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Free 3D Passport

Free 3D Passport

Content quality: 23.0 of 25
Content quantity: 15.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 18.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 15.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Free 3D Passport

Apparently there are some things in life that are free, such as access to this, the Free 3D Passport. What happens is: you sign up and give you card details, and you get free access to the Free Passport Network. You then have a certain amount of time in which to cancel that membership, if you don’t want all the extra benefits that come with it. When you cancel you still keep your access to the 3D site. There may be other pre-checked cross sales to watch out for during the join process. But, once inside, you find you have access to the 3D site and others (until you cancel), and that your membership includes 3D animation videos and galleries.

Main Idea:

By 3D they mean computer generated 3D effect movies and pics, rather than movies made with real people that you need to wear special glasses for, so it’s more like Anime than realistic 3D. It’s more of a toon site that a reality one. But it is one that has some neat movies and some nice drawings. There’s a leaning towards depictions of young and petite girls and older guys, and towards girls with almost impossibly big boobs, but always hardcore and always fantasy. The sites has a standard design and it all works fine and it also seems to be updating every few days.

Members Area:

You have two sides to this members’ area in that you have VIP access, if you go for the paying membership and you have standard access if you go only for the free one. The paying one will cost around $40.00 per month, and that’s what kicks in if you don’t cancel during the trial period. But looking at the free side of Free 3D Passport I found I had four menu items: Home, Movies, Pictures and Hot Sites. (The VIP area includes some feeds too.)

Home give you the latest updates plus movies and pictures of the day. There’s a list of items down the left hand side and these include things like top models, top scenes, a list of content and also some extras, though I am not 100% sure if you keep access to the large DVD theatre when you only have the free access. Click to Movies and you find index pages neatly set out with various ways to view them, and ways to reorder them, sample shots and dates, and you click one of the revolving sample images to access the viewing page for the scene or clip.

These viewing pages are pretty basic but they do allow you to leave comments and there are simple instructions on how to download the clips. Movies come with screenshots under them which enable you to jump through the action. Galleries are set out in the same way, with index pages leading to thumbnail pages and then those thumbs leading to enlargements. They are also simple pages and the images come with basic viewing options. You can also rate the content and add it to a favourites area. That’s it really when on the Free pass, a very simple and basic site that has a standard design looks OK, runs OK and offers some interactivity and no technical hassles.


I’d say this was more like Toon and Anime content than what we now call 3D. These days 3D tends to mean, filmed with two cameras and technically arranged so you need to wear glasses and all that. These movies are computer generated hardcore porn with a bit of an Asian edge. Some of the movies give you small, petite girls squealing and screaming their way through sex sessions with older and bigger men and some of the galleries give you pictures of girls with cocks and also of big beefy guys with dicks, so perhaps there’s something for the ladies in here is well. Which is one way of saying this is a real mixed bag of content.

In the Free area I found 49 movies dating back 12 months, which suggests an update schedule or around one new clip or scene each week. These movies were shown with H264 MP4 files to download and the stream. The quality was fine that way and the stream went full screen with no loss of quality. These do look like Japanese movies, with the cocks fuzzed out and censored, so the BJs and the hardcore fucking are pretty mashed up; though you can still make out what is going on. So, good quality, a lot of younger looking girls, Asian girls, and all kinds of hardcore fantasy situations and women depicted, though with limited viewing choices.

The same kind of content appears in the galleries of Toons and Anime drawings and there were 47 galleries when I was viewing. To give you an idea of content here there were, on one page, big boobed girls, dungeon fantasies, BDMS depictions, monsters and girls, transsexuals and solo male galleries. All cartoons, all with a computer generated look but no need to find your 3D glasses. Again, it looks like updates happen each week.


You have to pay for your bonuses, in that you have to keep the main network access and that can cost up to $40.00 per month. Read the small print on the join pages carefully.

Pros & Cons:


  • Some good drawings and neat animations;
  • Easy enough site to use and get around;
  • Weekly updates;
  • Can be free access for ever.


  • Not what we now call 3D movies/pics;
  • Tricky to negotiate the access and get the free option, watch out;
  • Not a very big site;
  • More like an Anime or Toon site.

Yes, it is possible to get a Free 3D Passport and have access to this site for nothing forever, but you will have to read the small print and negotiate the join pages carefully to do so, so watch out for that. When you do you find a small but growing site where there are toons, Anime, animations and other kinds of drawn and created content, often with a Japanese flavour. And that means some censorship and some very young looking ‘girls’ who squeak a lot. The beat deal is really the full VIP membership but this can be costly so check your options and make sure you know what you are letting yourself in for when you sign up.


“It’s not really what I’d call 3D either, I was expecting to wear my glasses and see hot babes fucking with hot guys in full 3D, this is like an Asian toon site and it’s hard to get it for free without falling into pitfalls and ending up paying loads extra. What’s here is OK, but it’s not what I was expecting.”

“You do need to read the stuff on the join page and work out how and when to cancel your membership otherwise you get hit for around $40.00 each month. So you have been warned! Not the best free giveaway site ever if you ask me and not really 3D. Some nice stuff in it, but it’s not for me.”

“It’s OK, not great, pretty small, but I like some of the animations, there’s some real fantasy stuff here and they are only cartoons at the end of the day. There are some computer generated 3D effects but nothing dazzling, nice set of extras and bonuses if you go for the full membership though including thousands of ‘real’ DVDs to watch.”

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