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Girls In Leather Boots

Girls In Leather Boots

Content quality: 22.0 of 25
Content quantity: 21.0 of 25
Design and usability: 6.0 of 10
Originality: 18.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 16.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Girls In Leather Boots

For lovers of high heeled leather boots we’ve got Girls In Leather Boots, a fetish site that promises to be 100% unique and original. This is a site that offers softcore content, with some very horny girls, and one that has a slightly old fashioned and amateur look to it once you are in the members’ area. If gives us easy access to the movies though and to the galleries, which are plentiful, but it is not very interactive. It’s not one of those community fetish sites where you get to chat to and join in with other members. But if you’re on the hunt purely for images and clips of girls in leather, well then, read on.

Main idea:

What you are looking at is mainly a softcore site (in that there is no porn as such) which is all about the leather fetish. But the leather fetish without the sex. This is mainly about sexy and glamorous girls in high boots, with high heels and we have high expectations of the promised High Definition videos. There are updates every three days or so, the site is easy to navigate and along with your exclusive videos and galleries you also have a set of hot stories to read as well. The emphasis stays with the fetish and the line-up of ladies is very mouth-watering indeed.

Member's area:

There is something very homemade about this members’ area that makes it rather appealing. The white background and sharp images with basic frames, the simple text and layout make it all look rather amateurish which is actually quite nice and homely. There is nothing flash about these pages and so nothing technical to go wrong; well not much at any rate. But that does also mean that there is nothing interactive about them either and that’s a bit of a shame; no rates, comments, add to favourites, social networking links or forum, nothing ‘community’ at all.

And that, in turn, means that you concentrate on looking at the videos and galleries, and you find these from the very simple top menu. Click to the galleries and the content is divided up into ‘two girl’ galleries (in vibrant green text) and ‘single girl’ galleries (in bright pink); these are set out on the pages in a basic table structure, adding to the homemade and amateur feel of the design. Each gallery opens in the same window but then separates out as you are led through the story; so you see a story with illustrative thumbnails and you click each thumbnail to get to the gallery behind it. This means ere are more images than first meet the eye.

The videos are all arranged on one index page with a sample pics and a write-up and there are instructions on how to right click and save each one. It’s a basic page which involves a lot of scrolling up and down to fully view it. Your other pages are Raif’s World which is a tiny ‘about’ page and then the stories. These are set out in simple text pages but there is a sensible font and design to each one so they are easy enough to read. You've also got a contact page and your home page will bring you news about updates.


There are over 250 videos here and thousands upon thousands of images; the galleries are set out in such a way that it would take days to count them all. You have WMV Downloads in various resolutions depending on how old the video is, though none of what I saw would be classed as true HD, as advertised. The highest resolution file I found here was at around 1,500 kbps @ 720 x 400. There are also Mp4 files for mobile devices and these were small, at around 320 x 240 playing at 971 kbps.

The quality though is fine; basic but fine. You've certainly got very glamorous ladies to view and they certainly keep the leather on throughout. The details of each movie also states the kind of boots she is wearing, or they are wearing as you've often got more than one dominatrix, or sub, or girl, in each scene. Ok, another brief moan from me is that there was no way to sort out the content. It is listed in date order and the galleries are arranged by girls, so ‘Samantha’s galleries’ and ‘Bella Galleries’ is your only navigation tool there, and the videos are placed on the one index page by date order only. Some search and sort options would be great as would some categories to choose from.

But all that aside, what you do have is a nice stock of horny videos and galleries where the girls all stay within the bounds of the promised fetish. Leather boots galore. You may one minute have a clip of a girl walking down a road for a couple of minutes, this may then be followed by a slinky lass posing with her boots drawn up to her naked crotch, there may be some pussy flashing going on and then two girls dominating a guy. Then some lesbian action with hot ladies together and then girls in costumes, open crotch views, some fingering and something a little more titillating before we are back to simple posing and role-plays. It is, in a word, varied, and yet the content is all about leather and boots in particular.

Bonus features:

There are no bonus features attached to the site other than the set of stories to read.

Cons and pros:


  • Exclusive video clips and galleries;
  • Decent quality;
  • Updates every three days;
  • Includes stories;
  • Stays completely on target and on niche.


  • The movies are not as HD as advertised;
  • The design and navigation is a bit amateurish and old fashioned;
  • There is not a lot of information about the models and no model index;
  • There are no interactive options at all;
  • Movies tend to be quite short, though runtimes do vary.

You certainly get to see lots of lush Girls In Leather Boots at this site which stays completely on target and on niche. It’s leather all the way, it is exclusive, it is easy enough to use, the quality is fine, there is good variety and there is good photography. But there is also a lack of interactivity with no way to get involved other than by contacting the webmaster, or mistress. It is also search-free so there’s no way of digging out exactly your kind of thing other than browsing and bookmarking. But you get what’s promised, though the ‘HD’ is not top or the scale HD; but I shan’t moan as it does the job nicely.

Featured comments:

Totally hot girls in totally hot and black leather boots with high heels and attitude. I love the pics and clips where they sit and draw those heels right up to their pussies that are on show under their leather coats, and then they tease you and lick their fingers. This is 100% horny stuff and I totally recommend it to everyone with a fetish fancy for great gals in leather.

Decent enough I guess but not very modern. Nothing to do but watch or browse, and that gets a bit dull after a while., If only I could write something or think that I am affecting a top list, or write to the girls or ask for certain costumes to be worn. No, not a community site but simply one where you look and take.

Following this site for a while now and can say that the updates happen regular as clockwork. Top girls in perfect leather (a link to a shop would be handy) and a good site. You get what they say you will get and you get lots of it so let’s have less moaning and more sign ups; very well worth joining and collecting from and well worth staying with. That’s my 50 cents’ worth.

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