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Haze Him

Haze Him

Content quality: 20.0 of 25
Content quantity: 3.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 18.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 17.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Haze Him

I’ve just been looking around inside this site and I for one had a great time. It kind of took me back to college days, though I don’t remember my college days being quite as raunchy and dirty as this. The guys here are dorm dudes, frat boys and college guys of course, and they are all caught on cam during Freshman week, or Rag Week, if you’re British. Actually the events that they film and send in may have been filmed anytime, but the point is you’re in for a realistic, fun, wild and horny time with exclusive movies and pics of sexy boys doing sexy things.

Main idea:

You may notice on the tour that there is a place where you can send in your own tapes and make money. And that’s one of the best things about Haze Him, where the action goes beyond the simple hazing of the past. We’re told hat these are real tapes, or at least real dorm guys filmed for the site, and the antics are certainly wild and horny. You've only got a small amount of content at the moment but the site is set to grow. It comes from a company that has a couple of other sites under its belt and technically it presents no problems. So if you want to find real college dudes doing outrageous things, including fucking straight mates, then this is the place to enrol.

Member's area:

The downside, and let’s get it out of the way right now, is that there isn’t a lot of content here. But what there is has been well put together, the movies run for a good length of time and everything is very varied. More about that later. You find a home page which has everything on it, episodes and all. You've got details of the latest hot videos, links to a live cam site and to some partner sites where you can get a special sign up deal, and then large images from each of the videos available to you. Scroll down or use the top menu to navigate, it’s all very simple.

So simple that the Latest Updates page and the Top Updates page are actually more or less the same. But click on an episode and you find a choice of viewing. There are full movies to play, ‘chapters’ which are clips by any other name, photos and screen cap galleries too. You find a write up about the scene and you can see the date that the scene was added.

Viewing is by way of a Flow Player (Flash 10) in an embedded screen that is a good size. The faster your connection the better here as the quality is good and the file may be a little ‘heavy.’ You can still opt for the clips and galleries once you’re on the main, full length, movie page and each of these clips comes with a sample shot and a simple link. That link opens a similar Flash player in a good size, so it’s basically easy to jump around the movies as you wish.

Photo galleries are shown by way of thumbnail pages with individual images opening in new windows, and screen cap galleries work in the same way. Apart from being able to contact the site and set up your own party and shoot, you can’t really get very involved here. I didn’t see any of the standards: zip file downloads, video downloads, comments, rates or favourites. It’s all very clean and simple to use.


And as for the action, as for what these boys get up to… Well, imagine a wild college party and a standard hazing session and then add in some hardcore gay sex and that’s what you've got here. The lads may start out playing with flour and eggs, teasing the new-boys with blindfolds, making them strip, making them carry out dares, like flashing old ladies, swimming naked and so on, but after a while we cut away to some horny sex sessions. And many of these guys come across as straight which adds another dimension to the horny movies, well, they certainly look straight.

The quality of filming is good too, it’s a kind of mix between reality and handheld, set-up and professional techniques so you get a well thought our edit that takes you through the full party and the full session. I didn’t see any way of downloading these movies though, which was a shame as you’re going to need to stay a member to enjoy them, and the membership fee is a standard/high one for only 14 movies, exclusive and a good length though they are.

Galleries are well stocked, the digital images click up to a nice size and stay clear and focused, the screen cap galleries hold hundreds of individual shots too, so you can go for the classy digitals or the action video caps and collect the one by one. Slideshows would be a handy additional feature but one that’s not apparent as yet.

And as for updates; I checked the dates and found that the first scene came along in November ’09 with the most recent one appearing only a few days before my visit in March. There had only been one addition in January and only a couple last December, but recently there has been something new here added every week.

Bonus features:

The bonus page I found to be a little confusing. It’s labelled ‘Bonus Websites’ but what is actually there is a list of five sites where members of Haze Him get a ‘special deal.’ I did try accessing these other sites with my membership details but that didn’t work, so it’s really an advertisement page I guess; worth checking out though as there are some top personal sites here and some other exclusive ones from the same company.

Cons and pros:


  • Exclusive movies and galleries;
  • The site is very simple to use and navigate;
  • The guys are horny as are the antics and things they get up to;
  • Updates seem to be on track at the moment.


  • There are only 14 movies with their galleries at the moment;
  • Streaming only;
  • The site is not very interactive;
  • I’m not sure about the ‘bonuses’ as they seem to be offers and advertisements.

Haze Him is a fun site, and it’s certainly horny too. It will take you back to your college days and probably fill in the missing gaps, the things that you would have liked to have happened. What you have here is original too and the quality is fine. You don't have much choice over viewing, you have one kind of stream per movie and that’s it, but what there is has been put up in a decent enough quality format. It would have been good to have seen a lower membership fee, at least until the site is really established, and if those bonus site shad been accessible, and their purpose a little clearer, then that too would have added value for money.

Featured comments:

Short and sweet, to the point, basic but good. I liked this site and I really got off on what the guys were doing. You need to watch the start of the films, get to know the boys, let the buffer happen and then stream it smoothly, and when you do this and get to the sex part then it’s really mind blowing. Great fun site.

A very expensive site for what it is especially if these tapes are sent in by genuine college guys. I assume they get paid but there isn’t really much here for your usual membership fee. Come back in six months and it will be much better value. And I didn’t find a way of keeping the films either. Which was a shame. So you may find that after a week you’ve seen enough and you will want to move on.

This is a good mix of well made reality porn, though I too wonder how real it is. It comes across as such though so that’s ok. Cute guys, love the straight ones and the way they baulk at the gay sex. The circle jerks are tops, the intimate moments are sexy, there are wild times too… in fact I’d say that even in its few episodes, this site has hit the right nail right on the head. Great stuff.

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