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Hairy Pussies Sex

Hairy Pussies Sex

Content quality: 18.0 of 25
Content quantity: 21.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 18.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 17.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Hairy Pussies Sex

Network Details:

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Over the years it seems as though women are shaving more and more of their pussy hairs off to the point that it’s become common to see porn models completely shaved. If you miss seeing the retro look of nice bushy pussies then Hairy Pussies Sex is a site you will want to check out. This site stars a wide range of beautiful models getting up to all sorts of naughty acts of sex and the one thing they all have in common is that they are hairy and proud about their healthy bushes. There are over 250 videos for hairy fans to enjoy along with large amounts of bonus content included in the All Porn Site Pass network which Hairy Pussies Sex is a part of.

Main Idea:

If you aren’t too fond of the new trend of pornstars literally shaving their pussies completely bald so it looks like they aren’t of legal age, and miss the good old days when the pornstars look like real women with healthy bushes then Hairy Pussies Sex will not disappoint. This site only stars women sporting nice bushy pussies for those of you who miss the retro look and the great part is that all the ladies on show are attractive and not to mention there’s a nice variety of flavours to choose from. Not only that but the hairy ladies love getting up to all sorts of kinky acts of sex from the usual one on one romps to scorching hot threesomes, interracial sex, and steamy girl on girl encounters.

Members Area:

The member’s area of Hairy Pussies Sex is quite a treat to look at, it isn’t overly flashy but at the same time it isn’t dull either, the site designers have found a comfortable spot in between and it makes browsing for porn quite a pleasure. The site background is a pinkish beige colour which does give the site some character rather than being a dull white you see on so many other sites, but the grey and black trimmings does give the site a feel of professionalism to it. The logo looks very modernized thanks to the design and graphics and certainly looks appropriate for the site; overall the site presentation is nice. On top of looking nice the site also has a very clean-cut layout with nice large thumbnails that have been evenly distributed across the pages making the most of the space available – a job well done for the site designers.

Members will immediately be presented with the latest update on the homepage as it is the first thing they will come across. This section includes a big thumbnail featuring a portrait of the model and her hairy muff, included in this section is a short description on what the scene involves, the model’s name, the average star-rating of the scene according to other members, when the update was uploaded, and links to both the video downloads and photo galleries of the scene.

Below the latest update section is where members will find the 12 latest updates also found in thumbnail form, each one is a link to a section which looks similar to the latest update. At the very bottom of the page is where thumbnail links to the highest-rated scenes are found, this will be useful for members who want to dive straight in to the best content there is on offer.

To access the rest of the past updates members can use the link found in the top navigation menu marked as ‘browse’. This area has all the past updates spread over indexed pages which contain up to 12 updates per page. Member’s might not find much use for the other links in the top navigation menu unless they signed up for the bonus content which includes all the other sites available on the network as the top navigation menu is predominantly made up of links for bonus content.


Hairy Pussies Sex is no newbie as it has been around for close to a decade now. The first ever update was dated all the way back in 2004 when internet porn was just becoming popular and ever since then the site has gone through upgrades to keep up with standards. For a site which has been up and running for almost 10 years it does have a somewhat mediocre sized collection as one would expect there to be more than 250 scenes on offer. This number will seem quite enticing for new members but older members may feel underwhelmed by the content numbers especially if they have been with the site for a long time. The good news is that the updates are still coming in, but it goes without saying that the site must have had a very long period where it wasn’t being updated. Either way the updates look to have started up again. There’s no real pattern as to when they upload their videos but it looks like they try to upload at least 2 new updates every month. All of this seems pretty average when you add in the fact that the videos aren’t exclusive to the site.

Quality of the videos does tend to be inconsistent, though more so because they haven’t re-encoded their older videos which are available in mediocre resolutions of 640x480. It’s good to see that the developers are trying to keep up with standards with their latest videos available in HD ready 1280x720dpi though the quality probably won’t impress quality buffs, that’s not to say the videos look terrible, though you might get the feeling that they could look better. The videos are available to download in wmv and mp4 format and can be streamed off the site in flash. Each scene also comes with a set of photos to keep picture fans happy.

Pros & Cons:


  • Good variety of hairy scenes;
  • Diverse line-up of hairy models;
  • Active on updates;
  • Site looks nice;
  • Easy to navigate;
  • Lots of bonus content.


  • Older videos are low in quality.

Although the content numbers may look rather juicy for new members; when you look at the big picture – a site which has been live for almost 10 years and has only 250 videos isn’t all that impressive, even more so given the fact that the videos aren’t exclusive to the site. Either way the site developers are still uploading new videos though it is a little on the slow side with two new updates per month. Quality isn’t the site’s strongest point either with only the most current videos available in 720dpi whilst the older videos look mediocre at best. Not the best hairy site out there, but it is worth a look if you’re looking to expand your hairy porn collection.


Personally I think that Hairy Pussies Sex is a pretty average site, it does look impressive on paper but when you take in to account on how long the site has been around for and then look at the content numbers; it isn’t anything that special. What it does have going for it is the diversity of beautiful hairy women, and there’s also a good variety of different acts of sex the horny hairy women get up to.

Well it’s nice to see that this site is starting up again on updates because for a while there I thought that it had gone completely dead on updates. What I really want to see is the developers re-encoding the older videos in to higher resolutions, or re-encoding the new videos in to true HD content for that matter because it’s so hard to come across hairy porn which is in true HD quality.

I have grown to hate the trend of pornstars shaving their pussies completely bald, and even more so is the fact that these hairy sites don’t get as much love and attention as normal sites do. We hairy pussy lovers need love too, I wish the developers would do something about the quality and make all their current and old videos in to 1080dpi, but one can only hope and it doesn’t look like this will happen any time soon.

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