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College Teens

College Teens

Content quality: 22.0 of 25
Content quantity: 2.0 of 25
Design and usability: 6.0 of 10
Originality: 18.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 18.0 of 20
Actual pricing:
  • 1 day: $1.00
  • 1 month: $24.90
  • 3 months: $58.59

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Site Details:

College Teens

Network Details:

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College is expensive and it doesn’t guarantee that you’re going to get a job when you graduate. Despite that every young man should make an effort to go because women view college as their time to be wild. It’s like something inside them is unlocked and they’re free to behave like they would never have done before and will never do after. They become fantastic sluts willing to suck and fuck with anyone that shows the least bit of charm or has a big dick. If you go to college you can experience these ladies and get laid like never before. If you missed out on college or you’re just too old for that then you can visit a site like College Teens. They take video submissions from folks on campus filming their sexual escapades at wild parties. The porn sizzles along with the ladies and it makes for a really interesting time.

Main idea:

College Teens looks really hot. Amateur porn is really prevalent online these days but the truth is most of it is rubbish. You get lots of awful videos that are really grainy and low resolution or you get ugly chicks sucking and fucking their men. That’s not terribly interesting. What’s interesting is super hot babes getting wild at college parties and being willing to do anything since the camera has appeared. The popularity of porn has made just about everyone willing to do dirty stuff on camera. The content at College Teens is taken from real college parties and the gals are gorgeous and clearly sluts. You can preview a great deal of the content on the tour if you want some of that.

Member's area:

You’re taken to the main member’s page of the Porn Pros network when you log in. College Teens is one of their sites and it’s great to have access to the full collection just for joining one of the sites. They have all the most recent updates featured. There’s a drop down menu at the top of the page where the sites seem to be listed in the order in which they were added to the network. Alphabetical would make a hell of a lot more sense. You’ll find College Teens near the bottom. They keep the same design for all the sites and it’s fairly crisp. The presence of ads at the top and bottom of the page is a touch annoying and they tend to cram too much information on each page, thus giving it a cramped feeling.

College Teens was launched in January 2010 and they rushed out with a ton of content. Since then they haven’t updated, which is both weird and frustrating. It’s been four months since a new scene was added so you have to figure they’re not actually doing anything fresh. There’s no mention of new content planned. Perhaps people didn’t respond to the content? All the scenes are displayed on the main page and you just have to click on the thumbnailed teen sex picture to get to the download page.

The streaming player is the first thing you’ll see. You can select which part you’d like to watch and then get your jerk on. You can download a full length clip or browse one minute clips. They offer high definition videos that play at 2500kbps so they don’t look nearly as great as what other HD sites offer. They have the HD files in WMV and MPG and offer lower resolution options. They also give you portable movies and clips that are ready to be burned to a DVD. The picture galleries are high resolution at 3000px and that’s better than almost any other reality porn site offers. There are screencap sets as well. Any scene can be added to your favorites list for access in just one click.


College Teens is a party porn site. There are a few others like this online but they never stop being interesting for some reason. The camera can be found at a college party of some sort. They’re in frat houses and dorm rooms and the girls are suitably sexy and slutty, as you would expect. Most of the videos start with the guy behind the camera walking around the room and giving you views of the hotties that have shown up to party. You see girls drinking, dancing and acting awesomely wild. There are tit and ass flashings and some opportune groping scenes. The guys like their ladies loose and these chicks are ready to make some dirty porn magic.

At some point during a video the really dirty stuff starts. My favorites are the ones where the girls are willing to perform in front of an audience. A hot chick will give a lap dance and apparently she’s drunk enough or turned on enough (or both!) that she doesn’t care people are watching. The clothes start coming off and the next thing you know her mouth is being used to suck on some hard dick and her pussy is getting fucked. There’s a scene with a hot blonde that gets loaded and starts making out with a girl to entertain the crowd. Then a guy starts working her over and soon enough she’s bouncing on his dick like a tasty teen slut.

The videos look good while having the poor lighting you’d expect from this sort of content. It makes it more arousing, to be honest. The amateur girls are still great performers though. The truth is that anyone can be a good fuck if she’s willing to cut loose and really enjoy the pleasure of sex. Girls willing to get drunk and fool around on camera are clearly cutting loose. The only problem with College Teens is that it’s not updated. They can be forgiven for taking a month off after adding 13 scenes in 13 days but they haven’t added anything in four months so the only assumption is that they’re done doing so. That’s a damn shame. There are 22 bonus sites that can help soothe your pain and annoyance though. The sites generally fall into the reality porn genre and they cover so many different types of porn it’s hard to resist what they’re doing. It’s one of the leading networks, without question.

Cons and pros:


  • Fun college girls fucking in amateur videos;
  • High definition content;
  • 22 bonus sites.


  • Site is often really slow to browse;
  • No updates;
  • Small amount of content.

College Teens is an amateur porn site where sweet young chicks get fucked at college parties. The gals are fresh and sexy and during the videos they can be seen sucking cock and getting fucked thoroughly. Each video starts with a hot party and the camera roaming around the room to see get a good look at the hotties. You see them drinking and fooling and sometimes flashing. Then you see them getting fucked and it looks awesome. There are a few lesbian scenes but mostly it’s about cock in mouth and pussy. The site is no longer updated though and they only made 13 scenes. Whatever they were planning on doing they’ve clearly abandoned it and now it’s only worth joining if you’re into the bonus sites. There are 22 of them and they cover a wide variety of interesting and arousing porn topics.

Featured comments:

This site experiences some major browsing issues. It can literally take minutes for a page to load. Sometimes when I’m browsing I have to go check out another site while I wait for the damn page to load. That’s just inexcusably awful. Maybe it’s a temporary problem that will be fixed soon enough.

I have a hard time understanding why they didn’t do any updates for the site. They clearly had all the stuff in their hands before they went live and they put it all out there hoping to generate memberships. They never updated though so they didn’t give people a chance to get interested in the site. It was so fucking annoying to join and see that the site was basically empty.

The bonus content is why you join College Teens. They have some really interesting sites doing interesting types of content. There are a couple of milf sites, including one with lots of bondage. There’s a huge cumshot site. There are squirting girls. It’s just really interesting stuff and it’s a lot of fun to browse around.

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