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Lost Bets Games

Lost Bets Games

Content quality: 25.0 of 25
Content quantity: 21.0 of 25
Design and usability: 6.0 of 10
Originality: 18.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 16.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Lost Bets Games

Here’s a unique site that has found a fun niche and it going with it; more about that in a moment. Your signup fee will get you in to a members' area that is fun to use and a little bit functional. It also comes with a bonus site attached as well as the main site’s own videos and galleries. Movies here can be downloaded and streamed, members can add comments to each scene and give them thumbs up and down, so you can get slightly involved. It’s a pretty straightforward site with no great frills attached, but it all works just fine.

Main Idea:

The fun niche that Lost Bets Games sis all about is, well, here’s a big clue in the title. The girls get together, sometimes with guys, and play various party games, usually along the ‘strip poker’ kind of theme. Whoever loses gets to do what whoever wins decrees they do, so that’s going to be: sucking, licking, pussy munching, vibrator playing, ass fucking, hardcore cock sucking and all other kinds of horny stuff. Members get to view these exclusive movies and download them, and it looks like a new scene is being added every month.

Members Area:

I have to say that I found my way around this members’ area in a few minutes, it is not very big. The site has been online since 2009 and all the videos are set out on one page. You start off at a home page where there is a nifty welcome message and you do actually pick up on a sense of fun. The home page also tells us that now there is bonus site access to Nijna Porn Pass and that we can use our membership details to log in. Mine didn’t work, but that might have been because I had reviewer access to this one site only. I also found some of the links hard to see in the welcome message as they were dark text on black background.

But the main menu is easy enough to see, though pretty basic. Videos takes you to the one page of content, Bonus Site opens a new tab and takes you to the bonus, Live Girls links off to an up-sell live chat site, the FAQ age has a couple of questions answered on it, the Contact link is to an email address and that is followed by a basic search box. That’s it; your one and only real page is the Videos one.

Here I found all the content set out on the one page with large sample shots, dates, and titles. Click to enter the viewing page for your chosen scene. Here you find a brief description and title, three large buttons for the full scene download, and the stream screen to the left. This will go to full screen and here is a volume control. Beneath the screen you can give the video a thumbs up or down and also make comments. And, er, that’s about it; no galleries, no model index, no other interactive options, no clips. Like I say, a very simple members’ area.


Movies run for around 10 to 15 minutes and sometimes most of this is taken up with the games. That’s fun to watch and the games are varied. You get a rough idea of what to expect from each of the sample pics on the videos page and here I came across 217 videos. They’ve got the mix right here with girls in duos, in groups and with guys, all mixed in together. There’s plenty of lesbian fun to be had by way of forfeits and some hardcore too. A lot of game playing does go on but also some sex happens as well. Mind you, you've really got to be into watching natural games of connect four, or cards, or whatever as some of the 10 minute long scenes are purely girls playing such games and stripping down.

Viewing in the stream was simple enough though there really is only one choice. The screen was around 640 x 360 in size and the quality was fine. Having said that, the older, 2009 movies, may not be as high a quality as the more recent ones. Each of the scenes though came with three choices for download, with a medium quality WMV, and Mpeg and an Mp4 file; the top resolution I could find was at 1,500 kbps @ 1,280 x 720, and HD.

I thought the content could have gone further; I could have done with more after-game activity. I’d also like to have seen galleries and images, and a model index. What you have is a good and fairly large set of videos, some of which are a bit more interesting than others, and then a new scene every week. The site is a bit thin on content in that there are no images.


I had trouble accessing the bonus site but apparently members can get into it with their username and password.

Pros & Cons:


  • Exclusive scenes;
  • HD movies in some cases;
  • A pretty unique theme;
  • Natural and un-scripted game playing and strips;
  • Weekly updates.


  • The content action can be a bit slow to get going;
  • No galleries or model index;
  • A very ‘thin’ site;
  • Couldn't access the bonus site.

Lost Bets Games works well in that it stays with its niche, tough sometimes that niche could do with a shakeup. You've got decent enough models being natural in party game scenarios which sometimes lead to lesbian action or hardcore blow jobs and fun. Not always though. You've also got a site that really only has one large page of content and where there is little info, and no galleries. I also had trouble with the bonus site. But updates are happening, you've got lots of games to watch and the quality is fine, especially in more recent movies.


“It’s a bit over-priced for what you get, especially if the bonus site isn’t working. You get to watch 10 minutes of a couple of girls playing a game and every now and then taking something off. That’s a bit hard to stay with after the first couple of games, it all gets a bit samey.”

“A fun site but one where you need access to another site in order to fulfil yourself after you've got horny watching two or more sexy, amateur girls stripping down and playing. I thought we could have done with more to-camera stuff so we got drawn in more. But it is a pretty unique site and it’s OK to watch for a while.”

“They’ve got some unique strip poker scenes which I liked; the newer videos are in HD and here are smaller files to take for slower connections. Clips are not necessary with films this length. Downloads were fast and here was no restriction on the number you can take. It’s really for us who enjoy watching girls play games together.”

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