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HD Hardcore

HD Hardcore

Content quality: 23.0 of 25
Content quantity: 13.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 13.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 14.0 of 20
Actual pricing:
  • 3 days: $1.95
  • 1 month: $29.95

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Site Details:

HD Hardcore

Network Details:

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High definition is sweeping across the world. HD TV is the latest thing as all the channels are offering versions of their programs that look crystal clear. Home movies are available in high definition formats and they look much, much better than their SD counterparts as long as you have a TV capable of playing a great HD movie. Not surprisingly pornography is right in line with the rest of the world and if you’ve yet to check out this phenomenon you’re really missing out. Soon enough all porn will be HD but you need to get on board now so you can experience the pleasure. The quality is several magnitudes better and at HD Hardcore they make it simple by providing you with general fuck movies for download featuring hotties in high definition. It’s easy and it’s sexy so have a look at the collection to see what tempts you.

Main idea:

HD Hardcore is a high definition fuck movie site. The formula is simple: they bring in a hot chick (or two), put her in something slutty and then undress her and fuck her hot pussy. All the content is hardcore but they do manage to mix it up a little so you’ll see threesomes and foursomes with double penetrations and all the positions in the book. The one thing all the girls have in common is a lust for hot sex. There are trailers on the tour for the guys that want a sample.

Member's area:

The hot hardcore scenes are ready to be accessed as soon as you enter the member’s area. On that main page you’ll find the 14 most recently added scenes, some of the bonus content, scenes that have been added to the network and a list of the top rated scenes as determined by the votes of the members. They have one advertisement but it’s all the way at the bottom where it’s totally out of the way. At the top of the page you’ll find a nav bar where all the links to the content pages are available.

They list five scenes per page and there are three preview pictures and a description to help you in choosing your favorite scene. There’s always enough teasing action there to get you excited about the scene and then you just have to pick the video or the photo gallery. The hardcore movies have each been divided into eight parts and there’s a full length clip. They each come in four resolutions, with the best being the high definition that’s promised in the site’s name. They also have a DVD quality clip and two lower resolution versions that are for those of you on low speed connections.

The picture galleries are a little disappointing because they come in at 1000px. On a high definition site I expected better. The best thing would have been to offer two resolutions of each picture so you could make the choice. That’s not an option though. You can download the 1000px sets in a zip file if you’d like. You can also rate any set to let the rest of the site know what you like best and what you hate. The bonus sites are a bit of a pain to browse because they have all the crappy, streaming-only sites listed with the ones that have actual downloadable content and are worth the time.


HD Hardcore runs into problems because it’s in the widest and most basic genre in all of porn. There are hundreds of sites that do vanilla hardcore porn and dozens that have it in high definition. That’s why it’s an issue that they have only 25 scenes here. It’s also a problem that they don’t seem to be updating and if they are updating it’s one video a month, at most. If you’re comparing this site to others in the HD genre you’re going to find that it has a tiny amount of content compared to most and that makes it hard to want to pay $30/month for access.

This isn’t the same as every other high definition hardcore porn site though. For one thing, the girls are all amateur-style. I don’t know if they were just pulled off the street to fuck in these videos but I do know that they’re not professionals and that makes them awfully fresh and tasty treats to watch play naughty games. Most of the babes look really young and their bodies are tight so it’s kind of like getting access to a teen amateur site that does the videos in high definition. The pictures are awfully crappy though. They’re overly posed and they look sort of crusty, like the lighting is really bad or they put a post-production filter over them to crap them up (which wouldn’t make much sense).

My favorite scene features a babe named Marie and it’s at the top of the list because she’s such a babe. She’s wearing black stockings and a garter belt and she has a fabulous body so when she pleasures the guy he gets all sorts of erect and he can’t wait to fuck her naughty body. There’s also a hot threesome where the guys double penetrate the slut, filling her naughty pussy with their dick meats. There are many bonus sites at HD Hardcore but they’re pretty bland because most are filled with non-exclusive scenes pulled from DVDs. That’s basically a DVD download site except it’s not as well organized or easy to use.

Cons and pros:


  • High definition videos look good;
  • Girls are young, amateur-looking and beautiful;
  • Bonus content is extensive.


  • Only 25 scenes and no signs of frequent updates;
  • Pictures are not very good;
  • Bonus sites are almost all filled with non-exclusive DVD clips.

HD Hardcore doesn’t live up to the expectations that I had and my guess is that the same thing will happen to you. It doesn’t provide much in the way of content with only 25 scenes and since the hardcore genre is so broad you have many other options online to find high definition content. The girls are fairly unique though. They’re young and they look foreign. They have tight bodies and a lust for hard cock that never seems satisfied. The site’s lesser qualities mostly overwhelm the good qualities, unfortunately. It’s worth it if you really like the network of bonus content though.

Featured comments:

It seems like they would have been smarter to make this site in a very specific niche. If you find a type of content that doesn’t have much in the way of high definition videos you can stand out from the crowd. If you make HD porn in the most populous niche in the business then you’re going to fade into the distance with all the other failed sites.

Sometimes I think the folks behind porn sites like HD Hardcore must have very low opinions of their customers. They must think that you don’t really care about getting a lot of content for your money or that you won’t read reviews. They only have 25 scenes here! And they’re not updating with any kind of frequency! Why would you spend your money on that?

With only 25 hardcore high definition scenes this site doesn’t really scream for your money. They try to sell it based on the 80+ sites you get access to when you join but most of those sites feature downloadable scenes from DVDs. They’re half-assed in many cases and they’re not nearly as valuable as some of the other bonus networks out there.

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