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Meat Members

Meat Members

Content quality: 22.0 of 25
Content quantity: 23.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 19.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 19.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Meat Members

Network Details:

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9 more sites in network
Meat Members 90
Fucked Up Hentai 79
Fucked Up Fantasy 75
Fucked Up Handjobs 80
Fucked Up Facials 81
Anal Lick Fest 79
Midnight Prowl 81
Meat Holes 76
It’s Facials 74

The internet is obviously loaded with pornography. There’s something for everyone and even the specialized stuff is getting big these days. You’re starting to see porn networks pop up with really unique offerings because people are getting more and more interested in funky, depraved stuff. There’s nothing wrong with that though. The depraved stuff can be a lot of fun, as you’ll discover at Meat Members. This is a network of more than 45 porn sites where the focus is on taking it over the top. They do some of the wildest and craziest hardcore fucking and sucking you’ve ever seen. It seems perfect for guys that like an aggressive, possibly misogynistic approach to their pornography. These women are being used and that’s tasty.

Main idea:

Meat Members is home to more than 45 extreme porn sites where beautiful women are used and abused by big cocks and the guys that own them. On the tour page they drop a few keywords on you: extreme facials, hardcore squirting, deepthroat abuse, nasty gangbang and 18 inch cocks. They want you to know that this is a place where things are taken to extreme levels of craziness in the name of pleasure. It sounds like a good time, doesn’t it? The guys and girls are getting fucked and sucking and they look utterly delightful going at it.

Member's area:

The upcoming scenes are the first thing teased on the member’s main page. They roll them by you and below that you’ll spot the most recent updates. They average one new addition a day. The scenes that are available in high definition are denoted. I could do without the advertisements they slap on almost every page of the site. When you browse to a scene’s page you’ll see an ad with four images at the bottom of the page. On the main site pages you’ll find ads along the right side. I hate advertisements after I’ve just paid for a damn site.

There are several way to browse the content at Meat Members. You can use the A-Z list of all the models to see if your favorite pornstar sluts have performed like dirty whores here. You can use the drop down list of sites to browse to the one that seems the most interesting. They also have a drop down list of categories with at least 50 to choose from. There’s a whole lot of interesting stuff in there so you should have plenty to choose from. It’s a big network with more than 2,000 scenes to download and that means hours of endless entertainment.

Each movie scene can be downloaded in a full length clip or in several smaller clips, usually around 2 minutes each. You can stream the entire thing in a Flash player that works fairly well (if you mute the sound there’s a big graphic in the middle of the movie denoting that, which is bizarre). The movies range in quality. Some are 1000kbps MPEG and WMV files and those are disappointing. Others are true HD at 720p, which is great. It’s a small fraction of the content that’s high definition though so don’t count on it. The pictures are nice at roughly 1000px and they are generally crystal clear.


Meat Members is a network of hardcore sites that I would deem extreme. You could call them over the top or super hardcore or exceptionally arousing depending on your opinion of such things. The bottom line is that these are sites for guys that like things a little bit different. For the most part the sites have a misogynistic edge (all porn has this but here it’s a little heavier than usual). Most of the time it seems as though the ladies are little more than fuck sluts to be used by the horny guys. That’s good or bad depending on your particular views and desires. What do you want from a site? Do you desire over the top hardcore fucking and cock abuse?

The quality varies from site to site. Some of the sites are high quality with HD videos and beautiful, high quality pornstars participating. Some are low quality with low resolution movies and girls that aren’t particularly exciting in any way getting fucked. A lot of the content seems really old and could be non-exclusive. Most of the sites are no longer updated. They average 5-7 new additions a week but they’re kept within a small handful of their content repositories. At least the new content they’re adding is of exceptional quality and all appears to be exclusive.

I’d like to name a few of the sites I really enjoyed. Fucked Up Fantasy is a wicked hot hardcore exploration of sucking and fucking. The scenes most often involve bondage and the girls in slutty lingerie and boots. Hellfire Sex is a domination site that almost always features a submissive female, a dominant female and a dominant guy having a threesome. Just imagine the fun. Tease it Out is a fun handjob site where girls are tasked with stroking guys lustily until they cum buckets. Teen Slam takes teenage girls and fucks them better than most sites can manage. They really give it to those girls hard.

Cons and pros:


  • 45+ sites;
  • High definition video for some scenes;
  • Nice streaming;
  • Almost daily updates.


  • Video quality varies widely;
  • Some scenes only available in small chunks;
  • Most sites not updated.

Meat Members is an above average site that will be utter perfection for guys that like their hardcore sex on the rough side. You want to see the ladies treated as though they are tools for sexual pleasure. The guys will fuck them in any way they choose and when they’re done they’ll simply walk away. They have more than 45 sites here and most are some version of that very type of porn. It’s a lot of fun to watch unfold. The video quality varies wildly and there’s not nearly enough high definition content. Updates come nearly every day but still most sites remain dormant. Those are the only significant complaints though so if you respond to what you see on the tour and you like women getting fucked hard like whores then this is the porn network for you.

Featured comments:

There’s a lot of good content here that’s easy to enjoy. I have a big collection of scenes downloaded but it’s not perfect. There are a surprising number of scenes that don’t have full length clips to download and the video quality on those is almost always crap because they’re so old. It’s frustrating.

I want higher quality content across the board from Meat Members. Nowadays sites can do better than 640x480 at 1000kbps and they should. Luckily they’re making high definition videos as of late and we can celebrate their desire to make us happy men with them. A lot of the old content falls a bit short though.

There are some networks where they update almost every site on a weekly basis. Those networks rest at the top of the scale. At this network they update only a small handful of the sites while the rest lie dormant. That’s not as impressive and it stands as my chief complaint with the collection of porn.

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