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I Love Female Muscle

I Love Female Muscle

Content quality: 22.0 of 25
Content quantity: 21.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 18.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 17.0 of 20

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Site Details:

I Love Female Muscle

I Love Female Muscle, do you? If so then this is the site for you, fair and square and with no doubt. Apart from the array of power-women and female muscle bodybuilders, you've got a really interesting and almost unique way of joining this site and using it. It is actually free to register and join and that free membership lasts for ever. What you do though is then buy credits and use them to open up only the photo sets and videos that you want to see; and you also get to then keep that content in your own area for ever, and you can access it at any time. Neat.

Main idea:

Clearly we are looking at powerful and muscled women here, posing and working out, but also striping and teasing. It’s not a hardcore site as such, though you may well find some nudity, and we’re not looking at female masturbation or toy-play. Instead you have gallery after gallery of hot work-out chicks and then a whole page of video clips to stream online. You pay various amounts of credits for the content and you can decide who you want to view from the model index. There are links to live cams with some offers, though these are not included in your membership; you can access some free stuff but will have to pay to fully view.

Members Area:

The site is very easy to handle, that’s a good piece of news for you. There was nothing technically difficult here and everything worked well. You start off at a home page that looks so much like the tour pages that when you sign in you have to check that you are actually in the members’ area. It’s the same thing but when you register you are registering in order to buy your credits. Click to that tab in the menu first and find the various options: from $19.99 for 40 up to $49.99 for 200. The more you buy the more you save and you will need lots in order to get to the content.

That content is set out on Photos pages and Videos pages, or rather one long page of each. There are wall to wall sample images of the women and they are big and clear, the sample pics I mean. You click one to reach the ‘buy’ page and whether it is a photo set or a video clip it is the same: a sample or trailer on the left and information and cost on the right. Click the Unlock tab and you get a last chance to change your mind (so you can't buy by accident) and then that piece of content is unlocked and immediately, permanently, available in ‘My Stuff’ which is where your bought content then lives.

You see, easy! When viewing your photos you have a slide show option or you can view individual pics, and when watching a video it is stream only. You don’t need to download as you have a permanent membership. There is only one choice for video streaming and it will be better for you if you’re on a faster connection, but it is very easy to start, pause, buffer fully and then play. It’s not a very interactive site but everything here works fine.


For numbers, you do quite well at I Love Female Muscle: 243 photo sets with around 20 to 30 photos in each one. 207 video clips running for around three to 10 minutes each. And 69 models in the model index. Prices for photos are at around four to six credits depending on how nude she gets, and videos are the same, again depending on length and nudity; you pay more for the boob shots obviously.

The women are a horny old mix. Some are clearly professional bodybuilders with every muscle showing and every strap bulging at the seams. Others are more like your standard glamour model, fit and sexy and posing in erotic poses the likes of which you would see in Playbooy or similar. There are white, black and Latino ladies in here, different hair and different boob sizes, different costumes and locations and thus plenty of variety. The quality is good with the videos being shown at 768 x 432 in streaming Flash and the galleries holding high resolution images.

The thing to look out for here is the credit buying. If you only go for a small amount and pay less then you will soon use them up and need to buy more. It is one of those occasions where, if you are serious about your power women, that it is best to go for the big package of credits. Otherwise you are paying around $7.00 for a three minute topless clip, which is pretty expensive. Buy more and each credit costs you less. But also, the bottom line with this content is that it is totally on niche, it is exactly as you see on the tour, it is good quality and it is being updated every week.

Pros & Cons:


  • Free membership lasts forever;
  • Site stays with its power-women niche;
  • Good quality;
  • Regular updates;
  • Easy to use.


  • Not interactive;
  • Can be costly depending on what you buy;
  • Clips are short.

I Love Female Muscle is one of those sites where what you see on the tour is exactly what you have when you are signed up. The free and permanent membership is a great idea and you really do only pay for what you buy, and then you keep it for as long as the site stays online, and there is no sign of it going off line so don’t worry. The quality is good, the women are tops, and you don’t get let down. There is some info about the girls in their model index entry, but there is not a lot of interactivity in the members’ area. Buy, view and save is the way to go here.


I wasn’t sure if the ‘submit your own content’ meant that not all of this content was exclusive and I am still not sure if it is or not. But there are some very good women in here for collectors. There are some stunning models, great work out shots and this is definitely a place for lovers of female muscle, no doubt about it.

Those muscled bulge and shimmer in all the right places, these girls are oiled up and ready to do two things: flex and excite and they do both those things. Yes, go for the big amounts of credits first because there is a lot here you will want to see and once you start viewing you can't wait to go to the next girl and see what she’s got.

Hey, but the clips are so short! And some are just women talking to the camera, doing ‘backstage’ stuff which is not that exciting at times. And you are not told anything about the clip or the photo set, and there is only a bit of info about the women in the index, and there isn’t really a lot of news. What about a blog, comments, rates and a forum. It’s a bit basic really.

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