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Masturbation Instructors

Masturbation Instructors

Content quality: 17.0 of 25
Content quantity: 19.0 of 25
Design and usability: 8.0 of 10
Originality: 15.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 16.0 of 20
Actual pricing:
  • 1 month: $24.95
  • 12 months: $99.95

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Content updates: Weekly | Review last updated:

Site Details:

Masturbation Instructors

Masturbation Instructors is one of the fetish sites from, a network of six original fetish sites. The theme here is jerk off training and there is an eye catching line up of sexy young ladies ready to put you through your paces. They will have you trying out new ways to pleasure yourself, they will get your cock hard, you can follow their instructions or just listen to their sexy voices and image they are right there with you. It's a novel concept and one that works well.

Main idea:

It's quite simple: a sexy babe chats to you as you jerk. That may not sound very exiting at first but they do it with such skill and the atmosphere is set just right, so it really does feel like there is someone with you. And these girls know what to say, how to move, what to show and how to behave. All you need to do is sit and join in, she will know what you are doing and even what stage you are at. The girls are varied and so is what they do and say, there is plenty of variety and new videos are added each week.

Member's area:

It's green, it's clear and concise and it's all there. The members' area at Masturbation Instructors is really simple to navigate around and all the links are easy to find. You won't have any trouble getting to either the video or photo content and there are two other areas too, for games and erotic stories.

The main home page gives update news, just as a good home page should. Here you can see what is new to the network of sites you now have access to and you can also see what's new at Masturbation Instructors and what's coming next. Updates happen once a week and it looks like this means a new photo set and a new video for you in this one site alone. The important thing here is the girl who is going to talk you through your jerk off session, and so it is the girls who you see in the sample thumbnails. Click one to go to that vid/pic or use the top menu.

Video access is simple with three quality WMV streams and downloads. The mid-range resolution here is 696kbps @ 320 x 240 which was fine to view. Images come as thumbnail galleries first and then click up to larger (754 x 565) pics, it's all standard stuff. Nothing very special and no choice of video viewer, but simple and straightforward so there is no messing about our time wasted.

Back at the homepage and you'll find links to the other sites that your membership lets you into - check the sign up page to ensure you have full access and to make sure you get a recurring membership as there are plenty of uploads here, and new content is coming at you all the time.


You've come here to cum and these girls make sure you do just that. All the videos are personal 'from me to you' shoots. A great looking girl sits and talks to you. There is no one else involved so this is a really personal experience. It's like having someone in the room with you. (Apart from one movie where she instructs a naked guy who is in the room with her.) The ladies know how to do it. There was one scene I caught where she didn't even undress, but the way she was speaking and what she was doing was quite enough. The girls are varied too which adds some extra spice to your experience. White, Latino, Black and all gorgeous. Nice looking yet they sometimes speak to you with dirty words, which builds the tension until you can't take it any more. And the filming is good. It tends to be still camerawork, putting you and the model face to face, with clear sound and image.

Talking of images, there is a photo set for each video stored in a separate photos area. These are actually video caps but the quality isn't bad. You can rate these sets and therefore rate the girls and individual images can be downloaded. Zip files and a slideshow wouldn't go amiss here but the images are fine for keeping.

Masturbation Instructors keeps its promise when it comes to providing the content. The theme is consistent with solo girls talking you through your jerk off as if she were actually in the room with you. Some of the girls perform better than others and some bring a smile rather than a hard-on; they can also start to get repetitive after a while though there is variety - it's a bit of a mix. But all you need is a little imagination and you're right there with her.

Bonus features:

Aside from the neat videos and galleries you have a set of online games to play. These are really just a distraction rather than your main content and are not on the same theme as the rest of Masturbation Instructors. You may find yourself getting addicted to some of these, so watch out. Beside these on the menu is a link to a set of adult stories and there were 28 of these. They are short erotica and provide a good stock of reading material for when you are waiting for an new update to come along, And don't forget the bonus sites that include forced sex, more jerking, and Asian porn.

Cons and pros:


  • Weekly updates;
  • Some realistic chat;
  • Keeps to its niche;
  • Three viewing sizes;
  • Good looking and varied girls.


  • Short scenes;
  • Galleries are video caps;
  • Some repetition;
  • Some performances better than others.

At first you might wonder how this theme could work, but it does. Ok, so some of the ladies are not as good actors as others, and that is what they are doing: acting. They talk to you and the communication is the important thing, but relax into it and what you end up with are fairly believable sessions with good looking and varied women. Some concentrate on their big tits, others show you up skirt, other strip and show everything; at the end of the day you will come away with some playmates who you know will always be there for you when you want them to be. Add to that the good quality, the regular updates and the bonus site access and you've got good value for money and a horny place to hang out.

Featured comments:

Sorry, some of the girls made me laugh, the acting was really dodgy.

The best thing about Masturbation Instructors is that you can turn on any girl when you want. Fell like a wank? Come in and do it with someone talking to you. It's not so much instruction as a dirty phone line model on video. But it's better than phoning a sex line.

I didn't think this would be a fetish for me but I'm really into it now. It's great to get off with someone while she's talking to you. You're more than a voyeur. Didn't like the screen cap galleries but loved the videos.

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