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Girlfriend Orgasms

Girlfriend Orgasms

Content quality: 18.0 of 25
Content quantity: 22.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 17.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 17.0 of 20
Actual pricing:
  • 2 days: $1.00
  • 1 months: $39.95

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Site Details:

Girlfriend Orgasms

There's much pleasure to be had in watching a gorgeous girl masturbate. She takes all her clothes off and exposes her hot body to get the party started. Her hands run over her tits and stomach and they caress her ass. Her body shivers just a little bit from the pleasure she's feeling and her pussy starts getting wet. That's when her hands find their way down to her box and start fingering. A little bit of clitoral pleasure and then the fingers go inside to get some of that wetness. She pulls out a dildo and slides it inside to fuck like a hottie. She wants to cum and if you watch and stroke you'll cum right along with her. Girlfriend Orgasms brings you content just like that except all these ladies are amateurs. They're not getting paid; they're just having horny fun.

Main idea:

Girlfriend Orgasms has a simple mission. Their goal is to provide you with amateur porn where girls get off. They strip, they fondle, they finger and they dildo fuck. When they cum they want you to cum with them so don't disappoint. Whip it out and have fun with the ladies. You can actually get pretty excited on the tour as they have a whole bunch of content for you to check out, including a handful of preview videos where you can see the ladies rubbing and toying. Watch the babes and dream of the pleasure you can have.

Member's area:

Inside it's a little different than I was expecting. When you sign up for Girlfriend Orgasms you're actually buying access to Ama Land, a collection of amateur porn in a whole bunch of categories. They have several sites that feed into the member's area and they decided that instead of giving each a separate inside they would just put all the content in one place. It works well enough and it would work even better if they had paid for a better design and navigation system.

A lot of it feels lazy, like they couldn't think of anything good so they just went with what was easier. This is most apparent when you go to watch/download a video. They have one tiny little screenshot from the video and they give it a title but there's no other information. No description of the scene, nothing on the length or the size. You can download it in a WMV file or you can stream it in an embedded Windows Media Player that doesn't let you fast forward until the entire thing has been loaded up, which is just like downloading it.

This site was launched in August 2008 from what I can tell so it's unacceptable that they're not using a Flash player. You have to pay to license that technology and if they're just being cheap it's even worse. A site like this, where a lot of the videos are short, is perfectly made for streaming video. You should be able to hit play and have the film load instantly in a decent sized window. The other problem with the Windows Media Player embedded is that most of the files are so damn tiny you can't even make out what's going on. They have options to view the content by date, alphabet or rating and as far as I can tell all of the content has an A rating since it's really just listing the scenes by date from first to last.


The fundamental problem with designing the site like they did becomes obvious as soon as you start fishing through the masturbation category. You'd think that it would be hot girls playing with their pussies and using toys because that's masturbation. However, they include handjobs in there along with scenes where the girl touches herself a little bit and then spreads her legs to get fucked. It's not necessarily a bad thing but if you're joining Girlfriend Orgasms because you want to see solo girls masturbating and using dildos then you're probably going to be pretty disappointed. I get the feeling they built the tour for Girlfriend Orgasms and the other feeder sites after they had built the member's area so the categories inside don't fit the sites outside.

There are 600+ picture galleries and 700+ videos listed in the masturbation section at Girlfriend Orgasms and it's widely varied, of course. It's all amateur porn and the ladies are of varying quality. Sometimes you'll see a video featuring a stunningly beautiful girl and you'll feel incredibly arousal and jealousy at the guy holding the camera. Sometimes you'll see a slightly ugly girl and wonder why they allowed that gallery or video to make it onto the site. By and large the ladies are good looking so you should feel confident that the chicks featured on the tour are representative of the ladies inside.

After spending quite a bit of time with the site I've come away thinking that if you're joining only for the solo girl content you should pass. It's just too annoying to sift through all the stuff that has blowjobs and fucking if you're just looking for a solo scene. They do have a big collection of webcam videos and almost all those are solo. They're much lower quality than almost anything else on the site though. If you want a good amateur porn site with porn in categories like blowjobs, anal, cumshots, non-nudes and Asians then you'll be well served by Girlfriend Orgasms if you can get over the $40/month price.

Cons and pros:


  • A large collection of amateur pictures and videos;
  • Daily updates with several new sets.


  • Navigation is a pain;
  • It can be a challenge finding solo girl galleries that please you;
  • Too expensive at $40/month.

Girlfriend Orgasms isn't really the site they promote on the tour. You look through the free pages and you come away thinking they have a huge collection of videos and picture galleries featuring beautiful solo girls playing with their naughty bodies. You get inside and you see that it's a mix of all kinds of amateur porn and it's actually a pain to find the good solo scenes. The navigation here is one of the biggest drawbacks, especially since it's mostly a product of laziness. The other issue is the $40/month price. That's a big number. On the other hand they have a ton of hot amateur porn in eleven categories and that should be more than enough to satisfy even the hungriest of porn buyers.

Featured comments:

I'm sorry, I just can't over the fact that they're charging $40/month for access to this amateur porn collection. I can't think of any porn sites that charge so much and I can think of several that charge less and provide more amateur porn than this one does. They don't even have the option to sign up for multiple months for a discount.

Laziness is frustrating and it's on display at Girlfriend Orgasms. When you run an amateur porn site you have to put in some serious work to make it good. You have to tag every update with categories to make sure that people know what they're getting and that they can search it easily. You also need a good search function otherwise it's just too much of a pain to use your site.

Advertisements blow and the ones at this site are particularly annoying. They're for cam sites and they have five pictures of cam girls and most pages have two of those ads. That's ten pictures of cam girls staring at you on every page and in some cases there are far fewer pictures in the actual content set. It's sort of infuriating.

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