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Me And My Latina

Me And My Latina

Content quality: 18.0 of 25
Content quantity: 16.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 18.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 18.0 of 20
Actual pricing:
  • 2 Days: $1.00
  • 1 Month: $39.95

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Site Details:

Me And My Latina

Once you are signed up and logged in here you very soon discover that you are actually a member of Amaland, a large and varied network. There are 15 sites all taking different themes, but all staying with the self-submit, amateur, home-porn kind of content we love to see. Me And My Latina sits in this group very nicely thank you, with its offering of genuine, amateur Latinas and sexy movies and pics. The rest of the network contains equally as horny content, and it’s actually very easy to jump around between your sites. You’re going to find lots of home-produced porn here, updates, variety and easy ways to search and sort the content.

Main idea:

Back to the Latinas… The tour splashes up some disturbing news: they’ve hacked people’s social networking accounts to steal their personal images, so you’re getting things here that people didn’t want you to see. How true that actually is, is up to you to decide, but there is no doubt that there are many and lovely Latinas offered in various situations. There are solos and action clips, toy play and candid moments too. You have what you might call a Tube style site, with sample pics leading to streaming movies of various lengths. All amateur, all sexy and the content count is growing all the time. Your members also gets you into those bonus sites and some other nifty extras, such as streaming DVDs.

Member's area:

It took a moment of blank screen before my main portal page opened up, but once it did I was more than happy. There are some quirky, fun designs at the top showing you the other sites in your network and these graphics let you know you are in for a fun and sexy time. The latest updates to the various sites are listed beneath this, you've got a search box on the right and some adverts and top-lists of the most watched content etc, and an advertisement for a dating site at the bottom. But ignore that if you’re not interested, we don’t like adverts on our pages, but this one doesn’t get in the way.

So, having selected my site, I found myself at a place that, at first glance, looked exactly the same as the portal page. But scroll down and the updates have now changed to show only those from your site. Across the top, there menu has also changes slightly. Now you've got easy access to the calendar of updates, your favourites area, the photos, movies and Friends (a bonus category with, currently, nothing in it) and to a large DVD feed theatre with thousands of scenes.

The important pages, the photos and videos pages, both look similar so you soon get used to the way things work. Large sample shots lead to the content, you can rate it, add it to your favourites area, download it with zip files for photos, and easy instructions for video streaming and downloading – you will need an ActiveX plug in, but there is also information about this. So technically the site holds no dangers for you, it’s easy to use, navigation is easy and the design is simple. Not too basic, but it does run on a standard template design that many sites use. The information and help, support and contact details are all there should you have any problems or questions.


When I was having a fun time in the site I counted 378 photo sets, with various amounts of pics in each. It depends on what the girls have sent in, or what the boyfriends have sent in, or what the site has raided from other sites – if that ‘we hacked you social network site’ threat is true. There were only 34 videos though and these were often very short.

Looking at the videos first, there is a mix of content with solos and action. There are some couples, some solo Latin girls and some neat amateur hardcore moments. Yes, these are definitely amateur films, not made to look so by some movie company. You can tell because sometimes the quality is so bad you can’t really see what’s going on, or sometimes the movies are 50 second clips of a couple humping and you can’t see their faces. Don’t expect glossy, top quality movies here as that is not what the site is about. It’s about genuine footage shot by genuine amateurs and in that respect it hits the nail on the head perfectly.

Over in the photos area you generally get better quality images very much of the homemade sort. Girls with their phones or cams snap themselves in mirrors, BFs take shots of them posing, there are pics taken during some intimate sex sessions and some that are simply poses, well taken, gut still clearly the amateur shots that we’d hoped for. Numbers per set vary but don't expect hundreds, I’d say anywhere between five and twenty in the main. They are easy galleries to navigate therefore, and you've got zip files, slideshows and back and forward buttons to assist you.

In a nutshell: you've got just the home-grown, amateur porn you were looking for here, more pics than vids, but self submissions and definitely the kinds of things you’d see on Tube style sites where exhibitionists come to hang out and where voyeurs come to get off.

Bonus features:

Click Home to get back to your list of extra sites and you have another 14 to choose from. Subjects vary from simply watching other guys’ girlfriends, alternative girls, Asian girls, specifically oral or anal sites, ebony, drunk and wives; there’s even a site where the girls get revenge and post pics of their boyfriends. Add to that collection the 5,000 DVD scenes that are advertised and accessible and you've got a load of extra content which brings great value for money.

Cons and pros:


  • You get exactly what you were promised on the tour here;
  • It’s all amateur and genuine self-submit content in style and it’s all about Latinas;
  • You've got access to 14 other sites with an amateur feel to them;
  • It’s easy to use and navigate;
  • You can send in your own videos and pics too.


  • There are not a large amount of videos at the moment, there are more pics than vids;
  • There isn’t any write-up with the scenes, as if the submitters didn’t want to tell you anything about themselves.

Me And My Latina does exactly what it promises to do on the tour and that’s always a good thing. You've got a decent amount of photos here but not so many videos, but they all have the look, feel and quality of home-made, self-submitted contributions. And that’s what we wanted to see. You can download and stream the movies and collect the photos and you can even send in your won. The site works perfectly well, it’s easy to navigate and use and it’s also great fun. The extra sites and bonuses make sure you get perfect value for money.

Featured comments:

At first I thought the site was a bit expensive, until I realised that I could access all the others at no extra charge. And, because those others are along similar lines – the amateur and voyeur kind of stuff, it is a really good offer. If you only want Latinas though there are not that many in here.

The content count was my problem. There were not many movies to look at and some of them were only 45 seconds of… what? A bit of fuzz and a grunt. Mind you, others were longer and easier to see. Downloading them doesn’t take long as the files are small and the image grainy. The photos were a better quality. I've seen bigger and better sites like this, but not so many that have all these extras and bonuses.

It is good fun in here and horny too. I’d like to see more movies too, and it would be good to have a place in the members’ area where you click to send in your own content. I didn’t see anywhere. It would also be good to have more details about who sent what, where they were from and so on. Apart from that though, it’s a good network and well worth joining.

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