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Her Sweet Hand

Her Sweet Hand

Content quality: 20.0 of 25
Content quantity: 21.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 16.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 17.0 of 20
Actual pricing:
  • 1 month: $31.80
  • 3 months: $69.45
  • 6 months: $98.45
  • 12 months: $150.00

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Content updates: Weekly | Review last updated:

Site Details:

Her Sweet Hand

There’s beauty in every kind of pornographic pleasure, including handjobs. Some people write them off because it seems like it’s really just masturbation but that’s underestimating the things that go into a great handjob. It all starts with a beautiful girl; if you don’t have that in your scene then don’t bother because most of it is going to be spent looking at the chick. The girl has to be a good cock stroker as well but that goes without saying for most babes. When you add in the surprisingly erotic sounds of the lubed up stroking and the dirty talk/moans of the girl you have a highly arousing experience likely to end in an orgasm for you and the guy being stroked. Her Sweet Hand has bunches of handjob videos for you and they have all amateur girls stroking dick so they’re a little different than most sites.

Main idea:

Her Sweet Hand is an amateur handjob site with a knack for finding slim and incredibly beautiful girls to play with cock. They must have access to some sort of secret cache of beauties as these ladies are hot and they really know how to work dick expertly. On the tour you can check out preview pictures and videos from some of the most recent updates. You can see how tasty the ladies are and how much they like to stroke cock. They just love knowing they’re making a guy feel good.

Member's area:

Her Sweet Hand features a very simple design that’s perfectly fitting for the type of site it seems to be. They emphasize that these are non-porn girls that you’re seeing stroke cock and the design meets that. It’s not ugly but it’s not terribly sophisticated either. It’s just right. They have the content listed by year with a thumbnailed body picture or headshot of each girl that stroked dick during that 365 day period. It’s surprising how attractive all these girls are and I couldn’t help but think that these really are “the most beautiful non-porn girls on the net!”

When you click on a chick to see her movie they have a nice picture of her and below that is a description that tells you a little about the girl to help you make a connection with her (it actually helps make the scene more engrossing). Then they have the downloadable movies for you. Each scene has been split into nine parts and those are available in QuickTime files (.MOV). They’re low resolution though, at 320x240 and for that reason you should avoid them. Instead you should download the full length WMV files at 640x480 and 1400kbps. That’s basically DVD quality.

When you’re on the video download page you’ll see the words Photo Gallery at the very top, right above the girl’s picture. That will make you think there’s a picture set you can view but that’s only the case in about 20 percent of the scenes. For some reason pictures aren’t included in the other scenes and it’s weird because they obviously took a few shots of the girls to make the teaser shot and the picture they show on the download page. Where are those pictures? Why aren’t wet getting more of them?


Her Sweet Hand is a handjob site, as you probably guessed. As with most handjob porn sites the important thing is the girls and they deliver in a big way here. The chicks are freaking gorgeous! They’re all amateurs and with almost no exceptions they’re gorgeous. Most of the ladies are young – probably college age – and they have small and perky breasts. Their tummies are tight and their asses are sexy and they like to do a little posing for the camera before they get down to the business of stroking. That’s awfully nice of them and it should help you get a chubby going since there’s nothing hotter than seeing a young babe take her clothes off.

The ladies usually take some time to do a striptease and talk a little with the guy behind the camera when the video starts. Then they’ve got him excited and they start stroking. Handjobs can get boring if the girls are just sitting there stroking and looking pretty so these babes mix it up. I like it when they a girl turns around and rubs the guy’s cock between her butt cheeks or strokes his dick while bending over and giving him a look at her asshole and pussy. I like it when the girls lick the dick a little bit. I like it when the girls tease his dick with their pussy lips, rubbing him along the wetness but not letting him inside. It’s devilish of them!

As the years have gone by the women have gotten even better looking so they must be getting more popular or spending more money on talent. Either way the site is getting better. Some girls give blowjobs in addition to the handjobs and the cumshots usually end up on the face, the tits or in the hands. There are 350+ scenes in the member’s area and that should be more than enough to last you a long, long time. If it’s not then you can check out one of the seven bonus sites, including another with handjobs. That’s a big network! The same type of pure girls can be found on all the sites so this is really a remarkable collection of content featuring youthful, amateur-style girls.

Cons and pros:


  • More than 350 amateur chicks stroking dick;
  • Updates every week;
  • All videos are downloadable and high quality;
  • Seven beautiful bonus sites.


  • Not enough of the scenes have picture galleries;
  • A little expensive at $31.80 per month;
  • Download speeds leave a little something to be desired.

Her Sweet Hand is a terrific handjob site. They have more than 350 scenes for you and each features a gorgeous amateur girl with a great love of stroking cock. The girls work dick with everything they have and they’re determined to get the dudes off. They want to make them cum and have them shooting big messes of cum. The pretty babes start the scenes with a striptease so you can check out their hot bodies and then they get to stroking and in some cases sucking. They make sure to give you plenty of variety in the handjobs so you’re going to come away mighty excited. There are seven bonus sites featuring the same kinds of young and sexy chicks so it’s a great deal even if the price is a little high.

Featured comments:

I’m baffled by the lack of picture galleries. I know they’re using a camera to take pictures of these girls because they have at least two shots of each babe. Why don’t they have a full gallery? I would love to see a gallery of solo pictures and then watch the girl jerk the guy off. The download speeds are slow so it would be the perfect way to warm up waiting for the downloads.

They’re reaching a little with the price for Her Sweet Hand and the bonus sites. What’s the deal with tacking on the extra $1.80? Did they just feel like they could gouge people a little more than most sites do so they went ahead with it? I was unimpressed by that. However, the rest of the site and the bonus content is pretty awesome.

Not enough was made of the bonus content. There are seven sites and by my count they all have super hot and young chicks just like Her Sweet Hand. That’s fucking awesome! I love that they give everything to you for free and that it’s all pretty reasonably priced (it could be lower but I think it’s pretty reasonable.

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