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Discount Reality Sites

Discount Reality Sites

Content quality: 22.0 of 25
Content quantity: 23.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 18.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 18.0 of 20
Actual pricing:
  • 3 days: $1.95
  • 7 days: $9.95
  • 1 month: $39.95
  • 3 months: $69.95

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Site Details:

Discount Reality Sites

Network Details:

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6 more sites in network
Her First Lesbian Sex 81
Asian Parade 75
Her First Big Cock 78
Discount Reality Sites 88
Gang Bang Squad 81
Teens For Cash 77

There are quite a few reality porn networks online. It must be fairly cheap to produce reality porn because it's the one type of hot sucking and fucking content that you'll see priced so lowly. You get access to a huge number of sites for the price of one and the idea is that you'll never leave to join another site because you have so much choice. The most popular adult sites are these reality porn networks so you can see why so many different companies have chosen to get into the business. Discount Reality Sites is another entrant in the genre and it's run by folks with a great deal of experience as they've been producing porn for a long, long time. I know for a fact that most of the content on these sites is leased out to other sites that want to beef up their member's area but I also know that joining this site is the only way to download any of it. The only question is the quality of the content. That we'll find out when I do the review.

Main idea:

Like all reality porn networks Discount Reality Sites features a huge variety of smut. There are sites where girls get picked up off the street and brought back to the studio for a hot fuck. There are sites where sluts get gangbanged and hotties get fucked on a boat and sexy housewives get hammered and sluts are double penetrated and so on. The tour is a good place to have some fun as you get to browse pictures and trailers from all the sites. It's a cornucopia of hot porn action when you first visit the page as you see girls sucking and fucking like you wouldn't believe.

Member's area:

When you log in you'll see a list of 29 reality sites. Below that is another list, this time with 30 reality sites. It's the same sites with just one extra site in the bottom list, making it almost entirely pointless. After that waste of space they list the most recent updates and it's there that the disappointment begins. They claim at the top of the page 29 new girls every week and you discover that you're getting 10 new scenes a week at best. Sometimes they don't add anything, waiting two weeks before adding something new, which is pretty awful when you consider there are 30 sites in the collection.

All the sites have high definition video but they also all have streaming only scenes. There was a time when this network was exclusively streaming. They didn't let you download anything! At some point they switched to HD and started letting you grab what you wanted. Unfortunately, they didn't go back to at least give you a downloadable version of the old scenes even if it was lower quality. There are many other sites online that were in this same situation and from what I've seen they've all changed to let you download everything. Discount Reality Sites should be ashamed for keeping so much of the content at arm's length.

The streaming scenes are sort of useless, to be honest. When you have so many other sites that let you download everything you shouldn't even bother watching stuff streaming only. However, the high definition scenes are tremendous, even though they're technically 1068x600 so they're not really HD. There's so much about this collection of sites that seems lazy - not offering the old scenes for download, coming in just under true HD, etc - that it lags behind what other reality porn networks can offer you in many ways. Of course, most don't offer you videos this high resolution so it has its pluses and minuses.


Like any reality porn network the strength of Discount Reality Sites is all the variety. I can't go into every site but I figured I'd hit on the ones I like best. Gang Bang Squad features some of the best gang bangs I've ever seen with hot chicks getting fucked by 4-5 black guys. It's the interracial part of it that makes the porn so interesting, actually. Teens for Cash is fun because they really play up the element of these girls taking money to get fucked and it's usually by older guys so that's extra cool. Squirt Hunter is a good site for the guys that like to see ladies get fucked deep and make a big mess.

Wife Switch is one of the most convincingly done swinging sites I've seen. Obviously it's still pornstars fucking pornstars but they build it up nicely so by the time the couples are fucking you're into it and thinking that you're watching a husband and wife try something new. Housewife Bangers is fun in that they actually have the husbands watch as the ladies get fucked. Interracial is a big theme here at Discount Reality Sites as many of the videos, no matter the theme, feature a big black cock fucking a white slut.

The women of Discount Reality Sites are hit and miss. The farther you go back in the collections the uglier they get. It seems like when they first launched they were going for the genuine amateur thing and a side effect of that is that the girls just aren't as good looking, glamorous and polished as pornstars. On the other hand it's more authentic. A lot of the sites here feel incredibly derivative, like they were directly ripped from the more popular reality porn networks without any imagination. Bang Boat, Back Seat Bangers, Milf Seeker, Wild Fuck Toys, Bubble Butts Galore, Asian Parade and Hot Campus Teens all lack imagination and can be a little disappointing.

Cons and pros:


  • A great deal of high definition porn;
  • Enough updates to give you something new almost every day;
  • Good price for so much content.


  • A lot of the scenes are streaming only;
  • Many of the sites lack imagination and feel lazily done;
  • Some of the girls are downright ugly;
  • The update frequency is poor compared to other reality porn networks.

Discount Reality Sites is a second tier reality porn network. There are three or four that rise above all the others and this one can't compete. It's largely because they're not putting forth the effort. They don't update the sites very often, some of the setups are completely unimaginative and sometimes the girls are really disappointing. I know that they lease their content to other sites and I'm willing to bet they make a whole lot of money doing that and don't really care about your membership dollars all that much. That would explain why the sites lack the flair that others in the niche have. The one thing that sets this network apart is all the high definition content (even though it's not true HD at 1068x600). About a third of their scenes are done in the near-HD and they look terrific. Some networks don't come anywhere near that content quality.

Featured comments:

This is a puzzling collection of sites. It seems like they do everything right and then you get inside and it feels like they're not putting in the effort to make things great. It's hard to explain it exactly but if they filmed in HD why not just give us the true high definition videos? If you have all these sites and you promise to update them weekly then why don't you do it? It really feels like they don't care that much about keeping you around as a member.

There are flaws with Discount Reality Sites. It's just not good enough to compete with the best networks in the business so it seems to me that unless you're sick of those other sites that you should bypass this one entirely. Why bother with something that just isn't as good as everything else out there?

The thing that disappointed me most about Discount Reality Sites was the lack of new content. They give you new additions but with 30 sites I should be seeing at least 20 updates per week, not 7-10. If they wanted to keep up with the other reality porn networks out there they would be working just a little bit harder and they're definitely not.

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