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Ladies In Leather Gloves

Ladies In Leather Gloves

Content quality: 22.0 of 25
Content quantity: 20.0 of 25
Design and usability: 6.0 of 10
Originality: 19.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 16.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Ladies In Leather Gloves

Here is something stylish and erotic for all lovers of Ladies In Leather Gloves. Here we’re looking at glamour and sophistication, with excellent photography and lots of offers on the pre-sign up pages: stories are included, there are updates every three days, there are videos that come in multiple formats and the site is suitable for Macs and PCs. You can sign up for the newsletter if you wish, there are easy to find links to support and contact details if needed, and the monthly membership fee reduces after the first month. It is all laid out cleanly and there should be no problems with navigation.

Main idea:

You may have guessed that what we are looking at here is not a hardcore site. It’s not. The thrust of this site is to mix glamour with a slight eroticism and to present gorgeous ladies who wear tight and smooth, sexy leather on their hands. That’s it; you will find videos and galleries like on most adult sites, but the chances of finding something pornographic appear slim. Perfect then for all fetish fans who want some unique and original, genuinely well shot images an videos of good looking women sporting leather gloves. There is also a large library of erotica to read as well, so you’ve got plenty to look forward to when you join.

Member's area:

The background to the pages here is clean and white and not your typical fetish style of black and silver. Already the site appeals because of its style and it’s carrying on that appeal in the members’ area. Updates are presented on the home page as is standard in adult sites, and then there is a top menu to use; this does have a slightly old fashioned look to it, but it all works.

It leads you first to the galleries, where you find nine categories of images. These come with headings and a description and lead you off to the full collections, per category, which open in new windows. From there you browse the sets one image at a time; the thumbnail pages and galleries generally are very simple and again there is that old fashioned ‘early days of web design’ feel to them; but again, everything works. The videos area works in a different way with one huge page listing all the available updates with a sample pic, brief description and some details. Click a pic to start a stream (after entering your user details), right click to save the WMV file, or click the mobile for a download. It’s a bit basic but it works.

Your menu will also lead you to a news area where you can catch up with the most recent updates and see what is coming soon; there is a support page for contacts and then the stories library. Here you have a scrolling list of titles, click one to open a new window and read the text; it’s black on white and in a serif font so easy enough to read.

The members’ area here is simple and clean and presents no problems. But it is not interactive; there are no rates or comments, add to favourites, votes, forum or messages, and no social networking shares and likes. It has a rather old fashioned and homemade feel to it which contrasts with the high quality and glamorous content, but which also works just fine.


We are looking at a fetish site here for sure and in order to see exactly what fetishes are covered we need to look at the categories in the photos area where there were over 2,000 galleries. The ladies are always in leather gloves, so that’s the first thing note, but they are also appearing in leather boots, fur and masks. There are femdom scenes including girls with guns, smoking ladies, and girls with attitude. You will find them in raincoats and uniforms, in full leather and there is also an area for Erotica and one that is ‘general.’ That’s in the photos and the images are all a decent size (600 x 800 was about average) and clear. There are no complaints about the quality of images, though some galleries hold only a few and the thumbnail to enlargement process is very old school now; no slideshows or zip files.

The videos will encompass many of these individual fetishes if you browse through them, and it would be nice to have some way to search the content here and find the kinds of films you specifically like to see. There were over 140 videos here and they were all set out on that one index page, which means you have to scroll down to look at the sample image and get a rough idea of what the movie is about. There are also the descriptions to help you. I downloaded some Mp4 files that ran at around 971 kbps and came out at only 320 x 240 in size (it was a mobile download, some of the WMV files were up at 720 x 576). But the movies were also very short; around two to three minutes is an average runtime for movies here.

The scenes, or rather clips, are neat in that hey stay on target with gloved girls and they bring you snippets of fantasy, with girls with guns, taking hostages, abusing guys sometimes, or just posing, smoking and looking like they’ve got a hard attitude. But they are very short and sweet; to the point I guess you could say.

Bonus features:

There are no bonus sites attached to this members’ area but you do have a long list of erotic stories to read.

Cons and pros:


  • Exclusive content;
  • Stays with its niche throughout;
  • Easy site to use and very clean looking;
  • Updates appear to be happening;
  • We like the addition of erotic stories.


  • It is not interactive at all, no rates, comments or forum;
  • There is no model index and not much info about the girls;
  • The videos are not quite full HD size.

Ladies In Leather Gloves does what it sets out to do: bring us original, exclusive and unique erotica where the glamorous girls play out fantasy scenarios and always wear their gloves. The clips are short but the galleries are plentiful; the quality is fine but there are no interactive options; the girls are hot but you don’t know much about them; the site is easy to use but looks rather amateurish in design. All a bit of a mix really though I have to say I like the ease of navigation, though more search and sport options would be good, and I really like the stories. The photos are the thing though and they are the main reason for signing up.

Featured comments:

It’s really good to find a site that has one theme, one kind of thing, and that sticks to it. Whoever runs this site must love their fetish and really knows what they are doing; it’s 100% glove fetish content all the way. I really like the way they vary the little scenarios and the photography is out of this world. A great little site IMHO

Very good quality though the images could be bigger and the HD videos are not what I’d call full HD; they are clear enough and even the quick mobile downloads played fine on my PC where I could make them go full size without too much loss of quality; the WMV downloads don’t take too long and there is not much waiting around involved. I reckon that this is such a rare find that it is a site that it totally worth staying with.

Yes it’s neat to find a site where there’s no pussy on show, but where your imagination must do the work, that is what erotica is all about and this site works it perfectly. The stories are fine, reasonably well written and staying on target, not that I've had a chance to read all of them yet, there is a lot of them. It’s not a porno site this one but it is one that all leather and glamour, smoking and glove fetishists should see.

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