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GF Sex Toys

GF Sex Toys

Content quality: 17.0 of 25
Content quantity: 22.0 of 25
Design and usability: 6.0 of 10
Originality: 17.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 17.0 of 20

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Site Details:

GF Sex Toys

All Of GFs is a network that is all about homemade footage, amateur girls, self-submit content, with videos and photos. And that is the network you are buying into when you sign up here, that’s why the membership for a month is slightly higher than the average. You are gaining access to nine sites for that price, and they are all accessible from the one members’ area. GF Sex Toys is just one of them, though it is one of the more well stocked ones, and it, like the others, offers you movies, vids, some interactive options, a chance to send in your own content, and regular updates.

Main idea:

The site is all about girls and their toys, but sometimes that means two girls together with their toys. There are over 600 movies and over 120 photo albums inside, and they are all easy enough to access. Quality is variable as this is mainly homemade content, and only a few viewing options are offered. But what you find are lots of varied and amateur, mainly young, girls pleasuring themselves with their favourite vibrator or toy, and you get to watch each new scene as it gets added. The same goes for the photo galleries where you have sets of solo and action images, on the toy theme, to download and enjoy.

Member's area:

And the next piece of good news is that the members’ area could not be simpler. You start off at a portal page with large images advertising each of the available sites. You can click to your chosen site from there. Or you can use the simple top menu that stays with you no matter which site you go and visit. Here you have the names of all the sites you can access; you click one to go to that site. But you can also opt to go straight to the photo or video content per site by using the drop-down that comes with each site title. Honestly it is very easy.

There is a search box to use if you want to filter your content, links to help and support at the bottom of the pages, the home page per site shows recent updates, and updates are announced by how long ago they were added; within the hour, one week ago, etc. Again it is all very simple and works just fine.

When it comes to viewing a movie you have a couple of basic options: you can stream there and then, or download and play later. The streaming player lets you go full screen and there is a volume slider, plus, you can jump around through the scene/clip. To the right of the one you are watching will be suggestions for others to go and see straight afterwards, also making navigation easy.

You’re able to rate each scene as you see it and add it to a favourites area, you have one for videos and one for galleries. Galleries are set up in a neat way as well. You have the main image on the left and the thumbnails nicely arranged on the right, though they are not your standard, small thumbnails. Click one and the main image changes; again rates and favourites functions are included here.

I found the members’ area very easy to use, it has some basic interactive functions, there is nothing complicated and no adverts or pop ups get in the way.


There are actually 620 movies to watch as I write, and they are spread over numbered index pages. The sample images show you lots of varied girls spread over their beds, with legs spread and toys inserted, and there are all kinds of toys in use. Sometimes you will find a guy using the toy on the girl, or another young lady using the vibrator on her, but I’d say that most of the time this is solo work. When another girl, or a guy, makes an appearance you will probably see them in the sample shot on the index pages.

As for viewing the movies, well, it is easy enough: you have a Flash stream and there is a download button as well. I found the downloads were MP4 files, and they came down the line nice and fast. The thing about the content though is that it really is self-submit (though whether it was submitted to this site or taken from another is another matter), and that means you are not going to be looking at top, HD quality. In fact there are some scenes which don’t survive at full screen and you are left with small viewing screen to watch them in. But you have to accept that when you are looking at these kinds of sites.

Similarly, I am not sure where the content comes from; I know it is not exclusive and it is not promised as such, though some may be – you can send in your own tapes and pics via an email link, so maybe some is only found here. Other videos, I expect, come from other self-submit and tube sites. Same goes for the 123 photo albums. Again, quality is variable as are numbers per set, and generally the images I found were not huge, but tended to be focused and viewable.

Bonus features:

The other eight sites that you can access are all made up of similar content but with themes such as: Asian girls, Emo girls, and teens. There may be some content shared among the sites.

Cons and pros:


  • A lot of homemade style, and self-submit movies to watch;
  • An easy site to navigate with a nice and simple design;
  • Updates are happening at least once per week;
  • You do get what the tour promised you.


  • Quality of videos can be variable;
  • Some movies are just very short clips;
  • Non-exclusive content;
  • A bit pricy.

You do get what the tour shows you at GF Sex Toys, so that is a good thing, and you will be able to access similar content from nine other sites with your membership, so that is also good; but I did feel that the membership price was a little on the high side. This is not exclusive content, you may have seen some of it on other sites, so the price could reflect that. But on the other hand it is easy to use, there are many lush GFs with their toys, girlfriends and boys too, and you do get updates every week. You don’t get very involved, and there is not a lot of information, so the site is more content driven than interactive.

Featured comments:

It’s a neat package of porn if you ask me; I like these kinds of things with real girls and real home videos. It’s really voyeuristic which is horny. There is a lot here, you get load of other sites to look at as well, and there are thousands of clips in total. And probably hundreds and hundreds of photos you can collect as well.

It’s ok, the usual kind of thing with homemade video sites: poor quality, short videos and sometimes dodgy photos. What they could do is to give us more information about the girls, who sent in the tapes, how can we contact these people, or can’t we? A nicely interactive profile area and that kind of thing would fit really well in this site.

A bit over-priced if you ask me, it’s a lot to pay for short clips. I know there are a lot of them, but still, drop the price and I’d stay as a member for longer. I would also like to see some things written about who these girls are, and I’d like to see a place where you could contact other members and particularly the folk who submit the content.

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