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Jerked Network

Jerked Network

Content quality: 22.0 of 25
Content quantity: 23.0 of 25
Design and usability: 6.0 of 10
Originality: 18.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 18.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Jerked Network

Network Details:

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6 more sites in network
Bottom Bang 81
Butt Fetish 81
Foxy Black Butts 84
White Curvy Asses 82
Jerked Network 87

The three hugely popular reality porn networks have the market cornered on the kind of content they produce. If you’re going to join one of those sites you should go with those because they have the most content and they do it best. There are other types of content that people want though. Those places are mainstream for the guys that like to see simple sucking and fucking with pornstars. What if you want to see porn that’s a little bit dirtier and a little bit naughtier and a little more over the top? What if you want to see the really hardcore stuff where the girls are treated like wicked wanton sluts and their bodies are used thoroughly? A place like the Jerked Network is a good destination for that.

Main idea:

Jerked Network advertises 40 sites for the price of one and that gives it plenty of opportunity to cover all your bases. The tour page has lots and lots of hot pictures and you can watch a free trailer on each site to get a sense of what kind of porn they make. This is definitely over the top kind of stuff where the women are sluts and they desire nothing but big hard cock inside them. They want it and the many sites should help you achieve that pleasure with them. I like the emphasis on big tits I’m seeing.

Member's area:

When you log in you’re taken to the member’s area for the All Network Pass. On the main page they explain that they’ve combined three adult networks into one to form an incredible collection of content. The first thing they do is preview the upcoming additions and below that you’ll see the most recently added sets. There are 134 sites in the network and many of them are no longer updated so you get 1-3 updates a day in general and some days don’t have anything new coming at you.

All the sites are listed on that man page but none are listed under the Jerked banner. There’s STFU, ANP and BGF and none of them have 40 sites like Jerked claimed to offer. It ends up being a little frustrating because some of these sites are terrible and you’re better off ignoring them entirely if possible. Some are excellent though and you’ll want to spend as much time with them as possible. The sites under the STFU banner are the best of them and the sites that are being updated still tend to be higher quality.

The site has some major problems with the pages loading. There are times where you’ll just wait and wait for the site or scene you’ve selected to load up. It just hangs and hangs. I’ve been staring at a page for two minutes now and there’s nothing doing. This sort of thing is irritating as hell and it’s not a one time thing. It’s a consistent issue with the site. Picture quality is roughly 1000px across all the sites and video quality varies widely. I didn’t see any HD videos that they had promised but there are plenty that are good looking enough to be considered DVD quality. They’re going for volume here and they have tons of sites but the quality could use some work.


Jerked Network is a big collection of sites but there’s a lot of crap in here. Some of the sites are stuffed with non-exclusive videos that were pulled from DVDs and third party sources (I’ve actually seen them on other sites outside the network). Some of the sites have less than ten updates and haven’t been updated in years and those updates are low quality because they’re so old. There’s no way to know which sites are which until you’ve actually started browsing and then you’ll run into issues with the sites being slow as hell. There’s a great deal of frustration when trying to find quality content on this network.

If you want guaranteed quality then check out the top rated scenes and top rated models. Most of the chicks in there will give you a thrill. The top rated scene right now stars Madison Parker giving a POV blowjob that she takes deep down her throat. The guy gives her a facial when it’s all over. The sites that are the best are the ones that are currently updating since they’re actually getting attention from the network. Bad News Bitches is excellent and shows how chicks fucking and sucking. They’re the kind of slutty girls that you love to see nailed. Bottom Bang is an anal sex site where the gals are happily taking cock in the ass and some are getting it in the mouth at the same time.

Foxy Black Butts features sexy ebony chicks showing off their huge asses and usually getting fucked by black guys. Girls With Glasses is a hot site where nerdy chicks wearing glasses do solo stripteases, give blowjobs, get fucked and take loads on those glasses. That too is an excellent site that’s well worth your time and money. They have 55 sites that feature solo chicks. Most of these sites are small but if you like lovely young chicks modeling their naked bodies it will be entertaining. All the sites you see on the tour for the Jerked Network are entertaining but I can’t help but feel that ultimately it’s disappointing. They clearly think that giving you a ton of sites is better than giving you a small selection of truly great sites. I would disagree and I like the networks that don’t frustrate me with long loading times and lots of shitty sites.

Cons and pros:


  • A big selection of sites;
  • Frequent updates.


  • Many sites are terrible;
  • Long load times and downloads are slow;
  • Most sites not updated;
  • Solo girl sites are in many cases tiny.

The Jerked Network has potential but there are some pretty serious obstacles to true enjoyment. They have 134 sites to access but so many of them are below average to terrible that it’s hard to really have a good time with it. If they video quality isn’t bad then the site has just a handful of updates and was clearly abandoned shortly after launch. There are some really nice sites in the mix though and if you’re tired of the other porn networks that it’s worth joining to build a nice collection. You can download all the content and if you can live with the slow loading times that often crop up and cause issues.

Featured comments:

If you ask me it’s not worth joining even though they have 130+ sites. So many of the sites are total garbage and were just thrown up to capitalize on some particular niche. There’s an Indian porn site that’s filled with terrible looking webcam videos. It’s not the only one that’s sloppy like that. It’s not a great use of your money.

Even if the sites aren’t great they don’t impose any download limits so you can join for a month and build a monstrous collection. This would be a smart thing to do. You would be getting your money’s worth for sure. There’s a lot of garbage here but there’s also plenty of good stuff so get your freak on.

Site after site after site just sucks balls. Almost all of the solo girl sites are bad. It’s astounding. They have so little content it’s like they brought the girls in for an afternoon of shooting and then sent them on their way before trying to immortalize them online. I just don’t like the network and there are at least half a dozen that would be better.

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