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Lily Fig

Lily Fig

Content quality: 25.0 of 25
Content quantity: 15.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 17.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 16.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Lily Fig

Lily Figuera invites you to her online home, Lily Figuera, the ‘home of the hottest Asian webcam girl on the net.’ The tour pages and the members’ area look very similar, set out like a blog with images and short texts leading to larger posts. There are areas for photos and videos and Lily promises us a weekly webcam show as part of the membership deal. There are various ways to sign up, the prices are about right for an exclusive site with this amount of content and the whole this is easy to use. It looks good and well looked after, the quality is fine and there are some interactive options for members including personal contact with Lily.

Main Idea:

This is a one woman show, in a manner of speaking. If the site is about any one thing it is about this super sexy Asian babe who has risen to fame via her webcam shows. Now she has videos and galleries as well and she appears alongside other hot Asian girls in exclusive content. Having a quick check through what’s available you find mainly solo and lesbian action in short video clips, short being usually round six or seven minutes but sometimes longer. The quality is good and you’re going to get to know Lily intimately as she dresses up and strips down and plays for you.

Members Area:

This members’ area has a slightly different look to the norm, which is always good to see. You find there’s a kind of blog style to it with left and right columns on the home page and a central column showing the recent updates with large images. To the left you find links to social networking options and to the right the webcam schedule (when there is a show scheduled) and category lists. There is also an advert over there but it’s not too intrusive. In the centre there is the most recent addition to the site and across the top the main menu.

Here you can head to the Pictures first and these pages are also neatly designed and set out. A simple sample shows you the number of pics per set and who is in it, and there are upload dates posted with titles. Online viewing is by way of large thumbnails that click up into an online player with thumbs below and navigation buttons to the sides. It’s easy to use and you back button to get out.

Videos are shown in the same way, with dates, and open into viewing pages where there is one stream and one download option to the left. Also here you can read brief descriptions, give rates and comments and link to tag words to find more of the same. The page does look a bit squashed, but everything is there. Viewing options are limited though to the one stream and one download. The page for the all-important webcam was simply showing me an advert but when a show is scheduled you should see the info there. If you check the blog though you will find more news there, though it is not exactly up to date as we will see.


I didn’t see a webcam show but I did see some videos and I did browse some galleries. The videos were shown in a Flash payer stream and came with an MP4 download. These were the only choices. There were 53 videos and 66 galleries and they all came with upload dates. The most recent video upload had been made eight months prior to my visit, as had the most recent gallery (apart from one added one month before). I checked the blog and found that the last posting had been six months ago, so I think it is safe to say that I was a bit disappointed with the updates and the news. What’s happening with this content I wonder?

What is here though is fine. You have a very sexy main star who poses in a variety of clothing and also naked. There is some nudity and when there are two or more girls together the action is more erotica than hardcore, it’s not gratuitous or wild, but well shot and evocative, nicely lit and soft core. Some of the titles may give you an idea of what to expect: Lily as Princess jasmine, Lily in white lace and then the slightly harder Procrasturbating, giving us a little pussy massage action to view.

Videos came as MP4 downloads that were around 200 Mbs in size, it depends on the length of the movie. The resolution was 1,280 x 720 @ 5,160 kbps. Many were around the six or seven minute mark, but there were some up to 14 minutes or so. The galleries held various numbers of images, from 19 to over 100 and the pics went up to decent sizes for the online viewing. You can take them down one at a time if you want (in which case full images were at 2,592 x 1,728), but I didn’t find slideshows or zip files. The content is good quality and the main lady is worth seeing; my main concern around the content is the update schedule, or rather the lack of one.


There were no bonuses as such, but there is, or was, the blog to read, and the site still advertises Lily Fig in webcam shows that should be included in your membership.

Pros & Cons:


  • Exclusive content;
  • Good quality;
  • A very sexy, pretty Asian main star;
  • Easy site to use and looks good.


  • No update news and no updates for several months;
  • Limited download and stream options;
  • No blog updates for some months;
  • Ditto live cam shows; none for a while now.

The quality of the content at Lily Figuera is very good, and there are some wonderfully evocative and dreamy solo and lesbian videos; it’s mainly soft core but with some masturbation and it all looks great. On the downside though there has been no news on updates for some time, and nothing new added to the site in the last few months. The blog doesn’t help us when we want to know what’s going on, so you might need to contact the site and ask. What is here is good and worth seeing, but to stay as a member I would have to be reassured that there was new content coming along.


“Same here. I was a member for a while and then they stopped adding things and no one was told what was going on. The blog is several months out of date and so I didn’t stay around. I liked what I saw, but once I’d seen it I didn’t want to pay to get nothing each month.”

“Good advice. I took a monthly membership only because I liked what I saw on the tour and I liked what I downloaded even more, but with no updates there’s no point in staying. Great girl and the live cam show I saw was a nice one; there are some clips of it on the site still.”

“Decent quality, great chick, nice videos, a bit soft, she could go harder, not a lot of them but easy to get to and keep, and worth looking at. Nice photos too and some of the other Asian babes are great to see. More news and updates are needed.”

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