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Glossy Girls

Glossy Girls

Content quality: 21.0 of 25
Content quantity: 19.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 17.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 19.0 of 20
Actual pricing:
  • 1 month: $24.95

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Site Details:

Glossy Girls

Glossy Girls has quite a nice mix of content starring only the most beautiful girls around. Most of the ladies are either amateur or lesser known porn stars but every single one of them is smoking hot! Members can enjoy a range of hardcore, lesbian, and solo masturbation episodes to keep them entertained and best of all they are available in DVD quality. So if you are sick of those sites which star average looking ladies and must have your models absoloutely stunning then you will certainly appreciate the lovely ladies starring on this site.

Main idea:

I suppose you could say that Glossy Girls is a general pornsite of sorts, the only difference with this site compared to other standard general pornsites is that they have made sure to pick only the hottest girls around, in other words you won't be seeing a single average looking girl on this site. As I said in the introduction the site offers content under three main categories being hardcore, lesbians, and solo masturbation so they have certainly targeted the main stream audience. All I can say is that I have never seen so many beautiful ladies on the one site featuring in ball busting episodes which are extremely hot!

Member's area:

The first thing members will notice on the homepage are the keyword links situated just below the navigation menu. Obviously these are quick links which will take you to all the content which falls under your chosen keyword. Links to the three different categories are found below the keyword links, each one is represented by the thumbnail of the latest update for that collection. To browse the entire archive there are links below said thumbnails. At the bottom of the homepage are small thumbnail links to the 6 latest models. At the very top is of course the navigation menu, this menu also has the three category links along with the models section link.

The three archives have the same layout, all episodes can be found on the one page and are presented in thumbnail form. To the right of these thumbnails is a short description which also acts as a link to the video download page, and below the link is the date on when the video was uploaded. Once you enter the video download page the episode will automatically start to stream in the screen provided. To the right of this screen are the download links to the different formats. The bottom half of the video download page includes a detailed description on the episode along with the categories the episode covers.

If you have found a particular model you have grown to like you can always check out the "the girls" section which can be accessed from the navigation menu as I said earlier. This section spans across 4 indexed pages which 16 thumbnails per page, each thumbnail features a portrait of the model. Clicking on this thumbnail will take you to that model's main page, from here you can check out a short description on the model including her likes, dislikes, and so forth. From here members can also access all the content which this model has starred in.


Glossy Girls was first released early last year in 2008 on the 1st of March this particular episode starred an exquisite blond pleasuring herself. Since launching the site has been updating on a weekly basis and currently has a total of 73 episodes, sure it may not be huge compared to, lets say online DVD archives but then again those type of sites feature non-exclusive content while the content here is 100% exclusive. That said 73 episodes is quite an impressive number for a site which has been open for just over a year. Either way the site is still very active on updates so I am sure we will see that number grow larger as time passes.

Quality is also another aspect which this site excels on. The highest quality videos are available in standard DVD quality with a resolution of 730x548 and an encoding rate of 2200kbps, so yes they are quite a good watch and very clear. To make things more convenient for all their members including those of you who have slower internet connections they have also included lower quality videos in different formats including mpeg and mp4. Members also have been given the option of streaming the videos straight off the site. Hardcore scenes can run up to 30 minutes in length while the lesbian and solo masturbation episodes are significantly shorter running up to 5 minutes on average.

You may remember me saying that the models available on this site are some of the most beautiful ladies I have seen around, and you can take my word for it that I was not kidding! The developers must have known that some porn fans are getting sick of the sites which take in just about any girl willing to make a buck and show off their bodies on camera, but not only do the girls on this site have great bodies, they also have very pretty faces. The developers certainly haven't left any room for second rate models on this site as it seems as though they were hand picked. My only problem is that the cast is some what lacking in diversity because for the most part they are Caucasian ladies, however it isn't that bad considering they are all very attractive.

Cons and pros:


  • Very high standards in models;
  • Quite active on weekly updates;
  • All of the content is exclusive;
  • Nice selection of different types of porn;
  • Video quality is great.


  • The cast of models could do with more diversity.

Other than the fact that their collection of models does lack some diversity I would have to say that Glossy Girls is pretty much perfect. The site does great on all the things which count including regular updates, high quality videos, and best of all extremely gorgeous women. It's nice to see a site nowadays which are very picky on the models they choose to star and it goes with out saying that the episodes they star in are just as hot! There's no going wrong with this site if you love your women to be absoloutely flawless, and if they continue their update rates the site should grow in to a much larger one in no time.

Featured comments:

What I loved most about Glossy Girls is their line up of unbelievably gorgeous women. I can't believe they have managed to round up so many gorgeous women and star them all on the one site. Variety could be a lot higher though because for the most part the models are either blond, brunette, or redheads. It would be nice if they added a few Asians, Latinas, and black babes in the mix but seeing as the girls they already have are very attractive I won't be complaining too much. Other than the gorgeous ladies I was also very impressed with the quality of their content, top site all around!

Wow! There is just no going wrong with this site people! Rather than dabble on all the little things which members don't care about the site developers have concentrated on all the things which members look for. Beautiful ladies, gorgeous videos, and a steady stream of updates. There's really nothing I can bag out about this site as no matter which angle you look at it from it just looks superb! Lets just hope they continue updating the way they are because I simply cannot get enough of these hot episodes!

Well the only thing I felt was missing from this site was a nice collection of pictures but given their videos are very impressive in quality and not to mention very hot I suppose I can let that one slide. I appreciated the nice variety of content there was on offer, at first I thought it was going to be one of those sites which only featured short episodes which involved the lovely ladies getting themselves off. Boy was I wrong, not only do they provide steamy hardcore scenes which could put hardcore scenes on hardcore specific sites to shame, but they have topped it all off by including some extremely hot lesbian content as well!

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