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Gay Violations

Gay Violations

Content quality: 23.0 of 25
Content quantity: 20.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 19.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 18.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Gay Violations

It is getting increasingly more difficult to find a new slant on gay porn; I mean, how many twink sites are out there? How many DVD theatres all showing you similar stuff? Well, the good news is that this company, The Gay Room, has a new look on things and has a set of sites that give you enough originality to last a long time yet. There are actually eight sites included in this membership, and a ninth one which is a collection of all the networked content, and each site has its own theme, its own exclusive content, and its own pictures. The whole thing combines to give you an original, value for money offer.

Main idea:

And Gay Violations is one of those sites. This one takes the theme of public sex, and before you say ‘I've seen it before’ you need to check out exactly how public and how ‘violated’ the guys in these movies are. It’s not nasty violation in that this is not a BDSM or heavy S&M site, the violations here are more like outrages: guys get their pants pulled down in public, two men are caught sucking each other off on security cams, that kind of thing. It’s mainly about short clips, fun pranks where you get to see the victim’s exposed and these come with galleries too. But in the whole network you have over 4,500 varied scenes to watch, so there is a lot more to it than Candid Camera style antics.

Member's area:

You will love the members’ area here, at least, I do. It’s very interactive and well designed and it has all kinds of neat functions built in to it, as well as having a good look. You start off at a main page for all the sites combined, and here you can catch up with the latest updates. Dates and titles are shown with sample images which, when clicked, lead you over to the scene. There is also a top menu which stays with you no matter what site you go to, so you can always find more content. This top menu works for the network, rather than the site you’re visiting, so when you click ‘home’ for example, you get back to the main home page for the network.

To get to a site and find its content you need to use either the Sites page in the menu and then navigate on, or use the handy drop-down list at the top of all main pages. This then changes the page to bring you only the updates for that site, though the network main menu stays with you. Now your browsing is taken care of with numbered index pages, large sample shots from each video plus a write up and some other details.

The viewing pages for scenes are great too as they are set out with a streaming player screen, download options, tabs to link to any digital still galleries and screen caps for each scene, and you are able to rate what you see as you go through. There is also a space for comments so you can write in and then read what others have written. Images come with zip file downloads for full sets and simple navigation. There are some adverts scattered around the site(s) but they don’t really get in the way as they tend to be at the bottom of the pages.


The scenes at Gay Violations tend to be short by the nature of the fact that they are mainly ‘hazings’ and pranks. A guy is being asked for directions when one of the team runs out, pulls down his pants, there’s a flash of cock and the camera runs away. Or a cum-filled condom is emptied over someone, or a guy is caught jerking off in the toilet but buckles up and runs as soon as he notices the camera. This kind of thing goes on in most of the scenes. Others though are more sexy and voyeuristic and hardcore and some, I’d say, are even set up for the camera. For example, the two guys blowing each other in the rain is clearly made for the site, but it’s here as the scenes also cover outdoor sex, and these two are certainly outdoors.

Many of these 156 scenes are only half a minute or so in length, or two and a half, again because of the nature of the action, but there are some which are slightly longer. They can all be streamed online though this resolution favours faster connections, on a mid-range one I had lots of start and stop. But all is not lost as there are downloads too with WMV files in high resolution plus MP4 and MPG files too; the download speed was nice and fast and these files tend not to be too big. (Others in the network are very big though as there is HD in use.)

Galleries are both screen caps and digital, there is a choice for each scene and that goes for all the other sites too. You have screen caps at 850 x 477 and digital stills going up to 1440 x 810, these tend to also be screen-caps if you ask me, so don’t expect full on quality here; these guys often don’t have time to stand around taking photos. Generally though, the quality is fine, a kind of amateur, voyeur cam standard.

Bonus features:

I mentioned originality and that’s what the Gay Room does best. You've got eight other sites and theme covered include sensual-to-hardcore massages, straights being turned gay, orgies in the bath house often involving first time guys too, two sites about big cock sex and one of them is interracial, and office sex is a theme of another site. They are all exclusive, good quality and all run in the same way and all are linked, so it’s really easy to view them. You will also find a model index, and links to cam and dating sites plus some special offers on sign ups to other sites.

Cons and pros:


  • Exclusive content;
  • Original and fun videos that are easy to access;
  • Various viewing options;
  • A really well designed network of sites;
  • Lots of functions and interactivity.


  • The streams are better on faster connections;
  • The videos tend to be short on this site;
  • The images tend to be screen caps.

You are probably going to get through this content in a short amount of time as the scenes are really clips. But you won’t have seen anything like them before, this is a real boost to the gay porn world, something different, fun and yet sexy too. And the fact that these escapades are in there with network access to several other bigger, more traditional and yet still original sites, makes signing up for Gay Violations a must. It’s very impressive stuff all round with a good design, nice search and sort options, good viewing and frequent updates to the network. This is definitely a membership to take if you want classy porn, variety and the occasional giggle.

Featured comments:

They couldn’t advertise and run this site on its own, you wouldn’t get enough for your money, so I guess that is why it is in with the others. It’s a nice set of sites, and the violations one is a good change from what you normally see. I don’t know who the company is but I say at least one porn star joining in, Turk Melrose was there pulling a guy’s pants down. Fun.

Perfect value and such original sites it’s a breath of fresh air. The other sites are sexier and more pornographic but that’s not the nature of this site. And that’s good, it’s funny, it’s very silly, and some of the pranks are set up if you ask me. But it works well. Best be on broadband though or else download the files as the streaming video is heavy and even a 30 second clip can take a couple of minutes to stagger through.

It is wild, but it could be wilder. The cum throwing is gross, but the sex in car parks and outdoors is horny, especially when one guy cums in the others’ mouth. This is good, but short content and more viewing options would be good to see. I like the way you can search, make comments and so on and a forum would make things even better.

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