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Free Anime Passport

Free Anime Passport

Content quality: 22.0 of 25
Content quantity: 15.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 17.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 17.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Free Anime Passport

Your Free Anime Passport is part of a setup with the All Access Network, and you can actually get free access to this site for life, if you play your cards right. You sign up for free access to the network, and then you have a trial period during which time you must cancel your membership or else get your first bill of around $40.00 per month. There may be other cross sales too, other sites included that you have to cancel. But if you get all that right, you then get to continually access the free section of the network, and this area does seem to get updates, so you can stay with it for as long as you want and still get new content.

Main Idea:

It’s all about Anime here, and images, drawings, artwork, Manga, Series and Comics and Hentai animations. It’s a small collection but a good one, though I don’t know if it is exclusive at all. You can stream the animations and there are versions for download and for mobile phones as well. The rest of the content in online and can be easily browsed, though you can always save the images if you want. And the content is made up of your classic Anime action with petite girls with wild hair and squeaky voices, and then older men, or teen looking boys, or some strange creatures in hardcore, lesbian and fantasy action.

Members Area:

There are two parts to the members’ area though at first you will probably see them both together. You have a strip, a menu, for the VIP area, and that is the area you can access if you have paid for the network access, though it is actually all in the same place as the free area. The free stuff comes with a top menu of its own, in grey and this is what you should be able to use all the time regardless. To the left and right of the central page you have column of links and adverts, top lists and suggested scenes, though some of these items are also restricted by the membership you may have.

But, clicking through the grey menu and finding the content brings you index pages that can be reordered and filtered and you can select how many samples of content you have per page. These pages are easy to use and everything is well set out. Image galleries come with high and low resolution viewing and with easy navigation plus zip file downloads, though there were no slideshows. The movie clips come with a stream and a couple of download options. The viewing pages for content also carry lists of other items you might like to see, but some of these may be restricted to the network access deal.

You are able to rate the content and make comments on it, so there is some interactivity here, though it is limited, and there is a search box you can use as well. There is an Add to favourites function and you link to the stored favourite items is in that left hand column, at the top. There are other options but some of them may not apply to the free membership deal, so you will need to check what you can access once you are inside.


There is not a great deal of free content to be had for your Free Anime Passport, though it does carry upload dates and, looking at these, it seems that the site is updating the sections around once per week, so as long as that stays on track you should be seeing more content over time. When I called in there were 16 image galleries, 12 Manga, 12 Series and 49 Hentai clips. The main network held hundreds more pieces of content and I was able to access that with my membership, though I did have unrestricted access as part of my deal, and when you are on the Free only deal, you don’t get all that.

The content quality is good, there is no doubt about that. It is all well drawn and well made, it comes from Asia or Japan and the language of the clips is Oriental. It’s your classic Anime porn content with skinny young girls and strange looking men, or other sexy girls with big boobs, teenagers, folk with strange coloured hair and all manner of sex going on; anal, oral, boob-wanks, jerk offs, first time, medical examinations and so on. Galleries are mixed and hold solo images, around 15 to 20 pics each and the Series section holds galleries that have the same series of pics and here there are often over 200 per set.

Movie clips run for one to five minutes each and can easily be streamed. The download files are available in Mobile format at 480 x 270 @ 950 kbps and the stream and download H264 was at 640 x 480 @ 1,800 kbps, kind of DVD standard. The quality was fine, both with the large images and the videos, the colour good, the artwork good and there’s nothing to complain about with the content at all, except to say that there probably isn’t very much of it.


Your bonuses are really only included if you have the full network access and in that case you have to pay for it; so there are no real bonuses with the free, lifetime, membership.

Pros & Cons:


  • Some nice artwork;
  • Easy site to use;
  • Good quality content;
  • Available for free.


  • Can be tricky to get the free access;
  • Not a very large site;
  • I don't think the content is exclusive.

On the one hand you can get free access to a nice set of Anime and Hentai content that is good quality and horny to view, but on the other there is not much of it. You will need to be aware of the small print when you sign up as you can easily find yourself paying per month if you don’t cancel you membership to the network. But once inside and safe you should find updates to the content list, some horny drawings and clips and, all being well, you will be able to stay and see any updates that might come in and stay for as long as you want.


“It’s fine as long as you can get through the minefield and sign up and then cancel and then you get your free access, but it is easy to get caught out, or to forget to cancel and so on. It’s not a large collection but for Anime fans a free access will be well worth it; I’d see it as an addition to any other Anime sites you've joined, rather than a replacement to them.”

“Not sure about the updates. I am sure they have the same amount of content there now as they did a couple of months back and they just changed the dates. Will need to check back to make sure about that. Nice stuff though, what there is of it, lets; hope it adds more content as you can see it all in one day.”

“I never trust these free things and so keep a close eye on my bank statement for a while after cancelling; in this case though it seems I need not have worried. I signed up for the network, got my two free days there and then cancelled it and it still works fine.”

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