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Dirty Wives Exposed

Dirty Wives Exposed

Content quality: 19.0 of 25
Content quantity: 23.0 of 25
Design and usability: 6.0 of 10
Originality: 18.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 16.0 of 20
Actual pricing:
  • 2 days: $1.00
  • 1 month: $39.95

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Site Details:

Dirty Wives Exposed

There are plenty of naughty wife porn sites online and I've always wondered who they appeal to most. My guess is that it's married men that like checking out a site like Dirty Wives Exposed. They like it because they dream about their wives being that naughty and slutty. They see a beautiful older babe giving her husband an amazing blowjob and they dream of what it would be like to be married to a woman like that. They see a wife bending over for anal sex and they think about boning their own wife in the butt and it makes them even harder. Porn is best when it inspires highly arousing thoughts in your head and for some guys there's nothing hotter than doing something forbidden and super naughty with their wife. If your lady won't take a facial you can just check out these sluts happily directing cum onto their faces.

Main idea:

Dirty Wives Exposed claims to be the biggest user-submitted housewife site online and while that's probably not true they seem to have a fair amount of content featuring sexy married chicks. Many of the babes featured on the tour are of the milf variety and that's probably smart since they're the most believable as dirty wives. They look good and there are some young sluts thrown in there too. If you want a taste you should visit and watch the free video that shows wives behaving badly.

Member's area:

When you click to visit the log in page for Dirty Wives Exposed you'll notice that you've been taken to something called Ama Land. That's what you're joining when you sign up. Dirty Wives Exposed is more like a gateway page for the site in that they chose a specific element that some of the content inside focuses on and then they build a very effective tour around it. It's a little disingenuous though and you might end up frustrated when you get inside and you find that they don't have a wives category for you.

The content has been divided into movies and pictures and within those two groups you have 11 categories to choose from. There's some overlap as many videos are placed in multiple categories but that makes sense. If a girl is masturbating and then giving a blowjob in a video that should be slipped into both categories. The picture galleries are relatively easy to browse, although there are too many with just one or two images. The images range from low resolution at 600px to high resolution at 1500px. There's no way to know what gallery has what size pictures until you click.

The videos are a little more frustrating to browse and it's largely because they were lazy and cheap. The first content is dated August 2008 so it's far to assume that's when the site had launched. That's far after Flash video had become the default choice for streaming on a website. It's that way because it works really well for porn. The folks at Dirty Wives Exposed decided to pass on that and use a horrid Windows Media Player which sucks. They don't even let you fast forward until the whole video has been downloaded! Why not just download it!


Any woman could be a wife. Every girl inside this site could be married to someone but I feel like when making wife porn it's implied that either the guy will somehow be present or it will be obvious that you're dealing with a wife. If guys were just looking for hot chicks they would go check out a teen amateur site. They're looking for a different kind of naughty when they visit Dirty Wives Exposed. The content doesn't have to be all milfs but it should be obvious in some way that the babes are married and doing something really naughty because their husbands want to see them doing it.

There's no category for wives or milfs anywhere on the site. There's nothing that refers to age of any kind so you're left using the keyword search function. Punching in the word wife comes back with roughly 300 results but that's a highly inflated number because the names of the posters often end in wife for some reason. “Brent Wife” has added several galleries. Is that the guy's wife? Is that just some dude with the last name wife? What's going on there? He adds some seriously hot chicks though and I like looking at them. I'm not sure if they are wives but it's fun to look at. Searching for milf returns just over 100 results and most are actually milfs. It's a decent collection of content but it's so frustrating trying to find the stuff that it ends up being stressful and not relaxing and arousing.

Dirty Wives Exposed is not a site you should join if you're really horny for amateur wife porn. There are better sites out there that will leave you feeling less frustrated and that won't charge $40/month for their content. However, there are well over 2,000 picture galleries and videos here featuring sexy amateur girls sucking and fucking and it would be a shame to pass that up if you're interested in amateur sluts of all kinds. The categories on the site are: non-nudes, masturbation, cumshots, fucking, anal, blowjobs, self shooting, Asian, webcam shows, posing and stripteases. That's a lot of content and it's only going to keep getting bigger because they update every day. That's actually worth $40/month, especially when you consider that they have unlimited downloads.

Cons and pros:


  • The network contains more than 2,000 picture sets and movies;
  • Daily updates;
  • Some really hot wives and milfs behaving badly.


  • Navigation is frustrating;
  • The collection of wife and milf specific content is small and not well defined;
  • Too expensive at $40/month.

It feels like Dirty Wives Exposed was conceived after they had built this website with tons of great amateur content. I imagine wanted as many ways as possible to get guys to join so they decided to come up with lots of gateways. The tour is great and the member's area falls short of the expectations they set up. The picture galleries and videos are kind of pain to find because you have to search and sift through the results for the stuff that you're actually looking for. They don't categorize the wives and milfs. There also isn't that much content featuring dirty wives. This isn't a great site for amateur wife porn. It's much better as a pure amateur porn site with at least a couple thousand videos and picture sets for your pleasure.

Featured comments:

There's laziness going on in the member's area. They lazily designed the video pages with one small picture and no information about the scene. They slapped too many ads up to try and get you to buy a webcam show. The picture galleries are usually pretty good but some have only one picture and they're just wasting your time with that crap.

I find Dirty Wives Exposed to be frustrating. It's annoying to sift through the masturbation category and find hardcore scenes. It sucks to search for something and get no results because the search is limited to the titles because they didn't bother with descriptions. It sucks that the streaming video player is a shitty little Windows Media thing because amateur porn site are perfect for streaming content.

To me the only thing that matters about Dirty Wives Exposed is the $40 price tag. I would never join a site that charged so much money. It's not worth the cost, not even a little bit. There are plenty of amateur sites online that charge $30/month or less so I don't know why you would pay more for this one.

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