and bold.

Members Area:

This is a very simple members’ area with a neat design. The colour scheme is good and the pages are easy to follow. You start off at page one of the content and work your way through using standard page numbering, and each scene is shown with a large sample shot and a brief written introduction. To the left of the content there are adverts for other sites that are all about femdom action too, though none of them are included in your membership. You will also find a link to live cams there, but again this is an up-sell offer and you have to sign up for it.

The left hand column does give you a search box if you want to search for keywords, and there is also a link to the contact area and a page telling you how you can apply to be a slave on video with these ladies. But apart from that, the rest of the site is made up of video downloads and large images, and that’s it. There are no interactive options here, no rates or comments, no forum and no discussion, and there is not a lot of written info about the clips, just the brief description. So, you really are left with a collection of movies to download and that’s it.

Actually you do have the images to browse. I found that these opened in a page with the description again and the download links also posted there, which was handy, and then large images opened all on the same page, which is unusual; no thumbnails to browse. Images were scaled down to 1,282 x 721, and filled my screen. You scroll down to view them, and that’s that. So, a very easy site to use, simply videos and images and a search box, with contact details if you need to get in touch.


There were 885 scenes and galleries when I was looking at the site. Movies came in three versions; with MP4 files at 1,280 x 720 and WMV at the same size, and then another MP4 file at 368 x 208 with bit rates around 2,000 kbps though these may vary. The month of my visit was a special one and more updates than usual were taking place, but the content does have its upload dates on it and it looks like there has been a regular and pretty frequent update schedule taking place; so for sure the site is going to grow and grow and if the last five years are anything to go by, it’s going to stay solidly on niche all the way.

And that niche really is about men being slaves to their women. These girls use and abuse their guys at home and the scenes take pace in natural, homely settings which makes them come across as kind of amateur, but in a good way: enthusiasts, real fetishists, everyone getting a kick out of what they are doing. That all transfers to you as you view and so you end up with genuine femdom action. The women bind and gag their men, sit on their faces, make them dress in women’s clothes, humiliate them, whip them, stand on them in heels, spit-roast them with dildos, make them wear collars and put them on leads. Think femdom and you get all the different aspects of it here, and some of it is quite painful to watch!

The quality is fine, the filming is done by roving camera so you get in close, get longer shots, and there is good lighting so you see everything. You can always check out how a scene is going to run by looking at the photos. There were around seven or eight of these per clip and each clip was around six minutes or so in length, so not exactly full scene length, but good enough, and there is plenty of content to see.


There were no bonuses here.

Pros & Cons:


  • Exclusive Femdom scenes;
  • Easy site to use;
  • Good update schedule and good content numbers;
  • Stays 100% on niche.


  • The clips are quite short;
  • There is no interactivity or community feel;
  • Not a lot of information about clips or models;
  • A very basic site.

Men Are Slaves hits the nail firmly on the head when it comes to delivering what it shows you on the tour, so you can check the tour and rest assured that this is what you are going to see. You log in and find a good collection of femdom and male humiliation and torture clips that come with three download options and a set of images. That’s it though, there is no way to get involved other than submit to the ladies’ pleasures and chains and actually appear in a clip, and there is very little detail about who the models are. But, if you’re looking for hard and very varied female domination action and want something exclusive, then this is going to be the site for you.


“I was more than happy to sign up here and find what I found: sexy women using ordinary men for their own sexual pleasure. The guys moan and protest but you know they are loving it and what really got me was the different stuff they do, there is a load of new ideas here and lots of domination stuff I have never seen before.”

“Shame there isn’t more info though and no way of commenting. They should add in a forum so fans like me can say what we want to say about the film, and that‘s usually good stuff, though I think a streaming version would be good to have as you can only download or run the file, either way you have to wait a while before you can see the clips.”

“Nice site, very simple, a bit dull without rates and comments and top lists and model index and favourites area and forum and chat and all those nice extras. The cam site attached is a rip off, as you have to pay just like any other cam site. But the women dominating men is perfect.”

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