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Gag The Bitch

Gag The Bitch

Content quality: 22.0 of 25
Content quantity: 16.0 of 25
Design and usability: 6.0 of 10
Originality: 17.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 17.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Gag The Bitch

Euro Revenue are offering us a free membership to this deep throat and gag site, but when you go to sign up you find the trial is ˆ4.95. That got me off to a bit of a confusing start, but the offers of the tour do sound good. Weekly updates, downloads and streams, good quality and there are loads of horny pics to view and get you tempted. When you do sign up you also find that you have bonuses and lots of extra photos, all kinds of clips and feed sites as well, so you are really looking at a generic collection of mainly non-exclusive content here with some hardcore blow job and gag scenes included.

Main idea:

Gag The Bitch is about hard and horny suck jobs, blow jobs, oral sex, whatever you like to call it. Sexy women are made to suck cocks that are too big for their mouths, and they often struggle with the length, gaging as they give deep throat. There is a collection of movies with this them acting as your main content (I’m not sure if they are exclusive to the site or not) and they do indeed come with choices for downloads and for streams. You then have some nice extras and bonuses to view, the site is mildly interactive, and certainly easy enough to navigate.

Members Area:

You start off at a home page where what I assume are the latest updates are shown. There were no dates with this content, so it is hard to say when it was last updated. But you do see, very clearly, the kind of action you were hoping for depicted in the sample shots. You’ve also got a clear top menu to lead you to the man content and the bonus pages, but I preferred the left hand menu. Here you've got numbers telling you how much of what you have to view, and here you also have more detailed links.

The videos link (click the numbers to get to the main pages) takes you to the first of the index pages and here you get some search and sort options so you can filter through the videos, or use the category list. Again, the same sample shots and small write-up give you an intro and you can choose from stream, download and gallery. You can also use the top menu to bring you all the streams, or all the download. It’s all the same content just a different way of arranging it.

The left column, when you head back to the home page, also leads you to the extras and bonuses in the same way, and I used this home page as my main navigation tool. You get a little interactivity on your way around: you will see a small heart symbol to use as an ‘add to favourites’ button, and there are stars so you can rate the content if you wish. I didn’t see any comments facility though, or a forum, and there isn’t very much information about the videos, pics or girls. Galleries are easy to navigate one pic at a time, there are linked tag and category words to assist you, and links to help and support if needed.


You have to like suck and gag movies to view this content as it sticks 100% to its promise of giving you just that. Each 20 minute scene focuses on a girl reluctantly taking a dick in her mouth and being forced to suck it until it spurts across her face. These little numbers really do the trick and the streams were fast and simple, as were the downloads actually. There were 76 such movies, the girls were hot and the movies very nice indeed.

You can stream in a ‘medium’ resolution and size which is actually pretty small, I tried the next one up and it was fine on a mid-range connection, no start and stop, and the top level one was even better. These were in Flash format, the downloads are in WMV. There’s not a great deal of choice, in that there are no mobile versions, or other file types, but you should be able to manage one of the two choices you get. I found that only some movies also came with galleries and the links are all on the index pages. Galleries hold various numbers of images per set, and the images are a decent quality too. It would have been nice to have had more galleries.

But there are plenty in your extras. In fact you get more extra content here than you do the main draw and, as updates are not posted, it’s not possible to say if the main content count will be expanding anytime soon. I hope so as what you are going to view when you sign up is well worth seeing. Bottom line though is that this is definitely a one theme show, and if it weren’t for the extras you wouldn’t have much reason to stay.


907 free videos clips, 12 feed sites, over 76,000 extra images in varied galleries, and 171 erotic stories make up your bonuses. (There was also a link bonus DVDs but I could not get it to work.)

Pros & Cons:


  • The site gives you the promised content;
  • The streams ran just fine and downloads were simple;
  • The quality was fine;
  • There are a lot of extras.


  • The bonus DVDs page didn’t work;
  • There are only a few interactive options;
  • Only 76 main scenes;
  • No upload dates and not a lot of info about scenes or models.

What you have here as your main content is good but there is not a lot of it. We could do with more news and upload dates, a few more choices for viewing, some comments and feedback opportunities and a couple of the bonus pages didn’t work. But apart from all that, Gag The Bitch does give you some hardcore forced suck scene with great facials at the end, but not many of them. It’s not the biggest or best site of its kind and the sign up offer is misleading, but when you do join you find enough hot BJ content to keep you hard and happy for a while at least, and the quality is decent. Keep an eye on it, enjoy the varied bonuses and you should be fine.


Some awesome scenes here, love the way he grabs her hair and forces his soft cock in her sweet mouth and the gets hard, you can hear them gag as they get relentlessly face fucked. Great stuff, well worth collecting, really horny and good to see. Like the extras, like the streams, like the photos, all good stuff.

I’d have likes a bonus site or something similar that was also about oral sex. The extras are decent in number but so varied that you don’t really get anything related to the site you joined. There are even guy on guy images. When I join a themed site I like to have extras that stay with that theme. These are a bit too varied for me.

Totally hot stuff guys, brilliant gag scenes. Exclusive or not they were new to me and I’m staying around for more. These are worth watching again and you get some similar stuff in some of the feed sites if you look around hard enough. I thought it was a decent price as well, so no complaints from over here. A simple, small, basic site but a good one.

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