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Fetish Network

Fetish Network

Content quality: 19.0 of 25
Content quantity: 22.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 18.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 18.0 of 20
Actual pricing:
  • 2 days: $1.00
  • 1 month: $39.95
  • 3 months: $69.95

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Content updates: Not regular | Review last updated:

Site Details:

Fetish Network

Network Details:

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Sometimes it's just not enough to see a big dick sliding into a tight pussy and fucking it hard. Sometimes you need something more than that. You want to see a girl tied up. You want to see her tits slapped. You want to watch as hot wax is dripped onto her body and she moans in pain. You want to see her try to escape from her captor to be relieved of the pain that he's visiting on her body. You want to hear her moaning through her gag because it's uncomfortable. You want to explore fetish porn and while there are plenty of sites that allow you to do so there are surprisingly few fetish porn networks that give you a whole bunch of sites for the price of one. Fetish Network is simply named and they've put together a nice collection of 20 sites covering lots of sexy fetish action for the pleasure of the horny men out there. It's time that you embrace your fetish desires.

Main idea:

The folks behind Fetish Network know that there are lots of guys out there that want something kinky, naughty and sexy for their pornographic pleasures. There are guys that want more than hardcore sex. They want rope bondage and pain and a little bit of femdom thrown in for super kinky fun. That's what these sites are made for. They will help you experience those things and channel your inner sexual desires. Prepare to live the dream of fetish pleasures.

Member's area:

The first thing you'll see after logging in is the most recent updates but as it turns out those are lies. I did some research and the content counts on these sites haven't changed in months. In fact, some of them have actually gotten smaller. I would guess that they peel content off the back end, hold it for a few months and then add it like it's something new. It feels like you're getting fresh content as a member but they're really just fucking with you to make sure they don't have to shoot or lease any actual new content. I hate it when sites do that.

This is a big network though so despite the fact that they're fucking with the content counts there's still a great deal of porn. They do have more than 20 fetish sites to check out, after all. The designs leave a little something to be desired since it's about as bland as humanly possible. They list 18 scenes per page with a little picture and the names of any notable pornstars that might be in the scene. Other than that it's pretty clean. Visit the page for any particular scene and you'll see some preview pictures and links to the video download.

For the most part this is a collection of fetish videos at 468x312 (or thereabouts). That should be better, especially since it seems like most of these scenes were pulled from DVDs. The fact that they're not just DVD quality is a little disappointing. There are very few picture galleries but when you come across one you'll find it's at 1200px. That's a good size for pictures; I just wish they had more of them on some of the sites.


Fetish Network is loaded with fetish content, not surprisingly. Before we get into specifics I want to mention that for the most part it feels like these scenes are old. It's not that they're low resolution but that a lot of them look like they were pulled from VHS tapes. That's probably not the case but they have that look and in some cases it's bad enough to ruin the experience. That's rare though. Most of the time you just get to enjoy all the hot fetish smut.

There are four major categories the fetish porn falls into. The first is BDSM. These are the sites where girls are tied up, gagged, put in chains, whipped and made to experience pain in a great many ways. There's a whole lot of rope bondage, a number of bondage devices put to use and lots of domination. Kinky Carmen features female domination to the extreme and it's my favorite among this collection. I just love how wild and crazy she's willing to get, like when she uses an arm sized strapon dildo on a guy. Smothering comes up in a few of the scenes and again female domination comes into play as powerful women drop their asses and pussies onto guys to make them lick and suck.

There are three spanking sites and they are the best I've ever seen. Seriously, I have never experienced such spanking, caning and whipping videos. They are genuinely whacking these girls. The caning is my favorite because it leaves such impressive marks. You know the girls are in genuine pain when you can see bruises form almost immediately after the cane strikes. The spanking is really loud too; I love hearing the sounds of pain reverberate. There are two smoking fetish sites as well and they are beautiful. The content is dominated by solo babes hanging out naked and smoking but they also have smoking blowjobs and smoking hardcore. In addition to the fetish sites they have a big boob site, a shemale site and a mature site that are totally out of place.

Cons and pros:


  • A huge collection of really good fetish content;
  • The best spanking porn movies I've ever seen;
  • A wide variety of bondage types and pain inflictions;
  • Unique niches explored.


  • They update but the content counts never change; sometimes they go down;
  • Video quality is lacking;
  • Design is bland as hell;
  • Downloads can be exceptionally slow.

Fetish Network offers you a big collection of hot fetish porn. There are 20 sites that deal with specific, naughty fetishes for your pleasure and across them they have a great collection of smut. They update but don't actually grow the content collection so I don't think that counts. That's annoying and the video quality leaves something to be desired but on par I think it's well worth the money for someone with a fetish for fetish porn. BDSM, spanking, smoking and smothering are the four main niches but of course there's a whole bunch of stuff you can do within the BDSM niche and they explore just about all of it. Variety is what makes this site special.

Featured comments:

I've been a member of Fetish Network for a while and the thing they do with the updates is infuriating. I haven't paid closed enough attention to really figure out what's going on but I know that the content count never actually grows. They're not shooting new content, I know that for sure. Whatever they're doing sucks, I know that much.

The videos at Fetish Network are oddly crappy looking, at least for the most part. It's like they were filmed 20 years ago and have just now been put on the web. I guess that's cheaper than shooting their own content but it's one of the things that will always keep this site from being truly great.

There are a whole lot of reasons to complain about Fetish Network but there are also plenty of reasons to love the site. Watching all the wild stuff that Kinky Carmen does, including huge strapon fucking and fisting of men, is worth the price of admission alone. Then there are all those other sites you can have fun with. It's amazing!

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