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Fatties On Film

Fatties On Film

Content quality: 20.0 of 25
Content quantity: 15.0 of 25
Design and usability: 6.0 of 10
Originality: 15.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 15.0 of 20
Actual pricing:
  • 3 days: $1.95
  • 1 month: $39.95

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Site Details:

Fatties On Film

Network Details:

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Do you dream of fat women at night? Do you see a chubby babe walk by in a tight top and wish that you could whip out your dick right there and start jerking off? Do you want a fat slut sitting on your cock with her huge tits and all her flab bouncing in front of you? I maintain that chubby chasers are the luckiest dudes on the planet because they have such a huge selection of ladies to go after. Fat chicks provide plenty of pleasure in porn movies too. At Fatties on Film you can watch their flesh jiggle like crazy as they get pounded and that's always been my favorite part of a chubby girl porn movie. I like it best when the fat slut is bent over and we can watch her big tits, her big stomach and her big thighs shake and bounce as the cock slides into her pussy from behind. They've got scenes like that here!

Main idea:

Fatties on Film is largely self-explanatory. Read the title and you have a pretty good idea of what's going on here. Chubby chicks are sucking and fucking in downloadable videos. Some of them are playing solo and using toys to make their pussies happy but for the most part it's all about the pleasure of fat girls and cock. Check out the tour for the BBW site and you can play free video trailers and check out pictures from the movies. You can read descriptions of the fat girl fucking too.

Member's area:

I'm not overly impressed with the design of Fatties on Film. It's part of a big network of sites and they use the same basic design for all of them while changing the colors and some of the graphics. That kind of design almost always results in crappy-looking sites and that plays out here. It's pretty easy to get what you want though. The most recent network updates are near the top of the page and the most recent updates featuring fat sluts are right below that. They also have a list of the highest rated videos.

When you're browsing the scenes you'll see that they've give you three small screencaps from each along with a titillating description. It's usually enough to make a selection and then you get to download the videos. They've split each into seven parts and there's a full length clip available as well. They provide a screenshot of each fat hardcore clip so you know what you're seeing and I love having the flexibility to download only what I'm interested in whether it's a fatty sucking cock or a fatty getting ass fucked.

The photo galleries are laid out in an easy-to-use manner but they're actually just screen captures so they're almost entirely useless to me. I don't find screencaps to be interesting when there's a movie I can watch. The rest of the site is comprised of bonus content and advertisements (they have a button for “live shows” and that's just an ad so they can squeeze a little more money out of you. The bonus sites are nice but they've mixed a bunch of crappy, streaming-only content in with the actual sites that have downloadable content and that's frustrating.


There are 47 scenes at Fatties on Film and those scenes look good at DVD resolution. I've combed over the member's area and I'm pretty sure they should have made some mention of how all the ladies are mature in the site's title because it's a little misleading. It's more like fat old chicks on film. They're in their 40s, 50s and 60s; there are a few fat grannies fucking here! I say that to inform you though; I don't necessarily think it's a bad thing that the ladies are old and chubby. In fact, their old age means that they have lots of sexual knowledge they can use to please the young men they screw.

Most scenes are twosomes with the fat old babe and a young man that desperately wants to screw her body. The guys get blown by the fatties and then they pound some pussy. There's occasionally some fat pussy eating and that's among my favorite things to see because the guys often get lost in the waves of flesh down there. The women of Fatties on Film range from chubby to fat but there aren't many truly enormous chicks here. It's more like what normal women in the latter period of their lives look like. By that time they've put on weight as a result of being mothers or not taking care of themselves and so they're chubby and flabby.

If you're looking for the truly enormous and obese babes you sometimes see online then you should probably checkout another site. This one is for fat old babes with wet pussies that crave being filled by aggressive and horny young guys. The dudes get to pound hot pussy and the ladies will make them so happy. One of my favorite things about the site is seeing the old slut take facials. They close their eyes and they actually look thrilled when the semen starts hitting them. There are 80+ bonus sites associated with Fatties on Film and they're a mixed bag. Most are made up of scenes pulled from DVDs so there isn't a lot of original content. They have a few that feature fat chicks though and those are fun.

Cons and pros:


  • 47 hot scenes featuring fat sluts fucking;
  • Lots of bonus sites.


  • No updates;
  • Picture galleries are crap;
  • Bonus sites are largely non-exclusive content;
  • The site is too expensive at $39.95/month.

Fatties on Film is a good site that charges too much money for access. $40/month is an exorbitant price for any site but it's particularly bad when that site has only 47 scenes and doesn't update. That's just not enough content to warrant a membership when the scenes do nothing special. The content is good but it's not so good that you couldn't find the same kind of action elsewhere. I like Fatties on Film because I like seeing the mature chubby chicks get fucked and take facials. I love seeing their big bodies jiggle! I don't like Fatties on Film because they charge a bunch of money for access, the bonus sites are almost all filled with non-exclusive videos and the picture galleries are just screen captures. Your membership decision depends on what you think of the content on the tour because it's representative of what lies inside.

Featured comments:

Is it really worth spending $40/month to see 47 scenes of mature fat chicks sucking and fucking? I'm pretty sure it's not and that's why I canceled my membership after the free trial I signed up for. The content is good but it's nowhere near great and I can't imagine shelling out so much cash for something that's not great.

They should be striving for greatness at Fatties on Film and they're not. They're okay with being mediocre and I'm not okay with paying for the privilege of experiencing mediocre content. I demand better from my sites, especially when they're asking me to pay a bloody $40 for access. Holy crap!

Fatties on Film needs to start filming more content. I'm sick of these site networks that think because they give you so much bonus content that you're going to be okay with them not adding fresh stuff. It pisses me off. What if I'm only interested in the fat chicks? Then I've paid $40 for 47 scenes and I feel like I've been bent over and boned.

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