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Frat Boyfriends

Frat Boyfriends

Content quality: 18.0 of 25
Content quantity: 16.0 of 25
Design and usability: 6.0 of 10
Originality: 16.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 16.0 of 20
Actual pricing:
  • 1 Day: $1.20
  • 1 Month: $29.95

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Site Details:

Frat Boyfriends

Everyone wants to now what goes on in those macho hotbeds of degradation and bad behaviour, the frat houses of colleges. We all want to see shat supposedly straight guys get up to behind closed doors and don’t we all just love those real footage videos of guys being hazed, and initiated? Well, the tour at Frat Boyfriends tells us that the content inside is grabbed from hacked social networking sites and gathered together in the members area. An area that actually holds content from eight reality, pure amateur, homemade pics and video, self-submit sites. And, for a decent sign up fee, you get to access that content with your one set of log in details.

Main idea:

We are looking at Frat House antics here, so says the tour. There you can see video clips from the content that is offered inside. Real gay guys shooting their own footage that they then shared safely (or so they thought) online, but which has now been hacked and made available to the members of this site. We are in for photos, and those movies taken on cell phones and video cameras, and the guys promised to us are all college students, fresh from home, new to the world and yet horny, smooth and happy to show all they have on their homemade videos. Little did they know that we’d then be seeing them all.

Member's area:

The first thing you see when you click in here is a top menu taking you to the extras. The design is a little old fashioned, there’s nothing flash or gimmicky about this members’ area. That’s ok, it will, hopefully, make it easy to use. Scroll down to find the eight bonus areas that are included. I say areas as these ‘sites’ all open up within the set of pages you are in, so you don’t actually go to a new site when you select one. (More about these areas later.) You are actually in an area called Boyfriend Pass and it’s a network with very similar content all arranged into those eight areas.

Scrolling down further you come to the content you signed up for; the frat boys. Here you have 18 sample pics per page and, currently, three pages. There is also a little tab saying ‘looking for pics?’ When you click this you get to a large selection of images that appear to come from all the sites/areas in the network. You’ll notice that the upload dates are published, which is always a good sign, and that content gets star ratings. You, as a member, can rate the content if you want to and change the ratings; you can also add things to a favourites area and create your own store of hot pics or vids. I did find some missing images in some galleries, but not enough to give cause for too much complaint and that was about the only technical issue I had with the site.

The galleries come with good navigation buttons and its; easy to flick through the pics. The initial images are a decent size and you can open them in a new window at a larger size too. Clicking back to check out the videos I found that each one had a whole heap of viewing options. There are full scenes, downloads in Flash, Mp4, DivX, 3Gp and WMV and clips to download or stream in the same file types. Surely everyone is going to find something there to use?


But I did have an initial problem with the videos. They are not all genuine, frat boys’ home videos. There were 46 videos available when I clicked the Frat Boyfriends image in the eight areas of the site – and I clicked it because the picture was of a smooth college guy getting a BJ in a bar, or similar. It looked real. But could I find it in my video list?

No, I found only two, maybe three, clips here that actually looked like home-cam, self-submit, hacked from social networking sites, type content. The rest were just twink movies from I don’t know where. They were professionally shot and clearly not what I was expecting. That, I thought, was a bit of a rip-off especially after the big claims of the tour. At least these clips were longer than the average two minuets of the ‘real’ videos, which were also pretty nasty quality.

You get a similar service with the photos in that there are probably more professional, studio shoots than actual self-submitted homemade porn. There were 159 galleries and screen shot galleries here, with various amounts of pics in each. When opened they allowed to you click to any corresponding videos, which is s neat navigation tool, and they came with easy access – a simple click and you get an enlargement. The quality was fine, generally speaking and there were certainly a lot of pics. Each of these 159 galleries holds pics of all kinds, so you have a set built up, per gallery, of images from all over the place. You may find some ethnic and other ‘themed’ sets, because this content is the full network gallery content, it seems, and you will find some frat boy style guys posing in front of mirrors, flashing their big cocks and cameras at the same time. It’s a bit hit and miss but it’s great fun to browse through.

Bonus features:

Click the bonus sites tab and you find those eight other sites that I call areas. You’ve already seen their photo content as the gallery area for each site is the same, but they all carry a variety of videos too. Real College BFs comes close to the theme we’ve bought into, and here there were 54 videos which looked very similar to the ones we’d seen – that is, possibly studio made content not self-submitted.

Cons and pros:


  • It’s an easy site to use;
  • You’ve got good download and streaming choices;
  • There are eight sites/areas in total;
  • Updates happen daily.


  • Not very much homemade porn at all;
  • The galleries are shared by all eight sites;
  • The quality of some videos is low;
  • The tour is a bit misleading.

Yes, well, I don’t know… it wasn’t what I was expecting. I was hoping for much more of the adult tube style content that the tour suggested I was going to get. I wanted more, real, frat boys in wild parties and voyeuristic moments. I wanted each site to have its own set of pics and not share a gallery, and I wanted more information about what was on show. Maybe I wanted too much. It’s a fun place for a while but soon you run out of things to view, and so you may not want to stay around for a long time. But you do seem to get a new gallery every day, though these, like the videos, are an oddly mixed bunch.

Featured comments:

Hardly worth bothering with if you ask me. It’s fine for a while as you've got some really hot twink clips – but we were after frats. You’ve got some really neat ebony and hung guy pics too, but not a lot of the content that the tour advertised. I dropped in for a month and then left, maybe it’s just me but it didn’t seem to be a site that leapt out and grabbed.

Yeah, more of the college bys flashing their straight cocks, hazing each other, getting initiated and stripped, humiliated and played with; that’s what I thought I was gunna get. Instead I got lost of twink sex with young teen guys making out. The photos are definitely better than the videos but you don’t want to pay all that just for a photo site.

I don’t know. I liked it. There’s lots to see, lots of variety, you've got all those files to download, your videos and different players I mean, the quality of most of it is fine and as long as you know what you’re getting you won’t complain. You've actually got eight sites combines into one, I guess, and more content comes every day. And it’s always on the right theme. Well, it’s all about good looking younger guys I mean and that’s fine with me.

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