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Fat Sitting

Fat Sitting

Content quality: 25.0 of 25
Content quantity: 12.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 18.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 16.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Fat Sitting

If you fancy something slightly different from the norm, then you’re looking in the right place. This is a stand-alone site that comes with a few extra feeds included, but mainly it’s about showing you its own exclusive content. It has a sign up price which reflects the small size of the site, and there is a one day trial though it may limit you to only one video; it does recur at the standard membership price though, not at a much larger amount. The content is made in-house, there are streams and downloads, pics and video caps, and it is a site that stays with its pretty unique niche.

Main Idea:

And that niche is a cross between face sitting and femdom with some hardcore added into the mix as well. Fat Sitting gets to grips with some pretty immense girls and gets them dominating some poor old European guys, with face sitting and bondage, and it also takes us off in to the inevitable hardcore fuck fests that follow. As a member you get to collect these movies and their accompanying galleries and you get to see action that won’t be found anywhere else. The site only seems to update about once per month, which is a bit of a downside, but it certainly sticks to its niche.

Members Area:

Once inside you land at a home page where the updates are all features in a long list heading down. I say long, there’s not a lot of content here, but it is all sampled with large sample images and a write up. You can give each scene a thumbs-up or down on this page, and you can also click the Watch Scene links to get to viewing pages. Everything is neatly set out, there are some adverts on the page but they are at the bottom, and there’s a top menu that runs across the top. More on that in a moment.

Clicking to a viewing page you find the sample image, the thumbs-up or down, and the descriptions. There is also a place to leave and read comments and the site has the basic interactive functions you find on most good adult sites. There is then the choice to view videos, photos or screens (screen caps). The Video viewing page has the option of one stream and four downloads and keeps the comments facility live. The galleries come with simple thumbnail pages leading to individual pics which then have forward and back buttons. There are also zip file downloads to take full sets.

Moving through the top menu you come to Favourites, where you find those adverts again; they are for similar sites. The site doesn’t carry an ‘add to favourites’ function like many sites do, so this area is reserved solely for advertisements, which you also find on the Relayted Sites page (their spelling). There is a link to a page for Cams which is a cam site plug in, free to start with but you'll have to pay to fully use, and a similar one for Dating. Your extras are fond on a Movie Feeds page and each feed opens in a new window. So, it’s all very easy and has a basic design that works. But we would like more information and perhaps a model index, and definitely some update news.


Heading back to the home page for a content count, as the content is only found on the Home page, I counted 24 scenes. The thing is, four months ago there were only 20 scenes, so although the site is updating it is only adding one scene per month. So an on-going monthly membership is basically costing you a month’s membership per scene. There is no update schedule and no news about when the next scene will be added. These are also full length scenes, around 20 to 30 minutes and come as one file, so some downloads are over 1Gb in size.

They are though HD scenes and I found a top resolution of 5,000 kbps @ 1,280 x 720 in Mp4 and WMV format. There are also iPod and iPhone versions to download. The other neat thing about the content is that it is exclusive and it should not appear anywhere else. The dialogue is also in something like Russian and the models are European, which adds another layer to the movies. And the action is all exactly as shown on the tour. There are some very big women here, stripped down and sitting on guys, using them for their own pleasure, gagging them, binding them and having fun with them. Then for some extra fun they allow the guys to fuck them and you get BBW hardcore action in your movies as well. It’s all well filmed, comes across quite naturally with nothing too false, and looks good.

And that can be said for the images as well where you have galleries of nicely sized digital stills. These galleries vary in number and individual pics blow up to good sizes. They follow the action through the scene and tell out the stories, such as they are, and they also give you the chance to collected posed shots. There is something like 150 to 175 pics per set and many more in the screen cap galleries. The quality of these is also good as the caps come from digital video.


You have 12 feed sites to view here but they are not on the BBW theme, nor the face sitting theme. They are general hardcore sites.

Pros & Cons:


  • Exclusive scenes that stay with their niche;
  • HD movies that are well shot and look good;
  • An easy site to navigate;
  • The basic interactive options are here;
  • Good galleries, good models and good screen caps.


  • There is not a lot of information and no model index;
  • There is no news on when or if new updates will be happening;
  • It’s still a small site.

Fat Sitting certainly goes on in his exclusive content site and here’s no arguing with that. These girls are big, they dominate the guys and they sit on faces and bodies as they play out their nasty games. Hardcore sex then follows and members can collect all this action. There is not a lot of content here and the site is only updating at the rate of once per month, and there is no definite news about dates. But you can leave comments and give rates and you’re also able to download the full scenes. There’ are a few non-exclusive bonuses but we would like to see more content.


“There’s only one choice to stream and not a lot of choice for downloads, so if you are on a slow connection then you will have trouble watching the movies as they are very big and heavy, which is quite appropriate really! Good movies but not a very friendly site to anyone not on a good broadband connection.”

“A bit of a let-down for me, all the scenes come across as being very similar even though the locations and ‘story’ changes, the girls are nice and big and bubbly and turn nasty and have fun. It’s OK for what it is but it could go so much further with its amount of content and it would be good to have scenes in parts as well as very big files.”

“Decent models, the ones you see on the tour, not too much viewing of the men, they kind of get lost under all that fat! Good quality, easy to use, but expensive for what you get, when’s the next update? No Favourites area, feeds are not on the same subject, chat and cam areas might as well not be there, simple design, all works fine though at least one gallery had no images in it.”

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