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Latex Angel

Latex Angel

Content quality: 23.0 of 25
Content quantity: 20.0 of 25
Design and usability: 5.0 of 10
Originality: 18.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 16.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Latex Angel

The extreme fisting and fetish site, Latex Angel, now has 180 exclusive movies, with galleries and screen caps for its members. It is a very simple site to sign up to and to use and offers videos, galleries and links to stores and a VOD site. There are downloads to be had for the movies, and you are also able to download zip files of photos and browse them on line. It’s not very interactive, there is no news and no upload schedule so it’s hrtd to say if or when new content is being added. But what is here is going to delight everyone who craves sexy women stretched to their limits.

Main Idea:

The fact that the models wear latex is just one facet of this specialised site; they also get their asses stretched by dildos, machines, cocks and fists, and their pussies get the same treatment. It’s all dark and BDSM, and full of bondage and hardcore fetish action. The videos are by way of simple downloads and these days they are in HD formats, and each movie comes with a basic title and description. You simply will not believe some of this action which has to be some of the hardest, most hardcore and extreme we’ve seen in a while.

Members Area:

There is a very simple set up in the members ’ area. The design is dark and the links red, so everything stands out and is easy to read. You enter to a home page where you can head to the videos, galleries, screen caps, the store or the up-sell VOD site. That’s it, there are no interactive functions here, no top lists, rates, votes, no news, no upload dates, no information no model index and nothing extra. Simply videos and galleries.

So, click to the videos area and you find around 18 movies per page, set out with three sample images and a short description,. There is also a note telling you how to download and this is done by right clicking the title in some cases, in others you left click the title and then select your options. It is very basic. Older movies didn’t have any choice for downloading, but more recent ones did, in that the movies were in three parts, or two parts, and this means that the HD files are not unmanageable, and you should be able to download easily. There’s no streaming online though, and only three sample images per scene, so you’re a bit in the dark as to how long the scene might be.

Click back to Home either with your back button or the Home button at the bottom of the index pages, and head to the galleries. These are set out in the same way, on index pages, with some description and the number of images shown. There are links to view online or to take the zip file for each set. Online viewing is by thumbnails that you click to enlarge, and from there you simply click forward and back. Screen shots work in the same way but have no zip files.


You can expect to find at least 180 movies here, running for around 10 minutes each, and the same amount of galleries with around 100 pics each, plus the sets of screen shots. Each index page holds 18 pieces of content and you have to click through them one page at a time; there are no search and sort options for content and no news on updates, though the tour pages do promise us weekly updates. You will have to keep a look out and make sure this happens.

Recent movies are at 1,920 x 180 in resolution and are MP4 files, while older content may be smaller and in AVI formats; I saw DivX files at 512 x 384 @ 1,110 kbps, for example. The quality is generally fine though and you don’t miss out on any action. Recent images clicked up to 1,500 x 1,000 in size, again, older ones may be smaller, 1,200 x 800, but the quality was fine in all images and screen caps where the recent ones are clearly from the HD camera.

The content though is exactly as you were promised on the tour and there are some pretty in depth examinations of girls’ pussies and asses, there are some eye-wateringly big dildos in use, some DP fisting, anal fisting, cum shots, hardcore bareback, slings, toys, insertions, masks, butt plugs, bondage and all done by and to sexy ladies really into their fetish action and wearing latex. Latex Angel pulls no punches on its hardcore. You get a good idea of what to expect from the sample images and the titles, ‘Milk Enema’, ‘Fisting Marathon’ and ‘Massive Squirting’ for example and if you’re looking for hardcore fetish action then you won't be let down.


There were no bonuses with this site.

Pros & Cons:


  • Exclusive material from the experts;
  • Hardcore fetish action in latex as promised on the tour;
  • A simple site to use;
  • All kinds of hard action is included.


  • There is no information about the site or updates;
  • There are no interactive options for members;
  • Limited download choices;
  • Some more navigation tools, search and sort options would be good.

Latex Angel is going to do it for you if you like to collect hardcore movies if women being bound, gagged, fucked and fisted and if you like your hardcore BDSM really hard. As far as I know the site is updating but no dates are shown. It is not interactive of informative and you can't stream the videos, so definitely a collector’s place, and set at a pretty good price for the exclusivity and specific nature of the content. Not for the faint hearted, this site will please all true fetish fans.


“If it was a true fetish site it would have more community news and more of a membership feel to it with comments and a forum, rates and information. I find it a bit gratuitous, it is playing on the extreme nature of the content, which is fine, but it is not offering anything else around that, so what you get is hard action of women being fisted and used.”

“Raunchy stuff, excellent content, great variety in the action and the costumes, and the ladies. Are these German ladies? Certainly European I think. I think this is a very good, very specialised site that all latex and hardcore fisting fans should come and see. Some of those stretches are unbelievable.”

“Neat little site, gives you what it says it will, very simple, no frills, no bonuses, no messing around, lots of pain, lots of humiliation, lots of rubber and latex and fists and toys. Perfect really. You don’t waste time on comments and rates and stuff, you just grab your films and enjoy,”

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