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Content quality: 23.0 of 25
Content quantity: 22.0 of 25
Design and usability: 8.0 of 10
Originality: 15.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 16.0 of 20

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Site Details:


There are a lot of elements that go into making a great bondage site. If you've been to a bad one you've probably experienced the low quality videos, the ugly models and the lack of skilled bondage masters that plagues many of these sites. They just don't put in enough effort and the result is a site that's not worth the money. Because of all those underwhelming sites I'm really excited to check out Hogtied, one of the premiere rope bondage destinations on the internet. They bring in beautiful women and expert bondage masters to tie these sluts up in ways that will blow your mind. The introduce a sexual element by making sure all the girls get off by using dildos and vibrators to pleasure their pussies. I know the site's going to be good because the folks behind it run several others and they're all just amazing.

Main idea:

Bring hot girls to a great dungeon studio, bring in a man that's an expert at putting babes in rope bondage and then film it all in high definition and you have Hogtied. The site is exceptionally well done and it looks like it's going to be an amazing experience thanks to their utter dedication to quality. They share a whole lot of information and media on the tour, including trailers for the most recent releases. You can check out pictures from every update they've ever done and this is a fucking huge site so get ready to take in a whole bunch of images.

Member's area:

Hogtied has been around since 1998 and they've basically been updating once a week since they launched so there's a shitload of content here. Since the site came to be such a long, long time ago the content quality varies by year. The early stuff doesn't look very good because nothing did back then. The new stuff looks amazing in astounding high definition. You can assume that the more recent it is the higher quality it's going to be. More than half the content is awesome though so rest assured you've got lots of high resolution pictures and videos.

They list seven scenes per page and generally have a bunch of little preview pictures to aid you in making a download decision. There's sometimes a short description but there are more than enough pics to get you horny for a hot scene. The latest updates also have trailers. The latest videos play at 1280x720 and a super high bit rate. That's high definition rope bondage for you folks and it looks wicked fucking hot. Go back a few years and the videos aren't HD but they still look terrific so you're in luck.

The picture galleries are high resolution at 1200px and in my experience the download speeds were super fast. I was at the maximum my connection allows and that's always a thrill. They've divided each scene into segments so you can essentially download only what you want. One segment is the rope bondage suspension and the next shows the girl twisted like a pretzel, etc. It's obviously all rope bondage but you're free to choose only what you want to see the most. More sites should do that.


There are lots of rope bondage sites on the web but I don't believe I've seen one that surpasses Hogtied. They have more than 530 scenes to download from the very early days of the site where they were doing 5 minute scenes to the modern scenes where you can see up to 75 minutes of rope bondage porn. I was constantly surprised at how inventive the positions were. It turns out you can do a whole lot with a bunch of rope and a slut willing to be tied up in any way you please. They've obviously hired experts to tie these ladies up and the results are magnificent.

The ladies are also magnificent. I suppose it shouldn't surprise me that such good looking women are willing to be tied up and abused on camera but it does. There's no question that these gals are experiencing significant pain during these scenes and at the very least they spend almost the entire time very uncomfortable. Nevertheless they seem to have an endless supply of gorgeous women lining up to be tied up and abused in so many different ways. Pain plays a pretty significant part of the porn too. Some scenes are just rope bondage but in others there are nipple and pussy clamps and a fair amount of penetration.

The one thing that really made me shudder was seeing a hook pushed into a girl's asshole. It wasn't pointy or anything but holy crap did that seem invasive. It was even pulling on her a little and that must have hurt a bit. The suspensions interest me the most though. It's astounding that they can use only rope and hoist a girl into the air without doing any permanent damage to her. She's getting pulled on hard and yet none of her body parts are turning blue and she's not exactly screaming from the pain. Without question you're going to have a great fucking time at Hogtied and in terms of value it's one of the best bondage sites on the web.

Cons and pros:


  • More than 500 scenes to download with picture galleries;
  • Updates weekly;
  • Super hot girls willing to be put in rope bondage;
  • Bondage masters are deeply skilled at tying girls.


  • It's strictly rope bondage so there isn't a ton of variety.

For fans of rope bondage porn there isn't a site better than Hogtied to thrill you and give you impressive wood. You simply cannot do better and you shouldn't even bother trying because they have more than 500 scenes loaded with hot chicks being tied up. It's an impressive accomplishment and it continues to grow with weekly updates. Nowadays the site features high definition videos that will blow your mind with their beauty and everything is downloadable. The pictures are high quality too. Hell, everything they do here is high quality and all you have to do is visit the tour to see a preview of all the scenes they've ever produced. You have my endorsement so get over there and see if the content appeals to you.

Featured comments:

Hogtied is a huge site with so much rope bondage porn it boggles the mind. The sheer volume of content they've produced is impressive but the fact that they keep upgrading the site to stay with the highest quality video available is just as impressive. This is a great site and a must see for rope bondage fans.

There's not much point in joining another site if you have an interest in rope bondage porn. Hogtied has the market cornered and as much as I'd like to warn you about some major flaw in the site it doesn't really exist. I suppose they could let you search the models by hair color and tit size or something but that's just being nit picky.

The only reason you're not going to like Hogtied is if you don't like rope bondage. If you're looking for device bondage or bondage sex then you should look elsewhere. If you're looking for girls being tied up and subjected to pain before they're allowed to orgasm then you're in the right place.

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