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GGG Devot

GGG Devot

Content quality: 22.0 of 25
Content quantity: 20.0 of 25
Design and usability: 6.0 of 10
Originality: 18.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 17.0 of 20

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Site Details:

GGG Devot

It’s a case of no matter how beautiful the girls are they get destroyed at this hardcore, hard-hitting fetish GGG Devot site from Europe. From Germany to be more precise and filmed by the master of the genre John Thompson. What we’ve got our hands on here is an insight into the hard world of European fetish with exclusive videos taken at exclusive sessions and showing us the rougher and seedier edge of what goes on in backrooms and certain nightclubs. You can expect good quality productions, an interactive members’ area, streams, downloads, DVDs, stories and more from this site. Just be warned, it’s not for the faint hearted.

Main idea:

Girls pissed on by groups, bukkake, pussy fisting, leather and chains and whips and toys, this is really getting into the depths of the fetish genre. And it all has a real edge to it, a real feel, like it's not been filmed in a studio but in a club or dungeon. There is a lot of girl humiliation in these classic videos, lots of watersports, girls being pissed on while being fucked and getting face-fulls of jizz. You are not looking at anything erotic or sensual here, simply hard hardcore at its most extreme. You've got full length DVDs to stream and download, images and bonuses are promised as well.

Members Area:

The members’ area is available in six languages which is handy as its default language is German. You start off at a home page where there is news about what is new and what’s been recently added. A right column gives you site information and top lists and the main area gives you samples from the newer movies and DVDs. The top menu is the way to go when you start to look for content and you should find the whole site really easy to navigate and use. There are various ways to search and sort the content and finding videos is very easy.

The videos tab in the static main menu will lead you to a choice of streams, downloads or galleries. The viewing here is arranged by DVD as these movies are all released, full length titles. So you start off by seeing front and back covers, then reading descriptions, and seeing a filmstrip of thumbnails showing a moment from each ‘scene.’ However, you seem only to be able to download full length DVDs. You can also stream them though and when streaming you can jump through them, so you don't have to watch the whole one and a half hours if you don’t want to. Movies come with linked category words and you can rate them as you view.

The galleries area was empty when I was in the site, there was just a blank page and when I tried to go to the Bonus area nothing happened, the page would not connect. The link to Sex Chat took me to a new window and a third party site, but the next item in the menu was handy. ‘Favourites’ gives you the chance to store you best scenes, bonuses and stories in separate places. I hadn’t seen a story area but clicking the link in this drop-down led me to it. Meanwhile, the bonus page was still having trouble loading but I was told it was a temporary fault.


You will get the exact impression of what the content is about when you check the tour but needless to say: bondage, humiliation, watersports, hardcore fucking, anal, cages, chains, lesbian action, whips, pissing on women, rough sex in clubs and all stops in between are featured on your journey into the darker side of fetish action. The tour says this is the most extreme allowed by law, and that’s up to you to decide upon but I would say, yes, for sure this is really only for the most devoted of fetish fans and those who want to see how hardcore sex can really be.

Your quality is good, there are no complaints about the filming and the resolutions and you get three choices per stream and download at least. The best I saw was at 640 x 480 @ 1,200 kbps, which is into yet HD, but in terms of streaming it was just right to buffer in nice and fast and to run without any hitches. Full screen was fine and you have volume controls to use as well. Click for full screen and you get the Flash box opening separately and the smaller player still running, so watch out for that. Downloads were the same qualities with three choices, these were DivX and AVI files and some were over 1Gb in size.

I counted 27 full length titles and each DVD ran for up to 86 minutes each. I have to say that the titles, though accurate, were not particularly inventive, they were all called ‘Cum and Piss’ and then numbered.

I can't tell you about any galleries as there appeared to be none when I was viewing the site though there was a page for them that came with search and sort options. I did have trouble with the bonus page as well, so perhaps these areas were being worked on at the time of my visit.

Pros & Cons:


  • Exclusive content;
  • Stays completely with its fetish themes;
  • Full DVD downloads;
  • Good quality ;
  • A choice of resolution for downloads.


  • A new DVD only once every two or three months;
  • The galleries area was not working;
  • Did not find the bonuses.

You have to accept that GGG Devot only releases a new DVD every two or three months, but when you get it, it is full on fetish action all the way, and a full length DVD that would cost you around, what? $50.00 to buy? Weight that up against the sign-up fee and decide if you are getting value. I’d say yes, as long as the faulty gallery area was actually a temporary fault, and as long as the bonuses come on line. Otherwise, once you've seen the 40 hours or so of some of the hardest European fetish you could wish for, you may be tempted to move on. But all said and done, you aint gunna see anything like this anywhere else!


Hard and horny stuff, bitches get banged, pissed on, dealt with, strapped and abused and it’s all filmed really well. The quality is fine and the playing out is natural, though even for a diehard like me I wished they’d find some variation. Lots of scenes in clubs, but I guess that’s how it happens and where it all gets filmed. Good stuff though and a definite place all fetish fans should see.

There is more than one fetish being played out in here. There are the watersports guys, the piss drinking and the pissing on girls’ asses and pussies, even when they are being fucked, and there are the girls in cages being used from all angles, hung guys in uniforms, and chain and whips, BDSM and S&M, the site has it all, so much so that it would be good to have scenes and clips organised by fetish.

I found the members’ area a bit messy. It looks alright but actually big files and no individual scenes are hard to manage. I had trouble finding the stories and waiting two months for a new scene is a bit of a joke when the bonuses are not there to keep you going. (What are they meant to be anyway?) So, you pay a lot of cash and then watch a lot of neat stuff and then what? Could do with a kick up the ass, imho.

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