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Layered Nylons

Layered Nylons

Content quality: 25.0 of 25
Content quantity: 16.0 of 25
Design and usability: 8.0 of 10
Originality: 18.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 18.0 of 20

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Content updates: Bi-weekly | Review last updated:

Site Details:

Layered Nylons

Layered Nylons comes to us from Only Tease, a set-up that is all about pantyhose, nylons, lingerie and soft core photos and videos. It is also a site/company that is all about exclusivity and quality, style and hot models. The site is modern and interactive, stylish and functional, you will be able to stream and download the videos, browse easily through the galleries, get involved with rates and comments and check out the girls in the model index. Updates are promised at four times per week, and the site was up to date when I saw it; it was still rather small though it’s been going since 2011, and it is a stand-alone site.

Main Idea:

This is kind of a new niche, or a niche within a niche. The niche is Pantyhose but here with stockings and suspenders also being worn by the girls. That’s a pretty new one for me and gives you a kind of double-whammy for the nylon and stocking close to the skin fetish. It’s also all about glamour here with poses and teases, soft core galleries and videos, with the site holding more galleries than movies. You have a nice array of sexy ladies posing for you and more coming along regularly, there are a few ways to get involved and give feedback too.

Members Area:

The design of the members’ area holds no problems, in fact it is very modern and functional. It is clean in appearance with lots of white and pink, and some very useful things tucked away in side bars and boxes. You will see what I mean in a moment. You start off at a home page that shows you the most recent additions, in a standard way with sample shots and dates. To the left are the welcome message and top lists, suggested sites to visit and some randomly chosen models. In the main page you also have views of what and who is coming along next, and there is a top menu to guide you to the main areas of the site.

The first two links here, after Home, are for Pictures and Videos but neither of these produced any content. They did though bring up a side-list of moths dating back to September 2011, and you need to click a month in order to find content. Then you find sample shots and download options for the galleries plus a link to the online version of each. Galleries come with good navigation and good choices of image size. Videos come with some basic download options, plus a choice for streaming, and links to the galleries. There is also a model index with links to each girl’s appearances, but not a lot of info. The main menu also takes you to a search options page, a page where you can change your viewing preferences, Help, a list of what’s coming soon and more of those suggested sites.

Where Layered Nylons really hits the spot, in terms of design, are the additional boxes that come alongside pages. You have the choices of image sizes here in a left column, and there are also functions such as add to favourites, slideshows, set your preferences for viewing galleries, add comments and report errors. This members’ area gave no technical problems and is very advanced in design, it holds all kinds of neat interactive things to do and runs really well.


Because nothing appeared on the Pictures and Videos pages it was a case of trawling through each month back to 2011 to count the content, so I may have got slightly lost, but I counted around 65 videos and 280 galleries before I started to lose count. The recent updates were frequent and on target though so there should be much more content by the time you see this. It’s still a relatively small site and it is mainly geared towards photos, with various choices of image size and various numbers per set; around 100 to 150 as a rough average. Movies run for about five minutes only and are available in streams and downloads up to 5,000 kbps @ 1,280 x 720.

The quality is great, you have no worries there. The models are nicely varied in age, though tend to stay around 20s and 30s at a guess, with long hair, blondes and brunettes, big boobs and small, a nice mixture of topless and clothed women posing and pouting for you. And they all have this double layer pantyhose with stockings thing going on that makes the site unique. There is also a nice fetish touch of garters, high heels, other accessories which give these lovelies and even hornier edge.

The content is 100% original of course and exclusive. The images go right up to huge sizes, hence the smaller choices for size, but even at 5,600 x 3,700 in size you don’t see any faults with them. Not only is this content original from the start but it is also excellent quality. Not only does it update every few days but it comes with all kind of ways to get involved. It’s a great collection of top class erotica from a very high quality company.


I didn’t see any bonuses attached to the site.

Pros & Cons:


  • Exclusive content;
  • Excellent quality;
  • A fully interactive members’ area;
  • Frequent updates;
  • A completely new and outstanding niche.


  • Not a lot of information about the girls;
  • Not many videos;
  • Not a huge content count as yet.

Layered Nylons is blowing other stocking fetish sites out of the water on a few counts: high quality images, great looking girls, nothing gratuitous, fully functional members’ area, frequent updates, top-class photo and video work, and most of all, double-layered nylons and stockings are featured throughout. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but for those who like to drink from the cup of erotica, softcore and nylons then this site is going to quench even the driest thirst. If you want to see how a members’ area should be original, innovative and interactive (and you want some stunning girls in lingerie too) then check in here double time.


“Well, yup, hats off to the originality. I mean, two layers of nylons and you can still see the shapely legs, the curves, the pussy outline, the sweet asses of these hot ladies. It’s a nice new fetish area to get into. It would be even better if there were some kind of bonuses just to boost the fee. It’s not bad, and there are lots of sign up options, I just want to be greedy and have more content.”

“Love the way you get to fiddle around with settings, you can set things up exactly as you like them and then settle down to explore some totally glamorous women. You will need some imagination to think of what’s going on beneath the underwear, but the up-top parts are great and I like the update schedule. A nice site that will soon have a big following.”

“For me, a bit of a one horse race with only the one theme and the similar looking kinds of women posing in nice surroundings for mainly photos. I thought that the company might let us have access to one other of their pantyhose and lingerie soft core sites by way of a bonuses; that would be really nice. More info about the ladies would also be good and more videos.”

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