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Ladyboy 69

Ladyboy 69

Content quality: 19.0 of 25
Content quantity: 19.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 15.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 17.0 of 20
Actual pricing:
  • 1 month: $39.95
  • 6 months: $99.95

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Site Details:

Ladyboy 69

Ladyboys, if you're not aware, are shemales from Thailand. The word has come to be used to describe any Asian shemale but for the most part the Asian chicks with dicks you're seeing come from Thailand and should be called Ladyboys or kathoeys. In many cases they are just as attractive or better looking than a genetic Asian female and there's nothing more impressive. There are lots of sites that have hot ladyboys to entertain the men of the world but few of them are as large as Ladyboy 69. This site has been around for a long time and they've built an impressive collection of ladyboys posing and hooking up in hardcore scenes. It's hard to talk about sites in the ladyboy genre without bringing this one up so it was one of the first that had to be reviewed.

Main idea:

At Ladyboy 69 they pride themselves on finding the best looking babes in the business and putting them in front of the camera to get naughty. There are picture galleries and videos and a huge list of models that is constantly updated as they try to keep you around for the long term. On the tour you can browse through a full list of the updates to see what has come before. It's the best way to judge whether or not you're going to like the site. There's a list of the models too and you'll be surprised at how many genuinely hot ladyboys await you.

Member's area:

When you log in you're looking at the model list. It's an A-Z thing and there are a whole bunch of babes to choose from so it will take quite some time to get through them all. That's one of the best features of the site though as they provide a great looking picture of each lady to help you choose the hottest. You'll also see a drop down menu with the names of all the models if you happen to know a specific girl you're looking for. They have hardcore scenes here at Ladyboy 69 and those are listed in a separate section, which is really helpful.

Click the link for the hardcore scenes and you'll see the galleries and videos listed with preview pictures from each. Those previews are super helpful in choosing the ladyboy sex scene that will turn you on the most. If you click the updates link at the top of the page you can browse the content by date and you can go all the way back to July 2005 when the site was launched. Yeah, they've been around for quite some time!

The picture galleries are easy to browse thanks to big thumbnails and the full size images are 1500px and great looking. I had a little trouble with the speed - some pictures took a long time to load but that varies by person and your location so you shouldn't make any decisions based on that. The videos are downloadable and those added in the past year or so are high definition and they look great. They have a full length WMV and most have been divided into four small parts. You can leave comments after every scene and you can post on the forums.


An update comes down the pipeline every two days at Ladyboy 69 so you're getting a whole lot of content as a member. They've been around since 2005 and while the updates haven't been as frequent this entire time they've got a shitload of picture galleries and videos for their members to enjoy. Nowadays they alternate between a picture gallery and a video but that hasn't always been the case so the movies are the smaller part of the site. They have just under 60 hardcore sets so that's obviously not what the site is built around. This is largely a solo ladyboy collection but I like that they're making an effort to create hardcore sex scenes for you.

Like most good ladyboy porn sites the strength of Ladyboy 69 lies in the models. They have nearly 300 of them so you can expect to find a few ugly ducklings in the mix but for the most part these are gorgeous girls that will ehlp you achieve the Asian shemale fueled orgasm you're looking for. The model list is probably the best place to spend your time as you'll find lots of super hot ladies stroking their dicks. I was surprised to find a number of very large ladyboy cocks among the picture galleries. I don't know why that caught me off guard but it was pleasant.

The solo sets take you through a striptease and masturbation scene and most of the time you'll get to see the girls cum. The hardcore sets are pretty typical as they show a blowjob and some ass fucking. I haven't seen a ladyboy fucking a guy yet so it's obviously a minor part of the site at best. One of the cool things about Ladyboy 69 is that they provide you with contact info for almost all of the models. If you're going to Thailand and you want to meet a sexy ladyboy for a night of pure pleasure you can email or call her using the info they give you. How great is that? There are no bonus sites but I think there's enough porn to satisfy. The biggest drawback is the $40 fee for the first month's membership.

Cons and pros:


  • Nearly 300 hot ladyboy models;
  • High definition movies for download;
  • Hardcore scenes;
  • Contact info for the ladyboys;
  • Lots of hot cock stroking scenes.


  • First month is very expensive at $40;
  • Only one video type available (usually WMV);
  • A search function would have been useful.

Ladyboy 69 probably isn't the best site in the genre but it has to be in the discussion. If you're looking for solo sets featuring hot shemales from Thailand then you're going to be deeply satisfied with what you find inside. They have more than 200 videos and more than 290 models with picture galleries (41k images total). That's a lot of content and it's deeply satisfying. If you're looking for hardcore scenes then you should probably turn your attention elsewhere because that's their biggest weakness. They have a small number of them but it doesn't compare to other sites. If you're looking for solo scenes and a date when you go to Thailand then you can't do any better than this site.

Featured comments:

Why do sites charge $40 for a month's membership? Why do they think that's okay? That's just too expensive because there are always going to be other sites that charge less and offer the same type of content. I find it especially objectionable when the site doesn't have any bonus content for you and that's the case at Ladyboy 69.

This is a very hot site with some very hot ladyboys showing off their bodies. I love that they give out phone numbers and email addresses for most of the models. I guess these babes are hookers in Thailand and if you're taking a trip you can easily hook up with them for a night of pure pleasure. If you're not traveling you'll still love all the ladyboy cock stroking action.

I wish they had put in some sort of search function so I could find the content I wanted easier. Something that would at least allow me to search by breast size, dick size and hardcore/softcore. More options would have been nice but I would take those. Sadly all they have is a model list and an updates list. That makes it a little difficult but of course if you like ladyboys it's not something that should deter you.

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