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Gay WC

Gay WC

Content quality: 20.0 of 25
Content quantity: 12.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 18.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 16.0 of 20
Actual pricing:
  • 3 days: $5.95
  • 1 month: $29.95
  • 6 months: $99.95
  • 3 months: $59.95

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Site Details:

Gay WC

Here's a three for one offer you will want to consider: Gay WC is part of a small but good network of sites and when you join this one you can then access the other two. Considering you are getting three sites you would think that you would be asked to pay more than the average monthly fee, but actually you are being asked to pay less than a standard fee, under $25.00. And it looks like this site is here to stay so it's not going to be a flash in the pan! Hardcore gay sex is one thing and something that loads of sites give you, but finding it in a specific location and with a specific theme, public toilets in this case, is something fairly rare - so you have originality and value; nice.

Main idea:

Yup, it all takes place in the cottage, the tea room, the loo, whatever you want to call it, the theme here is definitely toilet sex and yet it's not as sleazy or dirty as it sounds. These are the kinds of scenes that a cottagers' dreams are made of - where you find a really sexy guy taking a leak, your eyes meet and then you have the time and freedom to go all the way together without fear of being raided. (Never happens in real life but hey!) The exclusive filming quality looks good, the guys are young but varied in looks, there is plenty of hot hardcore on offer and, as well as your bonus sites there are bonus galleries.

Member's area:

The members' area holds a top menu that will take you directly to the movies, galleries, extras and bonuses but you might want to check the main page before you move on. Ok, so ignore the up-sell advertisement which is what greets you first (a little 'hello and welcome' would be nice there instead) and scroll down to see what new scenes are going to be added soon. Ah, there's the welcome message, thank you. Then you can see what's hot at the moment with the members' most popular vids and pics (which is odd as there is no ratings system). Ok, now you can really start to explore.

You'll notice that the pages all have a similar design and that is it nice and clear and simple. There is text to introduce you to the scene and some technical information. You're told the content's name, what it is, what movie format, how big the file is and then you can click for 'more details.' This actually takes you to the videos page, when in the videos index, and here you can grab clips or full length scenes.

The pictures area works in a similar way and you're told the number of images and you have a choice of two resolutions of picture viewing, which is a neat little thing. Good sized thumbnails show you what takes place in each scene (sex in the toilet really) and both these main areas are simple to navigate.

Over on the bonus page you will find some non-exclusive galleries featuring all kinds of sexy guys, young and old, slim and hunky, light and dark, and there are some neat action and solo sets here - though you may have seen some of them before if you've joined other sites. Your two bonus sites are listed on a separate page, click to enter, and then you have a simple help page where you can fire off a message to the guys in charge. It's all clean and neat and tidy; a nice members' area to use.


So, getting to the nitty-gritty - the toilet sex. Is it hot? Yes. Are the models sexy? Yes, if you like young, cute, amateur looking, varied, hung, bent over and fucked up the ass relentlessly type guys - just about perfect. And the scenes really do all take place in the cottage. Er, actually they take place in only a couple of cottages so they may well be sets but don't tell anyone. That doesn't make them any less enjoyable though. You'll find couples and group scenes here and each one is available to stream or downloadin WMV in clips or parts. The resolution I found was a good 1.89 mbps @ 640 x 480, perfect at full screen and with natural sound. There was some chat, but not much and not to the camera, and it sounded like Russian to me. The boys do have that East European sexiness that you acuminate with Russian and similar models; there are some intergenerational scenes in here too, so a good mix.

The movies vary in size and length; the clips were 2.5 minutes each and some scenes ran for up to half an hour, which is good to see. As you can take the full length or the clips you shouldn't miss anything here though some of the files were over 400Mbs in size, so may take a while to arrive with you.

The galleries are also well stocked with varying amounts of images that click up to two sizes, the top one being 675 x 1034. Images are clear and sharp and focus on the action. Wherever you go inside Gay WC you are going to see good quality and exclusive productions.

Apart from in the bonus content area where you will find good quality but non-exclusive photos sets, There were 150 of these and they are not necessarily on the same theme as the man site, but they are an added attraction.

Bonus features:

Talking of bonuses; apart from he 150 sets of good images you have two other sites to explore: Gay Smut Online brings you 96 varied scenes from various DVDs and Drunk Gays brings you more amateur guys getting merry and horny. The episodes here also look exclusive. It's a good package though we've seen other sites with more bonus site access. But you shouldn't be signing up for the extras and you don't need to here as the main site is enough to give you your value for money.

Cons and pros:


  • Exclusive and well made scenes that are easy to access;
  • All the scenes stay in-niche with toilet sex;
  • The site is easy to use and navigate;
  • There are bonus galleries and bonus sites to enjoy.


  • There are no upload dates and only 'coming soon' news, so we're not sure about the schedule;
  • You need to enter your membership details to stream movies and visit bonus sites;
  • There are only 18 videos here so far.

Gay WC may not have the most creative title of all time but it does give you what it says it will give you on the tour. Exclusive movies, horny guys, loads of toilet sex and some extras and bonuses. We'd like to know more about updates and when they will happen as 'coming soon' doesn't really explain it. But there is enough content here already to justify a month's sign up fee and hopefully more will be added so you will consider staying around for longer. This is definitely not a site to throw out with the bathwater but one for all cottage and toilet sex fans, and anyone who likes Russian youths and hardcore sex scenes.

Featured comments:

I found the movies tricky to access because, if you don't like WMV you're stuck. The files are really big too so it's going to be slow for anyone on dial up.

Love the way the site stays on its niche and I live the sexy younger guys - some of the older ones were a bit rough!

Great site, well made scenes, a nice lot of extra content and two bonus sites (one is better than the other). And It's a good price too.

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