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Japanese Flashers

Japanese Flashers

Content quality: 17.0 of 25
Content quantity: 20.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 18.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 17.0 of 20

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Content updates: Monthly | Review last updated:

Site Details:

Japanese Flashers

Japanese ladies have always been known to be a little timid when it comes to sexuality, well not the Japanese models on this site, they are so sexually liberated that they’ll show off their goods in public. Japanese Flashers has been live since February 2010, since the two plus years of being live the site has been filled with over 120 episodes and continues to be updated monthly. Members also get to enjoy the massive network which Japanese Flashers is a part of, providing over 17500 as a whole; Asian lovers will absolutely love this expansive Asian based network.

Main Idea:

The title of the site makes it fairly obvious what this site is all about. Members will get to enjoy cute and hot Japanese ladies showing off their goods in public Japanese locales such as restaurants, bath houses, alleyways, rooftops, and basically anywhere they can flash unsuspecting strangers. Although the site is predominantly based around flashing, you will get to see some of the ladies suck cock and even fuck in public so Japanese Flashers could also be considered a public sex site. There’s a nice mix of steamy action to be seen here, and the Japanese ladies are all rather attractive, so there’s definitely no shortage on Japanese eye candy here.

Members Area:

If it weren’t for the cute top banner Japanese Flashers would have looked way too professional for the fun nature of the content on offer. This is due to the fact that the colour scheme used is mostly dark colours including black and different shades of grey with yellow trimmings to give the site some contrast. Even though the colour scheme is void of charm; it does make the site look very slick and easy on the eyes thanks to the dark colours. As far as site layout goes, the designers have made very good use of the space as everything is nicely spread out. There are a few advertisements on the homepage but luckily they are at the very bottom and don’t get in the way of the featured content.

The homepage mainly consists of news and information on the network as a whole, members can keep up to date on the latest uploads, and even check out what is in store in the near future as there’s a section dedicated to future updates, this will certainly keep member’s morale up in knowing there’s always something new to look forward to. At the very bottom of the site is a section filled with banner links, these are linked to the various sites available on the network, which makes traversing the different sites a breeze.

At the very top of the member’s area is where you’ll find the latest update for Japanese Flashers, but if you wish to view the rest of the past updates you’ll have to utilize the link marked ‘videos’ located in the top navigation menu. This will take you to an area which consists of the thumbnail links to the various past updates organized from newest to oldest across 11 numbered pages. A simple click on the thumbnail link will take you to the main content area from where you can either stream the video straight off the site, or download the various versions of the video.


Japanese Flashers has a mixture of long episodes that run for up to 20 plus minutes and shorter episodes that can run for less than 5 minutes. The longer episodes usually involve some form of sex whilst the shorter episodes are predominantly flashing videos only, either way there’s plenty of variety to see here thanks to the various locations we find the sexy Japanese ladies showing off their lady goods. For a site which has been live for over 2 years Japanese Flashers isn’t overly huge when it comes to content numbers, but the good news is that the site still seems to be active on updates, however, as of late they seem to have slowed down.

In total there are 122 episodes available to stream and download. Not a huge amount considering the site has been live for 2 years, and even more so given the fact that the videos aren’t exclusive to the site. Updates used to be a lot more frequent with at least one video uploaded a week, but now they seem to have slowed down to once a month. This shouldn’t be too huge a problem for new members as there’s a lot of content to go through, but older members who have been on the site for quite some time might find themselves running out of content to view before fresh content is loaded. Once again it’s a good thing that the site is part of an expansive network which consists of sites that are similar to Japanese Flashers.

Japanese Flashers is pretty average when it comes to video quality, just don’t go expecting HD videos and you won’t be disappointed. The older videos are only available in 640x480 whilst the newer updates are slightly higher in quality clocking in at 720x480. So as you can tell by those numbers the videos aren’t overly special, but they aren’t bad either, average is the best way to describe them. All videos are available to stream off the site in flash format, whilst the downloads are available in mp4 format.

Pros & Cons:


  • Entertaining and arousing episodes;
  • Attractive Japanese models;
  • Site is easy to navigate;
  • Tons of bonus content.


  • Updates have slowed down.

Japanese Flashers is a well-rounded site though it doesn’t really excel in any particular field. The content numbers could be higher and the quality could be better. The site’s main selling point is definitely the entertaining yet very arousing flashing episodes, and even though all the ladies are Japanese, the site still pulls of variety by starring them in many locations. As a stand-alone site Japanese Flashers is just above average, but if you take in to consideration the network it is a part of, then this is definitely worth a join for any Asian fan that isn’t overly fussed over HD quality.


I love public flashing porn, especially when the models are as attractive as the daring Japanese ladies on this site. This is the main reason why people will want to join this site as the site is pretty average on all other aspects. It would have been nice to see some HD videos, but given the nature of the content; average quality was somewhat expected. Certainly worth a look for fans of Asian and flashing porn though.

What I loved most about this site is the variety of different locales the pretty Japanese ladies flash off their goods. I wouldn’t say that the video quality is awesome nor the video library huge but it certainly makes up for it with some very arousing public flashing porn. It is nice to see that they have thrown in some sex in the midst of all the playful flashing to spicen things up a bit.

If you’re looking for some Asian porn which is a little fun and naughty then Japanese Flashers certainly won’t disappoint, the episodes are quirky and the Japanese ladies are cute, in fact some of the places the Japanese girls flash at are downright daring. There’s a decent amount of content for new members to indulge in and although slow, the updates are still coming in.

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