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Mega Site Pass

Mega Site Pass

Content quality: 20.0 of 25
Content quantity: 23.0 of 25
Design and usability: 8.0 of 10
Originality: 17.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 18.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Mega Site Pass

It seems that it’s hard not to get greedy when you’re a porn consumer. Everywhere you go online you come across sites that offer you a shitload of content for the price of just one site. How are you supposed to join a site that only produces one type of content when you can join a network that has 20+ sites all producing something different and sexy? It’s hard to resist those sites and it may very well skew your approach to other content. I mention this because I’ve been browsing Mega Site Pass and checking out the nearly 40 sites they have to offer their members. That’s a massive collection of smut, provided the sites are actually substantial, and the sheer variety makes it seem like a worthwhile addition to anyone’s porn collection. The only question is did they execute their content well. If so it’s going to be fun to check it out.

Main idea:

Mega Site Pass is another porn network. This one has 39 sites for you across a whole bunch of genres. They seem to do a little bit of everything from a nice CFNM site to some tasty milf fucking to interracial sex galore to almost anything else you can imagine. The girls look hot and the guys look happy to be performing with such slutty chicks. There’s a tour where you can check out all the sites they have and you can get a look at some of the pictures. It’s a damn big collection of smut.

Member's area:

Inside it’s a thing of beauty. They have a ton of content for you to look through but they’ve managed to keep it well organized and easy to use. At the top of the page they have a welcome message and below that you’ll find all 39 sites listed in alphabetical order. There’s a sample thumbnail from each to give you an idea of what you’ll find when you click. If you want more information you can scroll down just a little bit and see a write up for each of the sites along with four preview pictures.

When you’re ready to check out some hot porn from Mega Site Pass you just have to click on a site and get ready to party. They list 20 updates per page (as long as the site has 20 updates; some of them don’t) with a small thumbnailed picture, the duration and a play button for each. When you’re ready to watch a scene they bring you to the streaming/download page where you can have fun. The movie is ready to be streamed in a Flash player immediately so you just have to hit the play button.

You can also download the file in a DVD quality version (WMV and MP4 most of the time) or you can grab a smaller version for your iPod. The downloads are generally pretty fast and while you’re waiting you can stream the flick or check out the picture gallery. The images display at 800px, which isn’t great, but they’re almost all crystal clear and they tell the story of the update. They also have screenshots. You can vote on a scene or add it to your favorites anytime you’d like. They have lists of the most popular sites, most viewed scenes and highest rated models that you can consult anytime you’re looking for inspiration.


Mega Site Pass is a nice collection of porn that offers you a whole bunch of content. Some of the sites have as many as 75 scenes while others are still stuck with less than 20. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to the content numbers. They update once every two days and while that seems good it’s really not. If they were updating all the sites that would mean one update every 80 days, which is not impressive at all. It looks like about a dozen of them get regular updates but either way it’s not a great record when you compare it to some of the other networks that have 2-3 updates a day. Clearly they care a little less about their customers here at Mega Site Pass.

The variety of content here is really impressive. I obviously can’t mention all the sites but I’ll try and hit the niches they cover: solo sluts, interracial, milf, big cock, big tits, foot fetish, black lesbian, black porn, big ass, blowjobs, camel toe, CFNM, facials, Latinas, double penetrations, creampies, handjobs, teen, lesbian, corporate/secretary, schoolgirl, girls kissing and cum swallowing. They’ve got pretty much everything there except for the really deep and naughty fetish stuff. This is a complete collection of pornography and it’s growing, albeit slowly.

Food Bangers is a really dirty and interesting site. As the name suggests they include foot in every scene. A dude shoves pasta into a girl’s pussy and eats it out. A hottie drips chocolate sauce on her man’s cock and sucks it off. That’s a lot of fun. Rap Video Auditions is a fun reality site where the chicks are trying to get into a video but have to put out to get there. That one might actually be reality, not just a site. Lesbian Sistas is one of the few sites to feature black chicks eating pussy together. I like Sexy Cougars because it shows the women being aggressive and that’s always a good time. DP Latinas is the first site I’ve seen to exclusively feature Latin women being double penetrated. They’re inventive and fun here and I love that about the site.

Cons and pros:


  • A huge variety of content types;
  • Downloadable scenes can also be streamed in a nice Flash player;
  • Updates every two days.


  • Updates every two days leaves many sites unattended for long periods of time;
  • Not a huge network in terms of total scenes;
  • More browsing options would have been useful.

Mega Site Pass is well worth the $24.95 they’re asking for a membership. They have 39 original sites and each provides you with downloadable content and streaming videos. Some of the sites are tiny and others are fairly sizable but they all offer you exclusive pornographic action. The breadth of niches they cover is impressive and I imagine almost every porn need will be covered by at least one of the sites and possibly by several of them. In terms of volume Mega Site Pass doesn’t compete with some of the more famous porn networks but if you’re tired of those this one is ripe for the picking.

Featured comments:

The reason I’d tell you not to join is because of the updates. Most of the other reality porn networks update at least half of their sites once a week and some update almost all their sites once a week. Here you’re lucky if you get one update per site per month. I don’t know about you but I find that disappointing.

The streaming video player here is really nice, although the videos could be a little bigger. Nevertheless I really liked how I could fast forward to any point with ease and how the videos were almost crystal clear. The site is really well designed too so it’s easy to get to anything at any time.

I would have loved a search function that allowed for looking through the entire collection of content from one page. Maybe a page of categories where I could check off the ones I wanted to see and it would return all the scenes that fit. That would certainly require more work on their part but it would be worth it for the benefit of the members.

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