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Lesbian Assault

Lesbian Assault

Content quality: 15.0 of 25
Content quantity: 13.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 14.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 16.0 of 20
Actual pricing:
  • 3 days: $4.95
  • 1 month: $29.73

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Content updates: Not regular | Review last updated:

Site Details:

Lesbian Assault

Network Details:

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As far as I know every man has at one point in his life dreamed about being able to have sex with a sleeping girl. They want to be able to hump her hole without her waking up or speaking or even knowing they were there. It's a totally attachment free fuck, which is probably why it's so attractive. The idea of a lesbian fuck in that same way never really crossed my mind until I came across Lesbian Assault. They do lesbian porn where one of the girls is asleep and is actually straight. She takes a nap and next thing you know there's a chick lapping at her pussy and sending dreamy thoughts of pleasure to her head. The folks behind the site have experience in the adult business, including a site like this that plays into the male fantasy. I have confidence they'll deliver a good product and I'm looking forward to checking it out.

Main idea:

The idea for this site was borne out of a conversation at the office. A girl was asked if she was into girls and she answered that she had never been with a girl mostly because she didn't have the courage. She shared a fantasy of a girl breaking into her house and having sex with her while she was sleeping so she could essentially have that lesbian experience without having made the choice. Obviously this gave them the idea for Lesbian Assault, a site where sleeping straight girls are fingered and eaten out by lusty lesbians. It sounds like fun and there are sample videos on the tour if you want a taste.

Member's area:

Inside the design is trim and compact and it's pretty easy to get around. You'll find a list of the most recent updates at the top of the page and you'll also find that they haven't added any content in more than a month. Perhaps they discovered that this niche doesn't sell particularly well and they decided to stop pushing it. Whatever the reason you're not going to have much content from Lesbian Assault. If you browse down a little bit you'll find pictures from the most recent sets so you can get right to watching the hot lesbian action.

They do a photo set and videos for each scene but they list them separately, which is a little bit annoying. You can choose the site of the thumbnails in the photo sets and the full size pictures are large but you have to click twice to get to them. First they show you a shot at 1000px and if you want to see the really big version (2100px) then you'll have to click again. I understand not wanting to stretch the page with a really big picture but once I've seen the image I don't really want to see it again in full size.

Each video has been broken into smaller parts to allow you to download whatever you want to see. There's a screenshot for each part to make that really simple. There's a full length clip if you want as well. The movies play at 480x360 and 1200kbps so they look good enough. They won't compete with sites that are doing high definition porn but that's still a relatively small portion of the total so it's not a huge concern. Plus, this content is genuinely unique so there aren't really any competitors in the genre.


Like I said, Lesbian Assault is doing something truly unique. It's possible that unique type of content isn't selling though, because it has been a month since any new content was added and they were updating weekly before that. They only managed to shoot 12 scenes before going cold so it's not a very big site. There's plenty of bonus content though so that should be the least of your concerns. These sleeping lesbian videos are exciting and sexy and naughty and that's what makes them so much fun to watch.

Each scene begins with the hunt, so to speak. We see one chick tracking the other as she decides when to make her move and get her freak on. She wants to get naughty with the girl but she has to take her time because the babe needs to be soundly sleeping. That's how you have lesbian sleeping sex after all. Once the chick has drifted off into nap land the lesbian lady makes her approach and begins playing with her new toy. She pulls out the beautiful tits of the young sleeper and plays with her nipples. She gropes and sucks and fondles and generally you can hear a little bit of moaning on the sleeping slut's part because it feels good whether or not she's awake.

I like the sleeping pussy play the best of all. It's always hot watching a girl eat pussy, especially when she's doing it in an erotic way. It's less fun when she's moaning like a slut and barely licking the hot hole but when she seals her lips around the pussy and licks lustily while letting out low grunts and moans of pleasure that's good stuff. That's what goes down at Lesbian Assault and there's no question it's a good time listening in on it while you're watching. The porn has a voyeuristic feel to it because one of the girls is napping and that's a big part of the fun. In addition to the tit play and the pussy play there's also plenty of dildo fucking and fingering. There are six bonus sites included in your membership and one features hot sleeping chicks being fucked by guys in case you're really into the genre.

Cons and pros:


  • Unique and exclusive content;
  • Hot lesbian pussy eating;
  • Bonus sites included in your membership.


  • Site has very few updates;
  • Video quality could be better;
  • The second month of membership is $10 more than the first;
  • Updates have stopped.

As far as I know Lesbian Assault is the only site of its kind. There are others that do the sleeping sex thing but I've never seen it in a girl on girl context. They have 12 scenes for you to peruse and each comes with a downloadable video and a high resolution picture gallery. The videos are a tad low quality but they look good enough to please. The real trouble is that they no longer update. I'm guessing the site didn't sell very well. It's unique content but it seems like there's a limited appeal for this kind of thing. The girls are hot and one is always sleeping soundly when the other takes her clothes off and starts eating sleepy pussy. It's fun and exciting and a little bit voyeuristic but ultimately it falls way short of being a complete adult experience. Plus, they charge $10 more for the second month of membership, which is insane. As far as I know there are no other sites on the web that do that.

Featured comments:

It appears as though Lesbian Assault has stopped updating entirely. They haven't done anything in more than a month with no signs that they're going to. I wish they would update more often because there's not enough content here to warrant sticking around for more than a month.

The idea of charging more money for the second month's membership is ridiculous. They don't have much content and they aren't updating anymore but they want you to pay $40 for the privilege of being a member for a second month? Really? Are they out of their goddamn minds? I would never pay that kind of fee.

I appreciate that they were trying something new and unique here at Lesbian Assault but I just don't like the site very much. The idea of a sleeping girl being licked by a hot chick isn't all that arousing to me. You'll know long before you join the site whether or not you're going to like the niche so my complaint probably means nothing to you. Oh well.

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