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Gaping Angels

Gaping Angels

Content quality: 23.0 of 25
Content quantity: 21.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 17.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 17.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Gaping Angels

Christoph Clark brings you Gaping Angels. Well, he’s the director behind the hot and anal hardcore. This is actually an Evil Angel website so that means that you are in for a real treat and great value for money. Apart from the specific fetish/niche content that the site deals with (more about that in a moment) you have access to a large set of extras and bonus sites here. Every membership to one of the Evil Angel sites gets you into 46 hot sites in total with work from other top directors and studios. So, looking for more than your standard website? This is the pace to be.

Main idea:

But the main thrust of this site, apart from the great value and all the extras, is the promise of the stretched wide, gapping asses of the sexy female models that you see on the tour. You also find these ladies inside and you probably get to see their insides too. This is the kind of porn that takes things to the extreme so be prepared for that. And also be prepared for exclusive and well shot scenes by our top director, good quality, easy viewing and navigation, and all the extra hardcore besides. I don’t work for this company; I really am this enthusiastic about getting into this site.

Member's area:

Every members’ area of every site is the same in this network, more or less. I don’t mean it has the same content of course, you get your promise fulfilled when they say there is a lot and good variety here. But navigation works the same way and is very easy. Your home page comes with a drop-down list of sites, at the top, s you can easily slip off into another one when you are ready. You have a top menu too, and it shows you the recent updates with decent sized sample pics and dates.

The content is arranged according to Scenes or Movies. The Movies area shows you the box covers of the DVDs from which the scenes come and you can, if you want, sit and watch a whole DVD from start to finish. Or click to the Scenes area and you find the individual episodes set out in pages that look exactly like the home page did: sample shots, titles, dates and links to the viewing page.

Then, on individual viewing pages, you have a simple to use interface that sets out the streaming movie screen, with tabs for downloads, and there are plenty of choices, and then other tabs take you to mobile versions and to the galleries. There are also basic details with runtimes, number of views and who is appearing. You’re able to get a bit interactive with rates and an ‘add to favourites’ function (your favourites area is found at the top of the page), and everything is easy to use.

Galleries come with simple navigation buttons and links to the related scene. There weren’t any slideshows or zip file downloads that I could see, so it’s a case of viewing one at a time, but it is then easy to get back to the main viewing pages. And that sums up the members' area here; easy. It’s well designed, there are no technical issues and it is very simple to use.


Now then, this is where things get really interesting. You've got lush and sexy stars here, leggy and well put together, gorgeous to view and as dirty as you could hope for. One thing that Evil Angel does really well is make fetish scenes and if you count hardcore anal as a fetish in its own right, then they’ve got it pinned right down.

Of the 349 movies listed in Gaping Angels, 62 of then fall under the Anal category; I suspect the others all have some anal elements to them, but these 62 are the ones really focused on the fetish. And, what’s really neat here is that they are not just your standard anal scenes. Yes, there are well hung guys penetrating the girl’s asses, and examining hem, stretching them open and fingering them, but there are also girls doing the same to girls. There are strap-on scenes as well as hung dicks, there are lesbian moments as well as girl on boy, and there are even guys getting the anal treatment from their dominating ladies. So you get a bit of everything anal-wise in here.

As for standards and qualities, there are no problems. You've got a good team and a great director, a cast that knows what it is doing and everyone is dedicated to bringing you top class porn. You have at least two versions to stream the scene in, 240p and 480p and you can go full screen in the larger version without any loss of quality. There are also downloads in the same qualities for MP4 files and WMV. For your mobile you have the same but for iPods and iPhones. Some scenes also have other resolutions right up to HD at 720p; it depends on the age of the movie.

Image galleries are also good quality and you get updates to your members’ area on a regular basis.

Bonus features:

You've got the added attraction of 46 sites in that drop-down list with 13 premium ones and 33 niche ones. I can’t say I can tell the difference when it comes to quality and I have to admit I’ve not yet counted out exactly how may exclusive scenes this totals. I’ll leave that up to you.

Cons and pros:


  • Exclusive anal scenes from a top director;
  • An easy members' area to navigate and use;
  • Good viewing options for all videos;
  • Good quality productions, movies and galleries;
  • A whole load of extras and bonus sites to view.


  • Only 62 truly anal movies;
  • Not so many viewing options on older scenes;
  • No comments;
  • Not a lot of information about the girls.

Gaping Angels is another hot site from a good company that has a huge network that gives you great value for money. Within its thousands of scenes there are going to be hundreds of hot anal ones, but here there are 62 specifically filtered out for you, but in the network as a whole there must be loads more. The quality is good, from acting to directing to production to viewing, you have no worries on that score. The galleries hold portraits and action shots, and are also good quality and the site is updating every week. Think of this as a way of getting into one of the best networks around, and then get ready to enjoy the gaping fun.


Look around for a list of the sites that you actually get to access when you sign up here. I didn’t realise that I’d already got a membership to this site via one of the others. Doh! But that’s me for you. Mind you, I didn’t mind paying twice (and I cancelled one) as you do get a really good financial deal here. A whole heap of porn for a typical one-site sign up price.

Not enough gaping and anal work for me, but I am greedy! Love the ladies, love the stretched shots where their holes glare out at you dark and pink and love the anal action. Particularly like the way that it varies and it’s not just the women who get their asses dealt with. Good strap-on sex as well and a whole load of extras fetish stuff.

One of my fav sites this, and one of my fav teams behind it. Been a member almost from the start and will stay with this as my porn channel and won’t go anywhere else. You get new stuff more or less every day somewhere in the vast field of a network and it’s always good quality. You can buy these DVDs if you want, but I’d rather be a member and get all the exclusives each time I sign in.

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