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Lesbians Ultra

Lesbians Ultra

Content quality: 20.0 of 25
Content quantity: 20.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 15.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 17.0 of 20
Actual pricing:
  • 3 days: $1.95
  • 1 month: $29.95

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Site Details:

Lesbians Ultra

Network Details:

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Lesbians Ultra is the site which all silver tongue lesbian lovers should definitely check out. The site contains an impressive 160 plus episodes most of which are exclusive to the very site! You can enjoy watching the hot lesbians lick, probe, and basically give each other the horniest time using their fingers, tongues, toys, and any thing at their disposal to pleasure their equally horny partners! The site offers both video and picture content of decent quality and in addition members also gain access a large amount of bonus sites and bonus videos as though the already impressively sized archive wasn't enough.

Main idea:

Now I am sure that the site title makes it pretty obvious what the site is all about and I am sure most of you know what Lesbians love getting up to. Here at Lesbians Ultra you can enjoy watching the beautiful pussy loving ladies get up to all sorts of naughty things from playful pussy licking and fingering to some of the more hardcore episodes where strap-on dildos are involved! The bulk of the content on offer involve one on one fiascoes though there are quite a few lesbian orgies in the mix to spicen things right up! In essence Lesbian Ultra could be classified as a general lesbian site which covers all things lesbian and being quite the fan of girl on girl action I can safely say that I was more than pleased to get the pleasure of reviewing this hot site.

Member's area:

I must say that the members area of Lesbian Ultra is quite eye capturing the colors used are a little too bright for my personal taste, pink and blue sometimes getting to the point of neon which is a bit much for my eyes but I suppose the site does look quite flashy. The top banner is quite busy with bits of information on the site itself and the great looking site logo. Just below is the navigation menu containing links which will take you to the movies section, the photos gallery, bonus sites, bonus content, and other third party services such as live webcam shows and a dating site.

Just below the top banner is a section dedicated to the latest updates across the entire network which Lesbians Ultra is a part of, this is quite convenient as members won't have to visit the individual sites to keep up to date on the latest across the sites. Below the network updates are the updates for this site in particular, this includes the past 19 updates and down the right side of the site is a section where you'll find the highest rated episodes according to the members votes so you can be sure that they're the best of the bunch. The bottom section of the homepage mainly consists of banner links to the various bonus sites which members have access to, a single click on these will directly port members to the homepage of the site they chose.

Both the video and photo archives can be accessed from the navigation menu as I mentioned just earlier. Both the archives essentially have the same layout as they both span over numbered indexed pages where the content is organized from newest to oldest. All the content is presented in thumbnail form which is linked to the main media section. The movie media section obviously includes all the links to the various downloads of the scene whilst the picture media section includes the photos which have been organized in a thumbnail style gallery. If members wish to view the pictures offline they have the ability to download the entire sets in a zip file which I found quite convenient.


Well the past updates haven't been dated so there's no real way in telling just how long the site has been live for and seeing as the new updates haven't been dated either I can't tell you how active the site is on updates let alone whether or not it is still active. The one thing I can tell you though is that there is a total of 163 episodes this includes a mix of exclusive and non-exclusive content, the bulk of it is exclusive however. The average run time for the episodes is roughly 18 minutes each and some even go for a good 30 minutes so I suppose you could say that they are full length. In addition to the videos there are also over 580 individual photo sets on offer which contain approximately 100 pictures on average. So even if the site is dead on updates or not I can still safely say that there is a decent amount of content here which should keep members busy for quite some time, not to mention all those bonus sites to check out if members ever find themselves needing a break from all the hot lesbian action.

The site offers quite a bit when it comes to video options, the only video format on offer is wmv but at least they have provided the episodes in three different qualities being low medium and high. Also worth mentioning is that the episodes are available to download in both full scenes and short chapters which is a good thing as some episodes can go for 30 minutes each, so if members wish to skip certain segments they don't wish to view they can always skip them which will save them a load of bandwidth in the long run. The highest quality the videos are available in comes in an encoding rate of 1500kbps @ 640x480. As you can tell by the specs they aren't exactly top shelf by today's standards but they are still a decent watch, the resolution may be mediocre but the kbps rate is quite decent.

The photo content is a mix of screen shots and proper photos. The screen shots are quite poor in quality and this comes to no surprise as they are screen shots after all, they feature the usual flaws one would expect from screen shots including graininess, pixelation, and poor color, they also are quite small at 720x544 pixels in dimensions. The proper photos on the other hand are great, they are very clear, the colors are awesome, and the same can be said for the great photography work and sizes they come in. As far as the size issue goes for the proper photos the only thing I could point out is that they do tend to rise and fall through out the various galleries but for the most part they are decently sized.

The models on show are all very attractive there may be a few duds in the bunch but for the most part the lesbians are hot. You may come across a few familiar faces amongst the crowd of beautiful pussy licking vixens as there are quite a few well known pornstars in the mix. Also worth mentioning is the diversity of their line up, you can expect to indulge in all sorts of pussies ranging from exotic Asians, hot redheads, beautiful blonds, elegant brunettes, feisty Latinas, and bubble butt black babes. In short there's a hot pussy loving girl here to suit just about everyone's taste, no shortage on pussy and diversity here.

Cons and pros:


  • Good amount of content;
  • Tons of bonus sites and content;
  • Site is very easy to navigate;
  • Nice video options.


  • No information on future updates;
  • Past updates haven't been dated;
  • Unsure if the site is still active or not.

Lesbians Ultra is quite a good site though it does have its rough edges, the main flaw I can pick out is their lack in update information as I have been lead to believe that the site is no longer active on updates, I could be wrong but you would think the developers would have dated the recent updates to assure members that the site is still active. Other than that I wasn't too fond of the photo archive, there were way too many screen shot galleries for my liking, it would have been nice if the proper photo collection was larger. Those cons aside the site is quite decent and is certainly worth a look for the diverse selection of lesbian episodes and the hordes of beautiful and diverse lesbians.

Featured comments:

The main thing I love most about Lesbians Ultra would have to be the twat licking ladies not only because most of them are so beautiful but also because there's such a nice diversity to choose from! No matter what your tastes are in women I am sure you will find more than a few here that will have you drooling all over your keyboard because I certainly did! Not only do they come in various flavors i.e nationalities but they also come in different ages ranging from teens to milfs and body types from the slender hotties to the more filled out voluptuous ladies. To put it simply it is a massive buffet of pussy that I am sure we can all appreciate!

I don't think I have ever seen a site where the lovely lesbians get up to so many different things! Seriously though if you have seen a lesbian do it before you are more than likely to see it again on this site. It is nice to see that they have provided content from both sides of the spectrum from the more playful pussy lickings to the crazy strap-on and double ended dildo sessions. Needless to say I was very impressed with the diversity of the naughty shenanigans these beautiful ladies get up to which nicely complements the diversity of the line up of pretty faces, excellent!

Being quite the quality buff I was some what let down with the quality of the videos, personally I would have to say that the videos are average at best, maybe even just above average but I wouldn't go any further than that. Don't get me wrong, they aren't horrible to watch, you can clearly see all the steamy lesbian action, it's just that quality buffs such as myself might find themselves a little underwhelmed with the quality. I was also disappointed to see such a large number of screen shots making it to the photo archive, it would have been nice if the bulk of the archive were of actual photos rather than those low quality screen shots. Oh well I suppose we can't have everything we want.

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