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FTV Girls

FTV Girls

Content quality: 23.0 of 25
Content quantity: 22.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 18.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 17.0 of 20
Actual pricing:
  • 1 month: $29.95
  • 5 months: $99.95

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Site Details:

FTV Girls

Some of the best ideas have come out of frustration. Take FTV Girls for instance. This is a site with a sterling reputation in the adult industry and it was created because a few guys were really frustrated with the way porn models were airbrushed to hell so they looked completely devoid of imperfections. It's the imperfections that make people interesting and attractive and that's what this site is built around. They find real girls and they put them on camera. They are always hunting for hotties and even though they might have a few imperfections here and there it's actually pretty hard to spot them. By and large these chicks are super hot and one visit to the tour might be enough to convince you that a membership is the way to go. I know I had trouble resisting the pull. That's why I'm here doing a review.

Main idea:

FTV Girls stands for First Time Video Girls. They actually do picture galleries and videos but the point is the girls are showing up on camera for the first time (or it's very early in their careers because some of these models have done work before). They are always on the lookout for stunningly beautiful young ladies and with just one quick visit to the tour you'll see that they always have success. There are lots of ladies that want to be photographed and they make sure the environment is right for having a good time.

Member's area:

The first page after logging in is all about the most recent updates. Actually, updates from the past 16 months are listed on that first page so it goes back a ways. They add new content every 3-6 days and what's amazing is that it isn't just a picture gallery or a video. The latest update featured five full length videos and four hot picture galleries. They're all like that too; some have a little more and some a little less but there's always something substantial. The only major problem I have with the design crops up on the first page as well: the preview pictures that are supposed to get you interested in the girl are way too small. You can't even tell what she looks like in most cases. They have hundreds of girls at FTV and they need to do a better job of advertising them.

They could also use some sort of search feature. The only way to look through the babes is an A-Z list and while that's not bad because the pictures are so small you end up having your face a few inches away from the screen or you just have to visit every damn page. How about a search function where I can browse by hair color, breast size, body type and maybe clothing? Some of the girls get a member's choice rating, which I assume means that people really like the babe. All the babes with this rating are really hot so that's a good way to look through the content.

The pictures are fantastic looking at 1600px and the photography is genius. They do it in an artistic way that presents the girls as these impressive works of beauty, not pieces of meat for you to enjoy sexually. The videos are downloadable and you're presetend with a boatload of screenshots when you go to download. They switched to HD video some time ago so you can grab an 8000kbps clip (that's really fucking awesome for those that don't know) of any scene.


FTV Girls is brimming with beauty. There are hundreds of incredibly hot models here and the things they have them do will impress and perhaps surprise you. At first glance the site seems like a casual, sexy solo posing adventure. Then you dig a little deeper and you see that it has some of the finest masturbation content that's ever been filmed. These girls are actually having orgasms on camera, something that almost never happens in porn. Never! They make sure to help the girls relax and tell them to take their time. Whatever happens is fine. Since most of these girls are the type that can orgasm with relative ease it doesn't take long for the juices of pleasure to start flowing.

There are so many aspects to FTV Girls it's hard to mention them all. I'll try to be compact. There are simple posing galleries and videos where the ladies dress in something sexy and essentially make love to the camera. Lingerie, slutty dresses, hot swimsuits and tight tops are included. There's a lot of outdoor action. Sometimes it's in someone's backyard where the girl has privacy and sometimes it's in a very public place. Carli Banks did several sets for them, including a whole update that was shot in Hawaii, I think. We see her naked in public at the resort and then we see her naked on the beach several times. I loved those sets.

The videos are often more focused on masturbation and the picture galleries are used for the sensual posing. When you see these girls using toys and fingers and speculums you'll be impressed. There's some extreme action in there too though. A hottie named Michelle fucks her pussy with a bottle while wearing a gorgeous white sweater. Some of the babes get fisted. There's squirting, public masturbation, butt massaging, double penetration (with toys), bead play, panties in the pussy, extreme close ups and much more. Basically the more extreme girls shove anything they can into their pussies. The genius of this site is that they have some girls that are just posing and looking beautiful and some that are happy to indulge your desires for something naughtier. I didn't even mention the occasional lesbian scenes that pop up to blow your mind!

Cons and pros:


  • Some of the finest looking young models you've ever seen;
  • A wide range of solo content from vanilla to extreme penetrations;
  • The occasional very hot lesbian scene;
  • High definition videos and high resolution pictures;
  • Tons of updates keep you swimming in content constantly.


  • When browsing the girls the preview pictures are way too small, making it hard to choose based on the list;
  • No search function makes finding content difficult.

FTV Girls is an A+ type of site. The only complaint I have is a navigational one. The lack of bigger preview pictures on the browsing pages and the lack of a search function is annoying but it's nowhere near annoying enough to deter me from joining and keeping my membership active for a long time to come. The site specializes in beautiful young women and they convince them to do all sorts of incredibly arousing stuff. Some girls put on sexy lingerie and blow your mind with their hot bodies. Some girls take off their clothes and fuck their pussies with bottles or get fisted. Then there are the hundreds of girls that fall between those two extremes. It's amazing stuff and if you like beautiful young women in flawlessly photographed galleries and perfectly filmed movies you'll be right at home.

Featured comments:

The problem with the small pictures when browsing the models should be emphasized because it's really annoying. It's not enough to keep me from canceling either but I've thought about it a few times because it drives me bonkers. They list probably a 100-150 models per page in the alphabetical section. The pictures are 95 pixels high. That just isn't big enough to get a good look at the girl, especially if it's a full body shot. It would not be hard to change that.

They really could use a search function here. I don't think it would be all that hard because they already have the scenes categorized. For every update they list what the girl does. If they plugged that into some sort of search engine it would be so much easier to find the content I want. I don't like having to look through that long list of models hoping that I find the right babe or the right type of content.

There are reasons to complain about FTV Girls but none of them are good enough to keep a smart man from joining one of the best sites online. This beautiful collection of porn is praised all over the internet and with good reason. It's easily one of the hottest collections of amateur chicks you'll ever see. These ladies know how to make a man hard!

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