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Ferro Network

Ferro Network

Content quality: 22.0 of 25
Content quantity: 23.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 18.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 18.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Ferro Network

Network Details:

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7 more sites in network
Ferro Network 88
Moms Give Ass 75
Anal Screen 84
Gays Fuck Guys 74
Horny Old Gents 79
Lacy Nylons 77
Pantyhose Jobs 82

Porn networks are becoming increasingly popular online but there are still many areas of porn pleasure that haven’t gotten the representation they deserve. You can find a network of regular hardcore sites but you can’t find one that gives you tons of pantyhose sites or a slew of high quality shemale sex sites. Those networks probably wouldn’t be as popular as the big ones but there’s still room for them. Ferro Network attempts to fill a few of those particular spaces. It’s a weird combination of sites they have. There are 15 pantyhose sites and then they have 8 shemale sites. I would imagine desires for those two types of porn don’t often overlap, making the idea of paying an astounding $85 for the first month of membership a little tough to deal with (it’s $50/month after that). Nevertheless they do content here that other networks won’t touch so we’re going to check them out.

Main idea:

Ferro Network is a huge group of sites loaded with downloadable videos and picture galleries featuring all different types of pornography. If you enjoy stockings and pantyhose you can browse their impressive collection of sites in that niche. If you like shemales then they have plenty of those. If it’s strapon sex you delight in then you should give them a look. If for some reason you like all of that content along with lesbians and matures and a little bit of gay action then you might actually get your money’s worth.

Member's area:

After logging in you’re looking at a page a lot like the tour. They have all the sites listed by their niche and the newest sites at the top of the page. They’re pretty good about adding fresh sites on a regular basis. You can browse the page or you can use the links at the top that will take you to all the content categories. You have to log in to each site separately and it proves to be a pain in the ass. They’re all under the Ferro Network domain so it doesn’t make a ton of sense.

The sites are all designed in the same basic manner. On the main page they have your options which are always limited to pictures and videos or just one of the two. They list six picture galleries per page with a small thumbnailed image and the name of the model. In the actual image galleries the thumbnails are so small it’s almost impossible to know what you’re seeing. That’s such a sloppy, crappy design choice it’s almost unforgiveable. 70px is not big enough for me to make out what’s happening in the picture! The full size images run from 1000-1500px depending on when they were published. They look terrific.

They display four videos per page and again each has a thumbnail and the name of the models. Most of the time when you click to download you’re going to see that same thumbnail and nothing else. That’s a problem. It’s impossible to know what actually happens in the scene or even what the models look like in most cases. The videos play at 720x480 and roughly 2000kbps so they look good. Download speeds are generally good. The design elements are sloppy though and they could be fixed with minimal effort. Just a few more preview pictures and maybe a description for the videos would do wonders.


The content at Ferro Network is divided into the following categories: pantyhose, shemale, strapon, lesbian, mature, feet, anal, gay and old men. There are 21 pantyhose/nylon sites, 8 shemale sites, 5 strapon sites, 8 mature sites, 5 lesbian sites, 4 feet sites, 5 anal sites, 2 gay sites and 2 old men sites. The sites feature a mix of videos and pictures. Some have only pics and some have only videos and some have both. Most of the picture galleries in the network come with a zip file. The videos are sometimes downloadable in full length clips and sometimes they’re broken into 3-5 smaller clips.

The content here at Ferro Network is unique and it stands apart because of that. You’re not going to find this much pantyhose porn anywhere else. They do tons of variety from guys fucking chicks in pantyhose to guys wearing pantyhose while fucking chicks to lesbian pantyhose sex to matures in pantyhose and more. They even have a shemale pantyhose site. They do lots of content where shemales fuck guys too so if that’s your thing you should give their sites a quick look.

The Ferro Network is good but it’s not great because everything feels a little stale. In many of the shemale scenes it seems as though the chicks with dicks are bored. They’ll look away while they’re fucking and they won’t make any noise. Sometimes they can’t stay hard. There’s a sissy site where guys dress as girls and get fucked by guys and a lot of times the dude doing the fucking can’t keep his dick hard. In most of the strapon sites you don’t get good thrusting into the guy’s asshole. Instead the girls put the dildo in and then sort of move their hips around a little. It’s kind of boring. In most of the scenes it feels too much like the performers are well aware that there’s a camera pointed at them and they’re not comfortable. There’s also the fact that they charge a ridiculous $85 for the first month’s membership. I know they’re offering a lot of content but that’s crazy.

Cons and pros:


  • Tons of unique porn;
  • A huge number of pantyhose sites;
  • Good shemales fucking guys porn;
  • New sites added with some frequency.


  • Incredibly expensive;
  • Scenes feel bland in many ways;
  • Many sites don’t update;
  • Many design problems.

Ferro Network is an expensive collection of porn sites that offers you an impressive variety of content for your money. The site is worth joining for pantyhose lovers and it’s worth considering for shemale lovers. If it’s the other niches you’re really keen on then you should move along because they’re not quite good enough. Even the stuff they do well feels a little neutered because they don’t seem to have gotten their actors loose enough or ensured that they’re invested enough in the scene to really sell it. All the scenes feature non-English speakers as well so there’s no verbal aspect to the porn. There are reasons to like the site but the expense is intense.

Featured comments:

I can’t believe they think it’s okay to charge so much money for a membership to Ferro Network. Who on Earth would pay that much to join this collection of ragtag sites? It seems like a great deal and it seems like they have all this amazing content for you but in the end it turns out they really don’t have great stuff.

My complaint was stated above but I can’t help but make it again. It seems like in many of these scenes that the performers are just uninterested. I assume they’re getting paid so it seems like they should make a greater effort to get into it. I want to hear some moans of pleasure and I want to see the dicks staying rock hard.

The strapon sex on these sites is largely awful. I was surprised at how bad it was in fact. The girls take their strapon dildos and put them in the guy’s asshole and that’s pretty much it. They’re wearing cheap dildos (why didn’t they pay for better ones?) and the guys are obviously not experienced enough to take them.

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