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Cruelty Party

Cruelty Party

Content quality: 23.0 of 25
Content quantity: 18.0 of 25
Design and usability: 6.0 of 10
Originality: 20.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 20.0 of 20
Actual pricing:
  • 1 month: $24.90
  • 3 months: $58.50

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Site Details:

Cruelty Party

Network Details:

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Guys are always labeled as sex-crazed monsters that will do anything to get laid and are more than willing to treat women like pieces of meat meant to be fucked open. That’s mostly true, of course. What’s also true is that women can be just as wild about sex. A typical woman is not driven by sexual pleasure like a man is but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. There are tons of tasty chicks that crave nothing more than a big dick inside them at all times. They want to get fucked hard and deep by a big cock and some girls don’t really care about the guy attached to that cock. Instead they just want the meat. At Cruelty Party they have girls like that and they bring them together to get wicked dirty with men that are used for their hard cocks. Those hard cocks fuck the sluts and they look super hot.

Main idea:

Cruelty Party is a hardcore porn site where groups of girls use naked men for pleasure. It’s usually the other way around, which is what makes this site so intriguing. You have these party sluts that are out having a good time and they basically rope in a stud that they can fuck any way they want. He just has to have a big dick that can stay hard with ease. It’s not entirely clear from the tour how much actual cruelty is happening since it seems pretty nice that these guys get to fuck a whole bunch of super hot chicks. It’s clearly not a femdom site but it doesn’t need to be. It just needs to be hot.

Member's area:

Logging in takes you to the member’s area for Porn Pros, the network you get access to when you join Cruelty Party. You can see the network’s most recent updates along with a list of all the sites they give you access to. You’ll find the same design used throughout on all the sites, which is how these porn networks work. It looks good enough. The only complaints I have are the use of annoying webcam ads at the top of any page and more ads at the bottom of the page. They cram a little too much into the pages for the actual scenes too, with previews of the pictures, screencaps, downloadable movies and the streaming player all being listed. It gets a little bit sloppy.

Using the drop down menu at the top of the page you can find Cruelty Party (why aren’t those sites in alphabetical order?). The site went live in December 2009 so at the moment all the content is listed on the main page. There’s a picture, the name of the chief pornstar in the scene and the date the scene was added. They used to update weekly but they’ve since changed that to every two weeks. This is presumably because they built a nice base of content and now feel comfortable being stingier with the additions.

The movies can be downloaded in high definition as well as a standard definition scene that’s closer to DVD quality. You can stream them in their Flash player and it works well enough. If you want a video for your portable device (iPod, PSP, etc) they provide those as well. There are screen capture galleries that prove to be quite enjoyable because they’re so high resolution. They also have a high quality picture gallery. It’s worth noting how high resolution the pictures are. That’s different from almost any other reality porn site online. At 3000px they’re enormous and they have a smaller version too.


Cruelty Party falls into a fairly narrow niche of sites where girls use the guys as tools for pleasure. This one is different than most others though. The girls are all party sluts. They wear sexy little dresses and they flaunt their hot bodies. In many scenes they’re in a club having a bachelorette party or something similar. Typically one of the girls takes the lead in getting pleasure from the guy. They’ll typically all participate in blowing him and stroking him and abusing him a little bit.

There is a touch of cruelty in the scenes at Cruelty Party. It’s of the variety where the girls poke fun at the guy and try to humiliate him in different ways. Sometimes that means writing nasty stuff on his body. Sometimes that means slapping him a little bit. Sometimes that means putting a pair of panties on his head. Mostly it means continuously emphasizing that he’s a piece of meat they’re using for pleasure and that’s it. That’s great though and it looks terrific. The girls chosen for the scenes are supremely hot, as you can see from the tour. Most of the videos and picture galleries are great to watch simply because you see these hotties in their little party dresses. It takes a spectacular body to be able to wear one of those well but these naughty chicks pull it off.

Most scenes feature at least four girls and sometimes they have half a dozen or more. The ladies are all focused on partying and playing with the guy and the central chick is going to get fucked by his big cock (they’re all well hung). The cruelty stuff can happen throughout as the girls watching will drape panties over the dude’s head or laugh at him, etc. The network of bonus sites is impressive and it keeps growing. There was a time when they had just a handful of them and now they’re up to 23 including Cruelty Party. They do high definition video and they’ve made some really interesting porn. They delve into unexpected areas and the results are always sizzling hot. It’s a good deal and it keeps on getting better as new content is added.

Cons and pros:


  • A fairly unique type of porn;
  • 22 bonus sites and counting;
  • High definition videos;
  • Really high resolution pictures;
  • Party girls look amazing.


  • Design is a little sloppy;
  • There can be periods of really slow browsing and downloading;
  • Site only updates every two weeks.

Cruelty Party is a terrifically interesting and arousing site where groups of girls gang up on a man and use him as a tool for pleasure. They’re often girls at bachelorette parties or just hanging out for a night and looking to have some fun. The cruelty comes in various forms of humiliation for the guy. He wouldn’t pass up on the chance to bang hot chicks even if they’re going to make fun of him though. The ladies suck him, stroke him and then usually one of them gets fucked hard by his big cock. It’s a beautiful thing to watch and the seemingly endless torrent of hot chicks makes for a damn good time. There are 22 bonus sites all featuring high quality content in a number of different and interesting genres. The network is swollen with awesome things to watch and they do it differently than most other reality porn producers so it’s extra interesting.

Featured comments:

I experienced some serious slowdown issues. When I first tried to log in it look literally three minutes for the site to load. It happened again when I was trying to browse to one of the bonus sites. This seems like a simple thing to keep control of and they should be making a little more effort in that arena as far as I’m concerned.

They tried to cram too much stuff into the pages. That’s why the design looks so messy. They’re previewing every little bit of content when they could just give you a link to the picture gallery and a link to the downloadable videos. It’s not a bad design but it burns the eyes a little bit with its sloppiness.

There’s a serious amount of hot content here at Cruelty Party. The girls are fucking fabulous, the sex is sizzling and the humiliation stuff is pretty hot. I really like seeing the girls in their party dresses though. They look wonderfully slutty and they behave that way too. The sucking and the fucking is dreamy.

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