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Cum Disgrace

Cum Disgrace

Content quality: 23.0 of 25
Content quantity: 20.0 of 25
Design and usability: 6.0 of 10
Originality: 20.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 18.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Cum Disgrace

Network Details:

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Cumshots have always been a fascinating subject for the horny men of the world. We like to see women drenched in semen for some reason. There are plenty of sites that cater to these desires and as you might imagine they’re constantly trying to outdo each other and create something wilder and crazier and more arousing. Big cumshots are a part of that but there comes a point when the amount of semen even the heaviest shooters produces just isn’t enough. That’s when porn producers have to turn to technology. Cum Disgrace is one such site. They’ve created fake cum using a mix of fun ingredients and they’ve created fake dicks that can shoot that cum. When you visit the site and see just how much load is let loose on the ladies you’ll understand what I’m talking about. The idea here is to take things to the next level by combining humiliation and hardcore sex with cumshots.

Main idea:

Cum Disgrace is many things. There’s bondage, blowjobs, hardcore fucking, anal sex, domination and huge loads of cum being blown. Each scene features a submissive slut, a dominant woman and at least one dude with a nice big cock. Sometimes they bring in multiple guys to wield their fuck meats and give those gals pleasure. It’s fun to watch and it’s sure to get you all excited. You should really drop by the tour and have a look at the stuff they’ve put up for free. It’s pretty wild and crazy and those are some seriously big fake loads they’re shooting.

Member's area:

When you log in they take you to the member’s area of Porn Pros, a network of adult sites. Cum Disgrace is a part of said network and along the top of the page you’ll find a drop down menu with a list of the sites. Near the bottom is the site you’re looking for where all the ladies are showered in hot semen so be sure to give it a click. Then you’ll see the most recent additions waiting for you with a hot picture of the girl soaked in semen for each of them. If you’re reading this shortly after the publication if the review then everything will be on the main page because they launched on May 23, 2009 and they don’t have a ton of action yet.

They’ve also crammed at least five ads on the main page, including one that was fucking up the design while I visited. How fucking ridiculous! As soon as you select a scene you’ll be given the ability to start playing the scene right away. Just click the button and a sexy movie will stream for your hungry eyes. The Flash player works well and the videos load quickly. That same page includes links to download the full length clip and the eight clips that each scene is divided into.

The videos play at 1200x700 and 2600kbps. That’s basically DVD quality and it looks terrific. The images are absurdly high resolution at 3000px. Luckily they give you a smaller version too. You can download those images in a zip file and they have the same for the video captures that display at 1248px. The content is high quality and the only thing I’d change is the design. It’s not bad, it’s just sloppy. It should be better organized and prettier. Thankfully you’re not going to get confused when you go searching for a good porn scene. You can browse to the bonus sites or flip through all the categories of content they provide at the top of any page.


Cum Disgrace is a bondage, humiliation, hardcore and cumshot site. They cram all of those things into each scene and it ends up looking really good. Almost all the scenes feature a young submissive chick that will be put into various forms of bondage and have her body used in all sorts of interesting ways. Typically there’s a thoroughly dominant babe that help direct the action and ensures that the girl stays submissive throughout. She also contributes a great deal of the humiliation. They usually have multiple guys too. The dudes do the fucking of the mouths, the pussies and the assholes.

There’s a bondage element to every scene at Cum Disgrace. The submissive girl is tied up and abused in a variety of ways. Her body is forfeit for the pleasure of the guys and the dominant babe and they certainly have a good time. Sometimes she’s gagged while she gets fucked and sometimes both her mouth and pussy are used at the same time. Most of the girls the star in the scenes are well known in the porn community so if you’re a fan you’ll probably recognize a number of the chicks. They’d be happy for the attention.

Once the girl has been sufficiently tied up her holes are used. They always get to fuck her mouth and her pussy and they will occasionally fuck her asshole too. As the name suggests Cum Disgrace is in large part about the cumshots. If you saw the tour then you know the guys are shooting fake jizz. No man could launch that much semen and real cum doesn’t look so milky. The guys presumably strap on a fake dick, load it up with the fake semen and then shoot it on the ladies. If you can deal with the fact that it’s not real you’ll be treated to some of the biggest and messiest cumshots you’ve ever witnessed. It makes for great entertainment and the humiliation element is heavy since the girls are getting soaked in the stuff so badly. There are 21 bonus sites that come with your membership covering all aspects of porn.

Cons and pros:


  • Tons of cum;
  • Hot chicks in humiliating scenes;
  • Creampies;
  • Lots of bonus sites.


  • Cum is fake;
  • Site design is sloppy;
  • Downloads can be slow;
  • Video not true HD.

Cum Disgrace is one of the few sites of its kind. They combine bondage, domination, hardcore sex and huge facials for a potent mix of action. You’re not going to see that in many places on the web and that sure helps them stand out. The submissive girls are hot and they get dominated by both guys and girls. Their holes are used thoroughly in the hardcore scenes and then they’re drenched in fake cum when the action comes to a close. They like taking all that semen and the humiliation is heavy. It’s pretty awesome stuff and it’s almost certain to arouse if this is your thing. If you can get over the fake dicks and the fake cum (fake dicks are only used at the end) then you’ll love their content.

Featured comments:

I couldn’t get over the fake dicks and the fake cum. I have a block because I know the cum isn’t real. It would be humiliating if the girl was actually getting covered in a bodily fluid but instead it’s just something that somebody whipped up in the kitchen. It’s still a good site it’s just not as good as it could be.

The bondage and hardcore sex here at Cum Disgrace are really good. The girls are young and beautiful and having a dominant chick come in to help direct the action was a stroke of genius. She adds a ton to the site and makes the content way more fun to watch. I love seeing that super naughty action.

I had trouble getting more than 500kb/sec on the video downloads and it was often closer to 300kb/sec. That’s a big pain in the ass because the full length video files in the highest quality version are usually 1gb or more. I prefer my content in a speedier fashion. It’s not a huge problem though.

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