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Domina HD

Domina HD

Content quality: 21.0 of 25
Content quantity: 25.0 of 25
Design and usability: 5.0 of 10
Originality: 17.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 17.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Domina HD

You want a quick fix and you want it to be Fem-Dom? Then you want to have a membership to Domina HD. This is a very simple, but big, Tube style site that is packed with scenes all on the Fem-Dom theme. You can see the kinds of things to expect on the tour and the trailers, and you can take a well-priced sign up offer before signing in to a very simple members’ area. From there on in it is simply a question of which video to watch. There are no frills, nothing fancy, no downloads, simply scene after scene of a fetish nature, with women in charge, and all in good quality resolutions.

Main Idea:

The content, inside the members’ area, can be viewed across a set of index pages in, I guess, date order, but it is also arranged into five categories, and these headings tell you exactly what kind of content there is here: BDSM, FemDom, Ass to Mouth, Anal and Cum Swapping. You've got a large set of such videos and that’s it: Horny women, professional models and amateurs alike, and all kinds of guys from chubbies to porn models taking part in hardcore fetish scenes where the women rule. All kinds of settings, and all kinds of models means a lot of variety can be found and yet everything stays around the same themes.

Members Area:

I’ve seen some simple members’ areas in my time but this one really is the most simple. To the point of being bland. That’s why I said it’s the kind of site you want a membership to for when you need a quick fix. You’re not going to come in here and play with comments or rates, or a forum or discussions, you’re not going to spend ages searching around by keywords or reading descriptions of scenes you’re about to see; there’s none of that. There isn’t even a top menu really. You've got the title and then those five categories, and at the bottom of the page you have links to support, billing support, privacy etc. That’s it.

But between the heading and the bottom page links you've got sample shots of the scenes. These are a standard size and are set out in rows of five with a title each. That’s it, no dates or info as to where the scenes come from or who made them. And things stay simple when you click a sample image to view a scene. The page changes and there you have your stream screen. This has start and pause, you can jump through it on the slider, there’s a full screen mode and a volume control. And again, that’s it.

When you’ve seen your scene you use your back button to return to the index page and find another one. If you filter by the categories the only thing that changes are the sample images and the number of index pages. I didn’t even see a way of getting back to the home page which in fact, I think, was actually the FemDom category front page. It was all very easy in this members’ area, but as I say, also very bland.


And yet, that works well. As long as all you want to do is view hardcore scenes that are old and new, then you will be fine. The numbers are good here, if a little confusing. I logged in and was shown a page one of only eight, so at first I thought there was no much content here and I checked each category individually. Looking at index page numbers, there was variation with Cum Swapping having six pages, Anal having 303, FemDom having eight, BDSM with 19 and Ass to Mouth having 32, giving us a total of 368 pages. Now then, all of these pages, apart from the last one of each set, had 110 scenes or clips on it. Assuming that none of these scenes are doubled up and appear only once, that makes over 40,000 scenes, which is a bit mind blowing. Even if some of them are doubled up and appear in more than one category, there are around 33,000 in the Anal section alone.

So, the bottom line is that there is a load of porn to see here and it is all on the theme of BDSM and fetish play with girls on top. There are lesbian scenes, and scenes with guys, there are short scenes and longer, there are good quality ones and some that look like they’ve come from movies made in the 1980’s, possibly transferred from video tape to digital format. Each one comes with only one choice of Flash stream and, as we have seen, no other information.

Variety within the niche is provided and you’re not going to complain about the action: hardcore for sure with bondage, hot wax, face sitting, gags, nipple torture CBT and all the harder fetish things we like to see, and also with the more standard cock sucking and pussy fucking, plus all the anal. Domina HD is a really big and bulging collection of all things FemDom. As to whether it is all HD or not, well, I reckon some of the original tapes and files weren’t, but you get the best quality possible and most of the time that is almost HD, if not full HD.


There are no bonuses here.

Pros & Cons:


  • A massive collection of scenes;
  • Very easy to access each one;
  • Five categories and all content is FemDom fetish.


  • Only one choice of stream for viewing;
  • Not all full HD;
  • No information about anything;
  • No interactive options .

If all you want is a hardcore fetish scene to stream then this is the site Domina HD for you. There’s no downloading (unless you use a programme like Real Player to download the stream) and there is no information. There is no messing around and no getting involved. What there are though are thousands of hardcore and decent quality streams to view that all stay on target with the promised niche. As to whether these are all HD, well, no, but they are all a decent quality, some are clearly HD and some are older movies put into the best quality resolution possible, thus some work well at full screen.


“Probably the most basic site I've ever seen but then it is a tube site, kind of. You don’t know anything about when the scenes were made, who made them, who is in them or even runtimes, you really do only get one stream and that’s it. And for me that works really well, you just click and watch. And the action is steaming with all kinds of great to fetish stuff going on.”

“Totally ball breaking with the amount of fetish porn they’ve found and pulled together here and a really easy site to use. The only problem for me was knowing what I’d seen and what I hadn’t. After a while you could do with some kind of record keeping facility as you get lost in the forest of scenes.”

“Good site for hardcore spanking and fem-dom, for domination and humiliation, a great big collection of non-exclusive scenes from through the last twenty years or so and a great place to have bookmarked and tucked away. Not much good for collectors as there’s no downloads, and the quality isn’t always top class, but otherwise, it’s a fun and filled site to have around.”

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