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Fully Clothed Sex

Fully Clothed Sex

Content quality: 20.0 of 25
Content quantity: 21.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 18.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 18.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Fully Clothed Sex

Fully Clothed Sex is an interesting idea to say the least. The site is going to be pretty appealing to those that like the smooth feel of silk, satin and the slick leather and latex costumes. There is a large amount of great looking content mostly with hot group sex scenes and lots of different outfits. For those that like sexy ladies being done before they get a chance to take their clothes off then you will probably be a big fan on this website. There is a lot for you to watch and plenty of photos full of the best clothed porn you will see. Your membership will also give you access to some other fetish sites.

Main idea:

There isn't any hidden meaning behind the name; they really kept the name of the site simple and straight forward. The name aside, the sites main eye catcher is the amount of hot content they have. There is loads of it and it all looks really good. It is all about the clothing on this site, seeing those hot honeys with their large breasts and tight asses getting pounded while still in their business clothes or sexy silk gowns is really a turn on. If you want a taste of what is inside the member's area have a look at the tour for some picture and video previews.

Member's area:

The first thing you will see after logging in is that there are no main links, just heaps and heaps of pages of videos. The layout is the most simple I have ever seen a site. There is practically no links except to other pages of the episodes. You are really limited to only the links to the other websites that your membership can access at the top and bottom of the page and the links to the video download and albums for each episode. The site looks pretty ordinary; it has a golden theme to it and minimal links. It's all very straight forward.

There isn't any way to sort the content or search through it. You just have to scroll down through the videos, click the next page, and scroll down, rinse and repeat until you have found an episode that tickles your fancy. I don't think I have seen a website with so little links. There is nothing to navigate to, it can be quite frustrating. There are absolutely no menus other then the episode links to the short clips and picture albums.

The sites only bonus content is the other websites that come with your membership. They have similar sites to this one and lots of other fetish websites. There isn't anything else on the site that could count as bonus content, I think they should probably work on getting up some more common links like 'Video section' 'Home page' and things like that before they worry about adding some juicy extras. It would be great if they added even some way of searching for videos or just a way to sort them better.


There is an awesome amount of content on this website. They have roughly 335 episodes ready for viewing and photo albums included for each episode. You can download the movies in MPEG at 900k (480x360). It comes in AVI 1000k (512x384) and WMV 1100k (640x480) which looks pretty nice even when you enlarge it to 200%. The movies can be downloaded in small clips incase you don't have a speedy internet connection. All the clips and full length movies don't have any DRM so once you have them you can keep them. Unfortunately the WMV format is only for the more recent videos. All the older ones have only AVI or MPEG format.

There is a generous amount of photos that come with the episodes. There is around 335 episodes that all have photo albums included. Each photo album has around 200 pictures in each. That is a lot of damn photos. They are a decent resolution, not quite big enough to be a desktop wallpaper but they get the job done. The site doesn't have any update logs or content dates, which makes it pretty hard to tell when they update. If I could guess I would say it was around once a week because there is crap loads of content already available. It won't be much of an issue if you join at this stage because there are no way you could make it through those hours of video footage anyway.

The video quality looks great but the best part about the site would have to be the video content itself. It looks great in high quality but the girls in their hot business suits look fine ass being owned from the front, back and in the mouth. They are always wearing some hot silk or satin clothes, sometimes in leather or a hint of latex. The girls are always lookin' fine and sure know how to take the cock with ease.

Cons and pros:


  • Hot girls in hot outfits;
  • Nice resolution videos with no DRM;
  • More than 335 episodes available in multiple formats.


  • Nothing to sort or navigate with;
  • No bonus content;
  • Nothing is dated;
  • Site needs some work on the design.

Fully Clothed Sex is a good hardcore porn website with heaps of high quality content. The girls are always wearing something sexy and are always clothed (except for their pussies). The site has some issue with its design; especially because there is no other links except the movies and pictures for each episode. It is also a little pricey but it may be worth it if you want all the other fetish sites that come with your membership. You may be able to find better deals for these types of websites if you search around. Some of the sites content may be exclusive so you might not find it anywhere else.

Featured comments:

The site had an interesting theme to it and it had some great high quality videos for download, they didn't have any DRM so I can keep them too. The main thing I didn't like about it though, is definitely the price and the lack of anything else on the website.

There is nothing quite like seeing hot babes in sexy outfits take it hard but I didn't like the way the site, there is a fair bit of navigational issues and the site just needs more stuff. There is a good amount of content though.

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