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Cum Eating Cuckolds

Cum Eating Cuckolds

Content quality: 23.0 of 25
Content quantity: 22.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 19.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 18.0 of 20

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Content updates: Bi-weekly | Review last updated:

Site Details:

Cum Eating Cuckolds

You are looking at one of the sites from the Kick Ass Network here and it comes with bonus access to some of the content from their other sites. We are also told that you get to access the themed live shows for free, as well as now having HD downloads to take and some top notch porn to view. There’s a theme here, which I will tell you about in a moment, and it is a pretty unusual one. But mainly you’re heading towards some horny domination fun from a company who has been around a while and who treats its members well.

Main Idea:

The sissy men, though, are treated badly, and dominated, by their cheating wives at Cum Eating Cuckolds. They are forced into watching their wives have sex with whoever she wants to, and if the husbands are very lucky they get to join the fun too. But not with the wife, usually with the guys she is fucking, so the cuckolds are forced into gay sex in bisexual threesomes. Original and good quality, exclusive and with images, this site gives us a very unusual theme and very regular updates. It’s got a decent stock of content already and some very sexy models in its index. It also has various extras which we will look at as well.

Members Area:

You shouldn’t have any troubles with this members’ area, I found it very straightforward to use and there were no technical issues. The homepage will show you what is new, what is coming soon, how long to go until the next live show, what is happening in the forum and what’s new in the news area. You see, this site, and the others in the network, have lots more than just videos and galleries. As you work through the top menu you find the model index, and then links to the chat and live cam area, to a members’ poll and a forum, and there are even some stories in their own special area.

Viewing videos is easy with a stream that will go full screen and let you fast forward; there are also neatly set out download options, with more choices for more modern scenes of course. As you view you can comment and rate the scene, there are short descriptions and links to other scenes featuring the main girl, or girls. The model index itself gives you face pics and a set of the most popular girls, and you can search alphabetically through the list, though you don’t have a way of seeing every model set out on index pages. There is also a little information and some stats with each one.

The forum is open to all and runs in a standard forum way; you can get as involved as you want to with this extra feature. There is also a members’ poll running which you can take part in, and links to help and support if you need them. The pages are neatly set out and though there are a few adverts, these are out of the way and don’t cause a problem. Navigation is easy and like I said, you should have no technical troubles here.


Updates are made up of photos and videos, posted separately. This means that although there are 699 pieces of content listed in the Updates index, not all are videos. It’s something like a ratio of two or three photo galleries to every video, though that’s only a very rough guide. But each one does have the same theme and so you get treated very well here for bi-sex action with a twist. That twist is the dominating wife of course, who denies her husband any kind of sexual fun until she has had her way with the other guy. And, while she is doing that, the cuckold must look on until he is invited to join in, and then, only rarely will he be allowed to join in with the wife. I saw several scenes and found them to be very exciting, very horny and nicely varied. Sometimes the husband and wife make up at the end, sometimes he sucks the other guy, or gets fucked, or fucks him, but always there are two cum shots per scene and the hubbie has to lick up his, and the other guy’s, cum, under supervision from the wife of course.

Scenes are full length, around 25 minutes, and well put together. The acting is what you’d expect and there are basic storylines to get you started, but they don’t run on for long. The content dates back to 2008 where there are smaller files and sometimes less viewing choices, but recently we’ve started to see resolutions like 5,000 kbps @ 1,280 x 720 in size, and choices of WMV and Mp4, with an in-browser Flash video.

There are also the galleries to view and these contain various amounts of images each. Again, the older the gallery the smaller the pic and lower its quality, but recently we have images at 1,500 x 1,000 that are well taken and sharp and the lead us through the action. There are also zip downloads and slideshows to be had.


I have seen that full network access is included with this membership but the bonus page gives you around eight galleries per site, and 16 sites, but then invites you to join the network at a discount. So, limited access to bonus galleries might be more like it.

Pros & Cons:


  • Exclusive scenes;
  • A nice domination and humiliation theme that is well played out;
  • Good quality videos and galleries, in more recent times even better;
  • Hot models of both sexes;
  • Extras such as stories and a forum.


  • Older movies are not as good quality;
  • Possibly a daily download limit;
  • A few adverts and not sure about the bonuses.

What I really liked about Cum Eating Cuckolds was the way it found a pretty unusual theme and stuck to it; straight guys forced into gay sex and then having to eat cum. It’s gunna be great for the ladies, and all guys who really have a fantasy to do this but haven’t yet had the chance. The straight action is all there as well so don’t be put off by the mildly ‘gay’ aspect; it all works brilliantly and is hot to view. Then you get decent quality, nice pics, stores and polls, and search options and interactive features and the forum. So, a site with its own theme and regular updates, plus nice extras too.


“Didn’t think I would like it, two guys and a girl, and this is the first bisexual site I have ever seen. And now I am hooked. It’s the way she treats her men, and the nice moments when she is loving to her husband, but only after he’s sucked a big black cock, or swallowed hi cum. There are nice interracial scenes here as well don’t forget!”

“A nice network and a trusted one. Kick Ass is one of my favourites, though the bonus content was a bit limited. I like this site for the variety of guys and locations and even stories although they tend to be more or less the same idea. The written stories are neat too and it is good that members are encouraged to write and submit their own. A hot site for sure.”

“Very nice, great cuckold material. Good looking girls, nice variety. Model index is handy, would like more info with the movies, the write up there is basic. Decent quality, even older scenes are OK, though not wonderful at full screen of course. Hardcore is good, great to get two cum shots with each one, don’t know which to time myself to!”

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