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Dr. Susan Block

Dr. Susan Block

Content quality: 25.0 of 25
Content quantity: 20.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 18.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 18.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Dr. Susan Block

This looks like a totally original show that needs no introduction from me. But you’re going to get one anyway as this really is something different, and it deserves your attention. You won’t find any promises of extras and bonus sites when you check out this tour but then there is so much going on inside that you are not going to need, or miss, any extras. You are looking at something totally unique that stands alone, on its own merits and quality, and which will not cost you a huge amount each month to be a part of.

Main idea:

So what is all the fuss about? It’s all about a Saturday night TV show that’s all about sex. The show goes out every Saturday at 10.30 PST and stars famed specialist of the erotic and mistress of sexual health, Dr Susan and a host of other sexy girls and guys. It’s all about sex. And you, dear member, are invited to every screening. But if you’re not around at that time then you can watch the recordings, the videos, the streams and see the image galleries too. There are now over 12 episodes to watch in full, and you can also see clips from each screening. There are various streams and downloads, the site is easy to navigate and use and you really do get a good and unique experience.

Member's area:

The members’ area is nice and ark, giving a good atmosphere. You are met with a lot of images from the studio, with dates and runtimes, and there is a top menu to guide you around. The page you start on is the Updates page which includes the most recent TV episodes, and you can click any one to get to see it online or to download it.

But you might want to know more about The Show first, and that’s the second tab in the menu. You may need to install a pug-in before you can continue here, depending on what you already have, I also had to fiddle with my firewall to get the video here to play. When it did I was looking at some backstage info and fun stuff that set the scene for me. I then went to the Videos tab to see what lay there and found loads of clips. These are selected parts of the show and, like the full scenes, or episodes, they run in a mix of players with streaming and downloading options available. Some of these ‘clips’ are a few minutes long while others are full episodes, but there is enough information around to show you what’s what.

Photo galleries area also presented in the same format with large sample shots leading, when clicked, to neatly set out thumbnail galleries, all set out on one page. There are slideshows and interactive options here, you are able to make comments and rate what you see. Here is also a model index in your menu and you can sort the guys and girls in various ways, or click a sample pic to get to a list of that star’s performances.

All in all the members’ area is easy to use, it’s got some basic interactive functions, and a contacts page, and there are decent viewing options for you. I didn’t see where or when to tune in for the actual live stream, presumably this is on the Show page where you find that continuous stream.


There are 110 pieces of content featured on the home page but these are not all full episodes. These are everything, with photo galleries and clips and episodes mixed in together. The content is then sorted out in the menu areas, with videos and pictures and The Show.

In the Videos area there was one page of 39 videos to watch. One of these was 119 minutes long, the rest were between three and 94. I guess you have to check the runtime to see what might be a whole episode and what might simply be a clip. Either way you have various ways to view the movies including H.264, WMV downloads at 2000k @ 640 x 360 and MP4 at 5000k @ 1280 x 720, with a large streaming Flash screen at around 1280 x 720, in your browser.

It looks like you don’t always get the same choices for viewing: with the full shows you have limited choices for viewing and the clips have the full range.

The action is wild and weird at times, but always fun and later horny, You can see from the sample pics that there is plenty of live porn going on, which is recorded for these videos. It’s a kind of erotic magazine show with chats and interviews, plus sex, and it really does go out live ever Saturday. It looks to be quite new too, as there isn’t that much content here; it’s a few episodes with lots of clips and good photo galleries. But it is fun, decent quality, well worth watching and a perfect alternative to your usual porn site.

Bonus features:

As I mentioned, there are no bonuses or extras here and only a few interactive features.

Cons and pros:


  • Totally unique and original;
  • Therefore totally exclusive too;
  • Great fun and horny at the same time with erotica and porn;
  • Lots of photos, good quality;
  • Several viewing options for clips.


  • Most videos are clips from the shows;
  • Not sure how to view the live show when it is being broadcast;
  • Not a lot of info about the actors.

I was very impressed by the uniqueness of Dr Susan Block TV, and she’s someone I've never heard of before so finding the site was, well, a real ‘find.’ It’s fun and horny, it gets sexy and there is porn, you can fish those moments out from the clips, and you can download the videos and galleries. You can also tune in once a week to watch as the show unfolds, and there are some backstage clips too. All in all it’s something different and something that you should tune into at least once and check out.


Dr Susan is known for her fetish porn, her sex radio show, her therapies and even has an institute for the erotic arts. She’s a porn doctor and she’ll take care of you here. Having her own TV show was inevitable really, it’s like watching Dr Ruth with dildos. Great show, nice site, fun to use and watch, and I like the way you can catch shows after they’ve aired, so you don’t miss anything.

A bit more information would suit me. More about the stars and eve Dr herself. More info about when I can tune in and where to catch the show, I’m new to the site so may not get all the in jokes and stuff either. Lots of fun going on that I wasn't a part of. Maybe that comes in time. But thanks for pointing the site out, it’s a completely different and unique thing to sign up to.

I’m glad I found it too. It is good news for the porn world to have something so unique. And yes, it makes sense when you think of her other porn and medical work. She’s a great gal and has a good TV personality too. And, if you don’t really want all that, you can still watch the show that stars many known porn stars and see all the hardcore clips and fetish stuff.

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