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Fuck Or Fired

Fuck Or Fired

Content quality: 25.0 of 25
Content quantity: 5.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 19.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 17.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Fuck Or Fired

If you’ve never joined a porn site before and are a bit worried that you’re going to find it difficult, or risky, then this is a good site to cut your teeth on, as it were. Fuck Or Fired is a simple site and actually not that typical of adult sites in general, but it is a good one to see. It’s new and so still small, it has only one sign up offer and it’s a decent price, it uses a secure billing processor so it’s easy to cancel and there’s no risk, and you find a non-confusing members area once you are inside, with no nasty surprises.

Main Idea:

And it is all about a guy who is the office boss who has a string of sexy secretaries, interviewees and workers who either have to fuck with him or get their asses fired; hence the site’s title. So that’s pretty simple as well. Movies take place in the office, so if you have office sex fantasies in any shape or form they are going to get played out for you here. The movies are in what sounds like Russian, but come with subtitles and are filmed with ‘hidden’ cams. And the movies come with galleries as well so you can always find some pics to take and keep.

Members Area:

This is a very simple members’ area indeed, in fact it is really only one page. You will log in and find three movies listed on the top of the page and then there’s a link to click to see more; this opens three more at a time and onto the same page. So, you can have them all listed in one place along with their galleries, streams and downloads. Your top menu, such as it is, holds the title of the site and a logout button. That’s it.

Scrolling down the page you find the title of the movie and then some images. These show you the main star of the show, the stream-screen play icon, and a few stills from the scene. These are then the download and zip file for photos download links. You can right click the video download and take the file that way, or you can left click and have it stream, there are three resolutions to choose from. Whichever way you do it you will find the whole thing very easy to manage.

The site looks clean and tidy, there are no adverts or unnecessary links. In fact, apart from a description, runtime note and a few category words per scene, there is nothing else on these pages. Right down at the bottom you will find links to support if you need it but I doubt you will have any issues with this clean, tidy and very easy to use site. It’s a nice design and everything works well.


There were 11 scenes when I was checking the site out, and I was seeing it in the month it was born. I say that these are Russian scenes, but I am not 100% sure what language the models are speaking, but the movies do all come with subtitles. The girls are all pretty hot as well. There’s no model index but you get a face pic with each one and they do tend to get interviewed before they get seduced and fucked by the horny boss. Fuck Or Fired sticks to its fantasy niche in that respect. I have a sneaky suspicion the some of the girls fuck to get the job and then don’t get it anyway, which is a bit naughty!

Movies run for around 30 to 40 minutes and come with a choice for viewing. You can stream by clicking the download links or the main stream link, and in this case I found a smooth running stream that was a decent size, went full screen and was nice and clear. The quality is excellent here. You can also choose your downloads from 1,024 x 576 up to 1,920 x 1,080 in size, with a mid-range one in there as well. The filming is done on cameras placed around the office, like hidden cams, and they are probably using GoPros or similar. The quality is great, digital, and the sound is clear as well. Footage from the various cameras is then edited together to make the one continues scene. It’s a nice idea and works well.

There are images with the movies as well and you can download these in zip files; there were around 18 pics per set and the ones that were shown online were up at 1,024 x 576. They were also good quality, clearly taken from the hidden cams, and they give you an idea of what will happen in the action.


There are no bonuses with this site.

Pros & Cons:


  • Exclusive content;
  • There is a nice theme and it is well played out;
  • The quality is good and there are three options for downloads;
  • Updates are weekly.


  • There is no interactivity here;
  • No model index, and not a lot of info about the girls;
  • The site is new so still small.

Fuck Or Fired has a nice niche and it is keeping to it so far, then again it is still very new and there are only 11 movies to view, but a new one is being added each week. You have good viewing options though and the quality is very high. It’s all hidden cam style but digital camera quality, the stories are well played out, the subtitles are easy to read and the models are hot. Definitely a site for your office fantasies this one, with one and sometimes two girls per scene. It’s small and simple, not interactive but then it’s not costly either.


“Always worth getting in at the start of a nice new site and that’s just what this one is, new and nice. It’s a great idea, and not a new one of course but nicely done, I like the way it’s filmed and I like the way you kind of feel like you are spying.”

“Hot girls, same story in each one though, they could get a different boss or use a different room, but the sex is all there and you do get a neat hidden cam feel while makes this site slightly more special. I think I will stay with it and see how it develops, give it a few months.”

“Great quality, must be those GoPro cameras or something very similar. No stills cameras clicking away, no background noise just the natural sounds, hot new girls as well. Could do with more stuff, more content, bonuses, comments, rates and all that and maybe a bonus site to help it along.”

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