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Love The Pink

Love The Pink

Content quality: 23.0 of 25
Content quantity: 20.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 17.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 17.0 of 20

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Content updates: Unknown | Review last updated:

Site Details:

Love The Pink

So you love porn but don’t like seeing the beautiful ladies getting drilled by random horny men? Well here at Love The Pink you will only be indulged with pussy as the horny ladies get themselves off with the help of their trusty toys in steamy solo shows which are sure to have solo masturbation and toy lovers busy for a long time. Love The Pink offers a large database of videos starring a diverse line-up of ladies, all of whom are exquisite and really know how to put up incredibly arousing solo shows for your viewing pleasure.

Main Idea:

Love The Pink is a site which doesn’t feature any hardcore sex, so if you’re a hardcore fan than it’s pretty safe to say that this site may not meet your hardcore pussy pounding needs. LTP is a site tailored for those of you who enjoy intimate softcore porn which has the ladies going down on themselves with an assortment of toys, and pleasure themselves with their delicate fingers. Some of the ladies are even daring enough to shove their dildos in their asses giving themselves some anal pleasure. Also worth mentioning is that their line-up of models are all very attractive, and for the most part the models look to be in their teens.

Members Area:

LTP is draped in light pastel colours making the site very easy on the eyes as you can stare at it for a decent period without making your eyes bleed. Staying true to its title; the site is mostly coloured in a nice pink hue with grey trimmings to make it even easier on the eyes. The graphics used in the site title makes it look very elegant which is quite appropriate given the feminine nature of the site. All in all the site presentation is top-notch making the site a pleasure to look at. Not only does the site look great but the layout gives it a very professional feel, the site designers have made good use of the space provided so that the site doesn’t look overly cluttered. A big thumbs up as far as the site presentation and layout goes.

Below the site title there’s a navigation menu which consists of quite a few links, most of which you probably won’t use as they mainly take members to bonus sites and content, this however does make it very easy to navigate your way around the network which Love The Pink is a part of. The links members will mainly use are the home and browse link, the browse link being the link which will take members to the main video gallery.

Located under the navigation menu is a section dedicated to the latest update including a thumbnailed screen shot taken from the video, the models’ name, a short description of the clip, the star-rating (according to other members) and of course the links to the video and photo gallery. As you scroll further down members will come across the 12 latest updates, and at the very bottom is a section which new members may find in handy if they wish to get in to the best content there is available in the highest-rated section. To view the rest of the past updates; members can simply utilize the browse link located in the navigation menu.


There’s no information on when the site was launched as none of the video have been dated, so it’s hard to tell how long the site has been live for, but judging by the modern look of the site, LTP looks to have been launched in the past few years. This becomes a big issue however when it comes to determining how active the site is on updates, or whether the site is active on updates at all. Either way the site is doing fairly well on content numbers with a total of 120 videos on offer new members will certainly have their hands busy for quite some time.

Though if the site hasn’t been updated in a long time then the older members may run out of videos, that is if the updates have stopped, and unfortunately there’s no real way to tell. The videos aren’t exclusive to the site and with no update dates the video numbers may look great on paper but in the grand scale of things the site is fairly standard as far as content numbers go, especially for a solo masturbation and toys site as this type of content is quite common. If however the site is still active on updates then it is doing rather well for itself, but again there’s no solid information on how active the site is on updates, for all we know it has been quite some time since the last update.

Quality wise the site does fairly well, the content isn’t true HD but at 720dpi it is second only to. Quality buffs may be a little underwhelmed but given how hot the videos can get, members probably won’t be too fussed about the tiny details and will really enjoy the sexy solo show going on. The older videos are a little lower in quality compared to the newer updates, but luckily they aren’t too bad. Overall the videos do look decent, and in addition the photo content on offer looks stunning, with each episode comes a photo gallery containing up to 100 high-res photos each.


Pros & Cons:


  • Solo shows are very hot;
  • High standard of models;
  • Site looks great;
  • Easy to navigate;
  • Tons of bonus content;
  • Content looks decent.


  • Updates aren’t dated.

Love The Pink doesn’t really excel on any particular aspect, though it is a very well-rounded site. The main concern is that the videos haven’t been updated so there’s no way in telling how active the site is on updates, or whether or not it is still being updated for that matter. Either way; solo masturbation and toy lovers are going to love the content on offer as the videos are very arousing and more importantly the models are very attractive. Quality isn’t top-shelf but is still decent; this goes for both the video and photo content. A standard solo masturbation and toys site which is worth checking out if you love this type of content.


I always look forward to checking out sites which only feature ladies, I love porn but I’m not too fond of seeing the beautiful girls getting handled by horny strangers. The content numbers are fairly decent though it would have been nice if the developers gave us a little more information as far as updates go as I cannot tell if they are still loading the site with new content.

What I loved most about Love The Pink is their standard in models, seriously there was not a single average looking model on their site as they all looked stunning. Not only are they easy on the eyes but the models really know how to put up an entertaining and arousing solo show which is sure to have the fans begging for more. But it’s the more part which is the big question.

Solo masturbation and toy porn is my favourite mainly because you can feel the intimacy when the ladies get themselves off, and the videos on Love The Pink are no exception. It’s nice to see a diverse selection of women of show, and with their fresh faces and nubile bodies it seems as though most of them are still fresh faced teens, certainly a factor considering if you are a teen porn fan.

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